Friends of Wheeling Christmas by Joanne C Sullivan
Via Flickr:
Wheeling WV - Christmas gathering at the historic Robert W Hazlett house for Friends of Wheeling organization.


Top: the Capitol Music Hall in Wheeling, West Virginia.  It was longtime home of Jamboree USA, the Saturday night live country music show broadcast on WWVA 1170 AM from 1926 until 1977.  The program was the second-longest running radio show in the United States, after WSM’s Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Jamboree USA annually drew hundreds of thousands of music fans to Wheeling, where both local and nationally known acts would perform.  The powerful 50,000 watt WWVA signal carried well into the Northeast and Midwest. 

Bottom: looking east across the Ohio River toward Wheeling, West Virginia.  At the left is the landmark Wheeling Suspension Bridge. which dates to the mid-nineteenth century; on the right is the rear of the Capitol Music Hall, which faces 10th Street, Wheeling.

Top photo from the Flickr account of “Thomas”, taken September 14, 2013.  Bottom photo from the Flickr page of Cynthia Wenslow, taken August 13, 2011.