The Billy “Light” Button

Today at the Wheelock Earl Center, I have designed and created what is called the “Billy ‘Light’ Button”. Most of you probably don’t realize this but some of the automatic door buttons around campus are not suited for Service Dogs and Guide Dogs. Some are too narrow, which makes it hard for the dogs to hit it just right, while others are just not in the most ideal spot for access at all. To at least fix the buttons that are too narrow or too high, I have decided to try an inexpensive way to make the buttons bigger. With the help of #Tinkercad, a 3-D Printer, and some plastic filament, I might have come up with a solution.

In #Tinkercad, I first designed an 8-inch by 8-inch by 1-inch thick plate with just a paw print.

After taking a day to print in the 3-D printer, I realized that it was going to be too thick and too wide. I also wanted to add a wheelchair symbol in the middle of the paw print so that those with physical impairments would know that they could use it as well. So I went back to #Tinkercad and designed an 8-inch by 5 ½ -inch by ¼ -inch thick plate with a handicap symbol inside the paw print.

Now that I have finally gotten the button to be the right size, I have decided to add some contrast to help the dogs see it better.

The following picture shows the button before I added contrast:

After I added the contrast:

Here at the Earl Center, we’re still trying to figure out a way to securely mount these onto the existing automatic buttons. Once we do, we’ll update with a demonstration video. Until next time…

Cayla Lemire, Wheelock ‘17

I spent Wednesday at Wheelock College shooting a video for my poem, “Tough Enough”. This project began last March, when Wheelock approached me to write a poem that embodied the new “Tough Enough” marketing campaign. The goal of the campaign is to spread the message that the work we do in serving professions (like social work, teaching, child life) and in lives dedicated to serving others (as community activists and change agents) takes a level of “toughness” that is often overlooked. I spent the summer writing the poem and meeting with people at Wheelock. On Wednesday, I arrived at Wheelock at 8am to begin filming. We worked until 6:30 that evening! 

It was amazing to work with such an awesome film crew on the project. In addition, Stephen (from the marketing department at Wheelock) was unbelievably supportive as we went through take after take. Most importantly, I got the opportunity to add my own voice to Wheelock’s new campaign. The video should be out by the end of the month and I will share it with you all then! 

- Lissa