ok but imagine if years after the events of stranger things 2, will and mike are together. will tells mike that the best part of being possessed and nearly forgetting everyone was that he got to experience that rush of love-at-first-sight when he saw mike for the first time, since they were best friends since both of them were too young to really know love.

i just made myself cry.

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My bro I got this

- Eleven and the mini goonie squad™ play Star Wars in the woods, Eleven is always Luke Skywalker and uses her powers as the Force

- Movie Nights and Eleven just stares at the squad weirdly because they’re screaming at a clearly fake monster. The shark is not real? She has seen real monsters a lot scarier than that.

- No bullies fuck with them at school with Eleven around because well just fucking because.

- El lives with Mike and his family, she could’ve had her own room but likes her little fort/sleeping bag arrangement. She also gets all the eggos waffles in the world.

- Lucas and Dustin hold hands a lot and so do El and Mike. When they’re all in high school they all go on double dates.

- Nancy always helps El get ready for school. She tries to teach El about “girl things” like dresses and make up but El prefers jeans, hoodies and her natural look.

- Nancy is dating both John and Steve. Poly 👏.

- Barb isn’t dead and is gay with Nancy. “Gal pals.” 😩

- Will and Eleven have a connection like no one else because they’ve both been to The Upside Down. They hold each other through flashbacks, panic attacks and memories.

- Eleven is an exceptionally great student and gets straight A’s. She is the top of the class and Valedictorian when they graduate high school.

- She sneaks into the cafeteria at school and steals their waffles.

- Mike and Eleven sneak out at night to lay on the roof and look at the stars. Sometimes they talk, sometimes they just lay there.

- Dustin and Lucas get made fun of because they’re together and interracial. (The 80’s and even now are assholes) but Eleven and Mike and the rest of the gang are not having that and they beat up the bullies. Like El is so mad she doesn’t even use her powers.

- El loves dogs. Loves them as much as waffles. She adopts a big Russian bear dog and names it waffles. Its her best friend and cuddles with her all the time and walks her to school.

- When she first got her dog she didn’t know that dogs couldn’t live off waffles so that’s all the fed him until Mike found out and Nancy bought the dog some dog food.

- El is a huge prankster and plays pranks with and without her powers on the squad.

- El hates D&D but plays because it makes her squad happy even though it sucks and takes forever.

- They go swimming in the nearby lake a lot, sunburns, smores with a bonfire, splashing in the water, the whole 9 yards.

- I just woke up so this is all I can think of atm.

i’m over the moon because i just hit 1k followers, and i wanna spread the love a little by doing my first follow forever! i’ve met so many wonderful people on here and i’m so grateful for the friendships i’ve made and i’m truly, truly so appreciative to everyone who follows me. everyone i follow should know that they bring me so much joy when i see them on my dash. you all make this space an escape for me with your humor, beautiful edits, and your wonderful selves. i rly love you guys ♥

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I need your feedback!

I love how the complexities of Stranger Things allow so much room for exploring different sides of the story, and after a lot of wrestling with myself, I think I’m finally going to commit to a multi chapter fic.  This is going to be a lot of work for me because I’m already putting a ton of energy into completing my novel, keeping up on the September series, and staying relatively consistent with one shots, but I think with the ideas I have I can do it.

But since “ideas” is plural, I need your help.  For the time being, it has to be singular.  So I’m hoping you guys can give me your feedback/votes on what you’d be most interested in me writing.  It would really be a ton of help to me.

Idea 1:  Several months ago as a newbie to the fandom I approached the writing queen of the fandom @elevenknope on anon with a head canon I was too shy to share on my own.  The idea was so angsty I wasn’t sure it would be received well at all, so for a few months I didn’t even try to find the anon and see the response.  After working up the courage, I saw that a few people had actually shown interest in the idea and went into further planning for the fic.  The idea is a little scattered sounding in this anon , but I promise I’ve fleshed it out a little since then.  This fic would feature lots of angst and character development with Eleven and Will.  It would also go into more with the monsters and intricacies of the other dimensions.  The issue with this fic would be that the teen group would have unclear backstories (or I guess it’d be future stories?) because I honestly have no clue where they’d go after Hawkins, so they would not be in it as much.

