-takes notes- ah ok

Nono, the name of the casino is supposed to be in Spanish, by title I meant since I used “signor” instead of “señor” which would more of an honorific??? Idk ugh I need to brush up on this shit

omg I found a sketch from when I was first rping Blitz and it’s where I walk into a room and people (the general community we all talked to I think?) are screaming and crying and generally freaking out so I walk over to a couch where the token Megatron and Starscream rpers are sitting, staring moodily into the middle distance as usual ( I think Dante has a crop for some reason) and I asked “What the fuck did you two do now” and they both say “Nothing” looking bored
I think I made this because everytime I got online someone was pissed at them because they take zero shit and people can’t deal with it and everyone would get emotional and feel-good and then I would show up like what the fuck is happening now.