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A golf commentator commenting on a Yu-Gi-Oh! duel

This card is right in his wheelhouse, JIm.

Flashback (Adam Cole One shot)

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This was originally going to wait until next month but plans changed as they always seem to. So here’s some Adam Cole fluffy smut for all of you. This is my first fic since I finished the Say You’ll Haunt Me series, no supernatural element to this and I’m honestly a little nervous to post it lol. It’s a little out of my wheelhouse. Enjoy!

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I tagged you if I thought you might be interested in this one or if you requested to be tagged in future fics <3

**BTW, if you’ve asked to be added to the forever tag list and I forgot you on this one, I apologize. I still need to put an official list together for future fics. Let me know if I forgot you or if you want to be added.

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‘Once Upon a Time’: Current Narrative To Wrap At End Of Season 6; Will There Be Season 7?
ABC’s Once Upon A Time was a big breakout when it launched in fall 2009. The inventive fairytale drama from Lost alums Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis became an instant ratings and pop cultur…
By Nellie Andreeva

ABC’s Once Upon A Time was a big breakout when it launched in fall 2009. The inventive fairytale drama from Lost alums Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis became an instant ratings and pop culture hit and fit right into the Disney wheelhouse, weaving into its narrative classic characters from the company’s library. Six seasons in, Once‘s ratings have slipped but it remains a DVR and digital viewing power, rakes in international sales for ABC Studios and is epitome of Disney corporate synergy. As a legacy show, it will be given a proper sendoff by ABC, so a decision whether to end the series or keep going has to be made early — as in very soon.

“Eddie and Adam came in and talked with me right before the holiday about what some of their potential ideas might be for Season 7,” ABC entertainment president Channing Dungey told Deadline at TCA today. “There was some interesting stuff, we gave them some feedback, and they are now working and are going to come back and sit with me in a couple of weeks.  I think that, having had worked on Lost, they have a very good sense of the engagement with fans and wanting to end the story in the right way.”

It will be after that meeting that Dungey and her team make a decision whether there will be a Season 7 of Once Upon A Time. But “regardless of what we decide to do at the end of this season, I think they think they would put a little bit of a bow here, and then there is a next piece that comes after that, so they are trying to figure out what that is and how that works.”

Dungey declined to comment whether that “next piece” would be a different incarnation of Once, a spinoff or a something else. But it’s clear that the series, which has reinvented itself a number of times, may be heading for its biggest reinvention yet as the show’s main storyline comes to an end this season. “There will be a little bit of closure in this particular narrative regardless of what happens with Season 7,” Dungey told Deadline.

I Hurt Myself Today

A/N 1: Written for two of my loves: @inmysparetime0​‘s 300 Murder Challenge and @megansescape​ 300 Song prompt challenge. For Megan’s Challenge, my song was: Pink’s Please Don’t Leave Me and my quote was: Ding Dong The Bitch Is Dead. The lyrics are used more as inspiration for how this started and are quoted later in the story. I also used Johnny Cash’s Hurt, well, you’ll see why…

Word Count: 1750-ish

Warnings: Demon Dean being a dick; fighting; character death (this was for a murder challenge!) mild language.

A/N 2: If you have read any of my fics, you know I am the Duchess of Fluff, so this is way outside of my wheelhouse. I sought out my Angel of Angst, @chelsea072498​ for her guidance with this. This literally hurt my heart to write. Feedback is welcome and appreciated!

Summary: Demon Dean is back and he goes to the reader; she is the love of Dean’s life and human Dean knows he can’t live without her. She has kept him grounded and somewhere in the back of his twisted, demented mind, he knows he will need her to keep the Mark at bay when Sam does cure him. Demon Dean is sick and tired of her whining and begging him to stay.

Dean and Y/N had fought, always. But they loved each other without a doubt. Dean always knew it would come down to him trying to protect her and he would give his life to save her without a moment’s hesitation. He needed her. She needed him. They were like conjoined twins and one could not live without the other.

But damn was she as stubborn as he was. More often than not a fight ended up with her kicking him out of her room, telling him he was broken and a drunk. She didn’t believe it, but it was her defense mechanism too. Hurting the ones you love to protect them. She didn’t believe she deserved Dean’s love. Dean didn’t believe he deserved her either. They were really cut from the same cloth.  But she always forgave him, he always forgave her, always ended up in a tangled mess of sheets, each of them pleading with the other “Baby, please don’t leave me.” And they never did.