Idea 2: You guys remember when @stevemossington killed off Mike in her Monster fic?  Well, Lara has given me permission to continue the fic, and with all the incredibly angsty pathways for it to go, I am beyond excited and have a plan all set up to continue Lara’s warpath of heart breakage!  This fic would spotlight Lucas, who I would die for, and put a whole new spin on the relationship between Eleven and the Hopper/Joyce duo.  I also have some really awesome ideas for parallels and going more in depth with the lab and all it’s done.  The only negatives with this fic would be a) the gore, because there would be lots and b) the fact that…ya know….Mike is like…dead.  Still can’t believe @stevemossington went there.

Idea 3: I’m not as enthusiastic about this option, but I know that a lot of people were interested in a continuation of my au The Room.  I did not plan on continuing the au myself mainly because a) I didn’t really know where I wanted it to go b) I’d be writing a lot from Nancy’s perspective and I feel like I’m not very good at that and c) I changed the plot so much for the au I didn’t know if it was salvageable.  I killed off Hopper, Joyce, and Will, stuck the remaining kid group in the lab, and basically left Nancy to fend for herself with a distraught Jonathan and a very confused Steve.  But if this is still something everyone really wants, I would consider planning it out and just rolling with it.

To get as much feedback as possible, I’m tagging lots and lots of mutuals and fanfic readers.  Sorry if you don’t like being included in massive tags, I’m just trying to get the word out!

@ask-the-deadman @upside-nwod @sstrangerthaneleven @elevenknope @themikewheelers @milesandpilesofdinosaurdust @scienceisneat @waffleleven @forfutureglory @lifelikesleep @lets-engage @the-strangest-th11ngs @richiehoezier @richieandthevoices @ghost-grantaire @baileytsample @theamiableanachronism @wheelrs @wheezingwheeler @bichaelwheeler @bikingthroughhawkins @stevemossington @justanotherfabulousfanatic @mikes-wheeler @janes-ives @raesberri @yuanyangty @ladyweronikahouseofbooks @justice-for-benny @supercomsandeggos @fairlystrange @mullingarssweetheart @sincerely-millie @youlookpretty-good @atimeofwhichwehavenoknowledge @s-t-r-a-n-g-e-r-t-h-i-n-g-s @oah-schnapp @arthoebyers @shesavedus @maggiebobbybrown @emmxe-vxs @myheartisfullofstrangerthings for when you get back

Thank you everyone and if I didn’t tag you it’s not personal- I just forgot in my franticness to put this all together.  Please let me know what you’d be interested in reading by replying, reblogging with feedback, or messaging me!

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Favorite ST blogs? Favorite mutuals?

I’m pretty lucky all of my fave ST blogs are my mutuals, it’s actually such a fricken blessing. I love this entire fandom with all of my heart!

@cloeggo @bichaelwheeler @raesberri @cassianperalta @cherrysconesandtea @beautifullyflawed25 @dadharbour @eggoel @eggogorgon @elevnns @flea-and-the-acrobat @themikewheelers @telekineticeggos @the-weirdo-on-maple-street @promiseleven @theamiableanachronism @justice-for-benny @milevenn @m11kee @protectjonathanbyers @protectmike @reallyjustaneggoscommercial @reallylikeseggos @sstrangerthaneleven @the-fifth-movement @strangehorcrux @strangerwhee11ers @strangerwheelers @supercomsandeggos @shesavedus @upsidedowneggo @upsidedownwaffle @wheelrs @willbyers

(that was all by memory!!! so i’m so sorry if i forgot anyone!!!)

friendly reminder that when nancy kissed jonathan on the cheek, will was still standing there. boy had a front row seat!! let’s think about the fact that will and jonathan were raised in a family with a turd for a dad who most likely never showed any sign of affection towards joyce so maybe will was like???? what this?? being jonathan’s lil brother he has a gut feeling that jonathan isn’t entirely comfortable with sharing the DeetsTM just yet so he stores those questions until he goes lookin for answers by asking his mom and joyce in turn goes “jonathan has……~~~something~~~ involving a girl? ohohoh~~~ bc i will fight you on this jonathan byers has never had a something with a girl before ever

Season 2 Follow Forever!!

