Noh-Varr No More: Saying Goodbye To Marvel’s First Male Pin-Up

By Andrew Wheeler

Young Avengers has gone away again. It’s a state of affairs that fans of the book are used to. Series writer Kieron Gillen and artist Jamie McKelvie have set off to create a new book about super-teens, The Wicked & The Divine, and Young Avengers fans are left hoping someone else will pick up the baton.

Pending any announcements this convention season, that means a lot of fan favorite characters now go back into mothballs, including Marvel’s premier gay teen couple, Wiccan and Hulkling, and breakout fashion icon Miss America. But the one I’ll miss the most? Marvel’s first male pin-up; Marvel Boy.


So here’s the standard boilerplate. Casting a white actor in any previously non-white role takes something away from those who have less, and gives to those who have plenty. Casting a non-white actor in any previously white role takes away from those who have plenty and gives to those who have less. If you think that what’s being given here isn’t important, you can’t think what’s being taken is very important, in which case it’s surely not worth your time to get upset about it.

If all of that’s not good enough for you, flame on, I guess.

—  Introducing Dr. Franklin Storm: Reg E. Cathey Joins Cast of ‘Fantastic Four’ Movie Reboot by Andrew Wheeler

Comics Alliance and Andrew Wheeler, hitting the nail on the head (as usual).