wheels of justice

The Tomi Lahren thing says a lot about the modern GOP. It’s OK to be plotting with Putin. It’s OK to take food from the poor and elderly. It’s OK to be racist and hate Muslims and Latinos. It’s OK to laugh at Syrian refugees and call them cowards. But be pro choice?

Rose City’s offensive strategy is intricate, well executed and difficult to see. It’s why it is so effective. I’ll try to break it down even though I can’t do it justice.

1/ The very beginning of this clip shows two important things, #4 from Gotham (Violet Knockout) coming back in bounds at the apex and two rose blockers (Elicia Nisbet-Smith and Sarah Gaither) knocking a gotham skater out of bounds.

2/ Sarah Gaither begins to bridge the Gotham blocker (Fisher Twice) back while Nisbet-Smith stays to maintain an established pack. At the same time, Griffin escorts Violent Knockout out of bounds and starts to bridge her back. 

3/ Shaina Serelson of Rose City approaches the remaining two wall to get another blocker. 

Here is what is going on and why it is so genius. Rose city is effectively controlling the speed of the pack and pack definition while also limiting Gotham’s ability to form a wall. 


Here it is, the Full Set of Undertale Tarot Cards! After a solid month of drawing the Major Arcana is complete. You can view them at a larger resolution here! 

For reference:
00 - The Fool: Frisk
I - The Magician: Asriel
II - The High Priestess: Alphys
III - The Empress: Toriel
IV - The Emperor: Asgore
V - The Hierophant: Papyrus
VI - The Lovers: The Royal Guards
VII - The Chariot: The Undying
VIII - Strength: Greator Dog
IX - The Hermit: Gaster
X - Wheel of Fortune: Temmie
XI - Justice: Undyne
XII - The Hanged Man: Flowey
XIII - Death: The Absolute God of Hyperdeath
XIV - Temperence: Muffet
XV - The Devil: ?????
XVI - The Tower: Omega Flowey
XVII - The Star: Mettaton
XVIII - The Moon: Napstablook
XIX - The Sun: Monster Kid
XX - Judgement: Sans
XXI - The World: Mt. Ebott

And four, uh, assorted cards.

Of course, this is just my personal interpretation of how each character fits into the Major Arcana, and sadly there isn’t room for some of my favourites (rest in peace Burgerpants, Bratty and Catty, Lesser Dog) but perhaps some time in future, I might do few bonus pictures. 

As of this time there aren’t any plans to sell these as prints or actual cards. Hopefully Toby Fox will give me his blessing to have these as proper Undertale Merch! Until then, I won’t be doing a back design for them, but you’re free to print them out for personal use or use them as headers and such, as long as proper credit is given. Please do not sell these, or repost them anywhere else without my permission. Thank you! 

A big shout out to Toby Fox and everyone who made Undertale possible! It’s been a long time since I’ve fallen for a game this hard. Thank you so much for making something so very wonderful!

P.S. I understand some of you want these pictures are a much higher resolution. I’ll see what I can do!


It’s here…

Our Game of the Year!

Rose City v Gotham

Credit goes to WFTDA.TV - You can now see all the archived games from this years Champs! 


This video is so SO important for all levels at this sport. 

For me… this is Roller Derby! 

The Major Arcana As Emojis.

🤣♻️ - The Fool.

🦊🌀 - The Magician.

🦋🔮 - The High Priestess.

🌳🚺 - The Empress.

🌲🚹 - The Emperor.

🗝🙌🏽 - The Hierophant.

👉🏻👌🏻 - The Lovers.

🛵👓 - The Chariot.

🦁🌹 - Strength.

🗿💡 - The Hermit.

🎡💰 - Wheel of Fortune.

⚔️⚖️ - Justice.

🙃🌴 - The Hanged Man.

☠️🌦 - Death.

😇🌈 - Temperance.

😈🐐 - The Devil.

🌋💥 - The Tower.

⭐️🏺 - The Star.

🌜🦐 - The Moon.

🌞🐴 - The Sun.

⚰️👻 - Judgement.

🌍💯 - The World.


The Walking Dead Tarot Card Set - Complete Set

(should have done this to start lol) 

The Fool

The Magician 

The High Priestess

The Empress

The Emperor

The Hierophant

The Lovers

The Chariot


The Hermit

Wheel of Fortune


The Hanged Man



The Devil

The Tower

The Star

The Moon

The Sun


The World

(Please do not repost, remove caption or claim as your own)