In honour of the official release date and promotional pictures and video, I’m doing a follow forever with all of my favourite stranger things blogs! Feel free to add more blogs, or tell me if I missed you. I love you guys <3

a-e@afanofthumper @allthingsstranger @allstrangersthings @barbaraholland @bichaelwheeler @blameitonthespasm @byers-baby @bycrs1971 @cheatons @chiefhopper @cloeggo @dadharbour @demogorgonx @dungeons-and-demogorgons @eggoel @eggogorgon @eggosandpromises @elevenbbrown @elevenknope

f-m@fearthedemogorgon @finnseggo @finnxwheeler @flea-and-the-acrobat @for-coffee-and-contemplation @frogfaceandthefreak @fuckyeahmileven @harringtonsquad @hawkinsgifs @heliophobicsoul @hellyeahstrangerthings @iconstranger @imjonathanbyers @jancybyers @jancybyers @jancytrash @jim-hopper @jimhoppersbeard @jonathanbyersmom @jonathanbyrs @joycebyersdefensesquad @joyceseggos @justice-for-benny @juststrangerthings @jxnathanbyxrs @kolmikealson @lilween @maplestweirdo @mike-wheeler @mikeleven011 @mikes-promise @mikeseleven @mikewheeleven @mikexeleven @milevenn 

n-s: @nance-byers @nancewheelerz @nancybyrs @nancytrash@nancywheeeler @nancyy-wheelerr @natdyerdaily @ofthestrangerthings @papa-hopper @promise–promise @promiseleven @protectmike @raesberri @reallyjustaneggoscommercial @reallylikeseggos @reedstrangerthings @rowseggos @shesavedus @sincerewheeler @sstrangerthaneleven @steve-hairington @steveharringon @stranger-th11ngs @strangerthingsart @strangerthingsfanatic @strangerwhee11ers @supercomsandeggos 

t-z: @tedandchicken @telekineticeggos @the-weirdo-on-maple-street @thecastlebyers @themikewheelers @thesufferbrothers @thiscuriositydoor @tinyryder @upsidebyers @upsidedowneggo @vanishingofwillbyers @wecouldgotothesnowball @weirdoonmaplestreet @whatabouttheonetime @wheelrs @willbyers @winonabyers@wolfhardfinn

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Hello everyone! As the year comes to an end, I would first like to thank all 600+ of you who have followed me! I have only had this blog for a few months now and it really means a lot that so many people have helped this blog grow. The Stranger Things fandom is one of the nicest ones out there and I wanted to make a list of the blogs who I love following and help make this fandom what it is! ♡

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Friend Appreciation!

(’cus the other was kinda trash lol)

1: @11strangerthings11, @11friendsdontlie11

A: @afanofthumper, @aniyuhh, @allstrangersthings, @athenashart, @alvrudart

B: @blameitonthespasm, @bichaelwheeler, @baeleven, @bycrs1971,

C: @cheatons, @chiefhopper, @curiosityhenderson, @chiefjimhopper, @castfireball

D: @dailystrangerthings, @demogorgonx, @dustinlucaswillmikeeleven, @dungeons-and-demogorgons, @decentsoul, @demogorwhat, @davidkharbour, @demogorgonx

E: @experimenteleven, @eleven-official, @eggogorgon, @eggoel, @eggos11, @eggosandpromises, @experimcnt

F: @frogfaceandthefreak, @fortheloveofeggos, @finnxwheeler, @flea-and-the-acrobat, @finnseggo

G: …

H: @hawkinschristmaslights, @hellyeahstrangerthings

I: @imjonathanbyers, @iconstranger, @isanghan

J: @juststrangerthings, @jonathanbyersmom, @jonathanvyers, @joycebyersdefensesquad, @jonathanheaton, @justice-for-benny, @janeelevenives83, @jimhoppersbeard

K: …

L: @leftthecountry

M: @mike-wheeler, @milevenn, @mikexeleven, @mike-wheeler-is-my-son, @mileven-demogorgon, @milliebrowndaily, @milevenx, @mileventrash, @milevennet, @mikewheeleven, @mikeseleven, @mikewhleer, @mikeleven011, @mikewheeler011, @michaelwhee1er, @milevenfeelsdaily, @mikeywheelxr, @mikey-wheels, @mygaysonwill, @milliebrowngifs

N: @nancybyrs, @nancywheeleers, @nance-byers, @neondarkos, @nancysquad, @nancywheel3r, @nancytrash

O: @ofthestrangerthings

P: @prettyeggo, @promiseleven, @protectmike, @promise–promise, @protectjonathanbyers, @preciousmileven, @purebxdass

Q: …

R: @reedstrangerthings, @reallylikeseggos, @raesberri

S: @strangerthingsedits, @strangerthingsdaily, @strangerthingssource, @strangerthingsstuff, @strangerwwheeler, @strangerwheelers, @strangerwhee11ers, @strangerwaffle, @steveharringon, @steve-hair-ington-amirite, @strangerkidsdoingthings, @strangerkidsdaily, @smolwillbyers, @strangermilevens, @strangerthingsheaders, @strangerthingsaus, @strangerthingsallday, @strangerthingsart, @sstrangerthaneleven, @stranger-th11ngs, @strngerthngs, @strangerthingscast, @strangerthingscentral, @sthingsicons, @stxangertxings, @shesavedus, @strangerxthingss, @strangerthings-screencaps, @strqngerthings, @strangathings, @stnopsd,

T: @theupsidedowns, @telekineticeggos, @the-weirdo-on-maple-street, @themikewheelers, @thecastlebyers, @thiscuriositydoor

U: @upsidedowneggo

V: @vanishingofwillbyers

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X: …

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Z: …

GO FOLLOW THESE PRECIOUS BEANS! (sorry if i forgot any)

   WOwowow I cannot believe how fast the Holidays came!!

Ive been procrastinating doing this so here we go!!

Side note; (also please let me know if you’re not on here I will add you I’m really tired and I may’ve missed you I still love you though!) Please please please take a minute and check out [possibly follow] these blogs if you dont already!

Mutuals are Bolded

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hey guys!! i’ve been seeing a lot of these circulate around the stranger things fandom, so i decided to join in and make one as well! i’ve also recently hit 1000 followers on here, and that’s lovely, and i wanted to make this so i could show my appreciation for all 1000 of you! so without further ado, here’s my 2016 follow forever! make sure to check out everyone tagged and give them a follow :)


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@nance-byers @nancewheelerz @nancybyrs @nancytrash @nancywheeeler @nancyy-wheelerr @natdyerdaily @ofthestrangerthings @papa-hopper @promise–promise @promiseleven @protectmike @raesberri @reallyjustaneggoscommercial @reallylikeseggos @reedstrangerthings @rowseggos @shesavedus @sincerewheeler @sstrangerthaneleven @steve-hairington @steveharringon @stranger-th11ngs @strangerthingsart @strangerthingsfanatic @strangerwhee11ers @supercomsandeggos 


@t-adash-i @tedandchicken @telekineticeggos @the-weirdo-on-maple-street @thecastlebyers @themikewheelers @thesufferbrothers @thiscuriositydoor @tinyryder @upsidebyers @upsidedowneggo @vanishingofwillbyers @wecouldgotothesnowball @weirdoonmaplestreet @whatabouttheonetime @wheelrs @willbyers @winonabyers @wolfhardfinn 

go follow all these lovely people!! also, be sure to tell me if i missed anyone, i tried my best to tag all the people i could think of :) i hope you all have a fantastic new year, and thank you all again for 1000!!!! followers. i love you guys so much, and i’ll see ya on the flip side <3

Tidings of Comfort and Joy! 

Whoever you are and wherever you may be, best wishes to you this holiday season! What better way to celebrate than to be grateful for the fantastic blogs I follow? Down below you’ll find a mix of fandom, design, resources, humor, and life, with a lot of original content from some amazing and talented creators!

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Season’s Shout-Out
to my favorite new blogs I found this year. Check ‘em out!
@corlgrimes | @fat-walda | @wandamaixmoff 

ohaarons xmas ‘16 follow forever
Good tidings for Christmas and a happy new year!

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Stranger Things blog suggestions?

Well please buckle yourself in and prepare for a line up of the best!!

My Ameggos: @reedstrangerthings and @raesberri .

People who don’t know that I secretly call them my best friend because they’re too cool: @bichaelwheeler @fortheloveofeggos @ladee-sith @hawkinschristmaslights @thecastlebyers @prettyeggo @stranger-th11ngs @mikeywheelxr @reallylikeseggos @mileventhingsdaily @eggogorgon @the-weirdo-on-maple-street @protectmike @telekineticeggos @wheelrs @shesavedus @protectjonathanbyers .

AND the people I love seeing on my dash/new mutuals and amazing friends: 

@lifeisdefinitelystrange @elevnns @mikey-wheels @thiscuriositydoor @affairiste @steve-hairington @themikewheelers @baeleven @nancytrash @mrs-jonathan-byers @chiefhopper @chiefjimhopper @jancybyers @willbyers @incorrect-stranger-things-quotes @strangerthingssource @strangerthingsedits .

These are my faves and I love them all to bits !! Some may not even know I exist but they’re still amazing :) Go follow them all!! Always very active, loving and absolutely perfect!! 

November 6th Friend Appreciation

So it’s Stranger Things day and I thought this would be a perfect day to tell all of my Stranger Things mutuals just how much they mean to me and give them a little shout out.

You guys have made this experience so wonderful and I’ve found some really good friends here. I’ve been in toxic fandoms before and you guys have never fought, never had drama. It’s been so refreshing being here and I’m so glad I got to take part in this experience. Thank you for supporting me and my blog and my writing. I love you guys.

Without further ado, my mutuals.





























I would like to also give a special shout out to two people. @sstrangerthaneleven my first mutual and @telekineticeggos my wife. I love you guys so much. Keep writing and keep being awesome.

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who are some of the nicest bloggers that you know?

Nicest Bloggers I know are all ST blogs because that’s all I pretty much follow but let me list them :)

My Ameggos:

@reedstrangerthings and @raesberri

My BBG <3 : @fortheloveofeggos

My best friends:

@shesavedus @themikewheelers @promise–promise @milevenfeelsdaily @flea-and-the-acrobat @hawkinschristmaslights @nancysquad @prettyeggo @wheelrs @mikeywheelxr @promiseleven @milevens @the-weirdo-on-maple-street @protectmike @elevnns @eggogorgon @reallylikeseggos @telekineticeggos @strangerwheelers @justice-for-benny @thecastlebyers

ALL TIME FAVE MUTUALS! (I may also be a bit stupid and some might not follow me back!? oops) :

@youffievalentine @willbyers @upsidedowneggo @thiscuriositydoor @steveharringon @protectjonathanbyers @nancywheeeler @mygaysonwill @mrs-jonathan-byers @mikey-wheels @hallowheeler @elxvven @eggoel @aallmyfavoritecharactersaredead @affairiste @nancyy-wheelerr

Sorry if I forgot anyone but lately these are all that have stood out for me and on my dash.