But things changed when Dean took on the Mark of Cain to defeat Abbadon. It took him to darker places than he had ever been before. The fire of rage that consumed him could only be extinguished by her. He knew this, she knew this. The fighting had stopped and even though things looked grim with this curse on his arm, she knew she would never fight with again, never leave him. But she knew that ‘never’ was a word that Hunters didn’t use.

And after the battle with Metatron, that is where she found herself, next to his lifeless, bloodstained corpse, lying in their bed, keeping her promise to him. Tears stained her pretty face as she held him close, running her hands through his hair.

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A character of mine is colorblind until about 20 years, and then (through magical means) he can see color. How might this affect a person?

This is a bit out of the purview of this blog, but luckily for you, this is something that there’s a real life reference for.

Did you know that there are glasses that can correct certain kinds of colorblindness? Because there are. Check out some people’s reactions to putting the glasses on for the first time here. 

Now, these glasses don’t fix all kinds of colorblindness, and the people in this video all have some sort of color vision already.

But I think the experience of seeing colors that people have never seen before might be comparable to seeing colors for the first time ever. I’d just exaggerate the reactions when writing it, and perhaps have the character even get completely overwhelmed by it.

Hope that helps!

So, Korra’s final fight with Kuvira:

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On repeated watch, I realize that not only was Korra back to fighting form and confidence but fighting in tight spaces is something that Korra’s been trained and specialized in since Book 1 with pro-bending, and then that pro-bending MMA ring in Book 4.

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The fight was entirely in Korra’s wheelhouse. Creative use of space and her environment with her full arsenal of bending under her belt. 

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Korra owned this fight and even without the Colossus exploding I think Korra would have won in the end. Except Kuvira doesn’t know when to give up, and instead of giving up, she did more damage unleashing a Spirit Vine beam, nearly killing her and destroying Republic City.

Fortunately, Korra intervened and showed everyone why she’s the real MVP. 

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And to think in Book 1 she could barely connect with her spiritual side, and then to Book 4 when she steps in front of a wild and unfocused spirit energy beam and creating a Spirit Portal right in the middle of Republic City. 


I adored issue 23 of The Wicked + The Divine. Full disclaimer, I did my degree in editorial photography (with a lot of emphasis on fashion) so this issue is right in my wheelhouse but that’s not all that spoke to me in this issue. 

I also happen to be a fan of the conceit of comic issue as magazine. It changes the frame of reference for the audience. In traditional sequential art you are the audience at one remove from the world, observing through the fourth wall. Much the same way as in film or theatre. In traditional prose you are either in the head of a protagonist or in the ether of a world. But a magazine, that’s ingenious. Magazines are consumed by people who share the world with both the creators and the subjects of the publication. Issue 23 stops being a narrative told to us about a world and becomes a set of narratives that include us. Much the same way people were induced into repeating ‘fucking Tara’ and becoming part of the meta but in a subtler (and kinder) way we are now a part of the Wic Div world as readers. We are consumers of Pantheon Monthly, self identifying as fans and consuming news about them as if they were part of our world. Add to that the inspiration to have real world writers contribute. Putting their recognisable and wholly authentic voices as part of the narrative makes the world feel that bit more tangible. Reading Laurie Penny’s account of meeting Woden and her account of travelling with Milo recently are not that different and that makes it ‘truer’. 

As an experiment with the form of comic books, it’s a success. 

The art, though. Here I come back to my degree. The art, the fashion photography. I swoon. Firstly it’s spot on. A1, bullseye, hit the target. From the attention getter publicist shots of a young Eleanor ‘you don’t know her but you will’ Rigby to the montage of getting-to-know-him Baal shots they’re beautiful. Lucifer isn’t there yet, her photos are a bit raw and rote. Morrigan wants to build her myth so she’s surrounded by the visual language of theatre, masquerade and burlesque. Amerterasu is the peacemaker and optimist, sunshine and beauty. Woden is Woden, whether he’s spread legged or in ‘challenge my mascuilinity’ pink. Or whether he’s done up as a cyber pimp. He doesn’t give a shit and he’s quite happy to have those images put on him. Baal is desperate for profile. His shots are amazing, the ego and charisma channeled in the full face portrait and the different sides of his personality in the montage shot are a man who wants to be admired, respected and feel if not approachable then appreciable. He’s the one who wants to send a very clear message ‘we are in control’. 

Yet while every bit of 'photography’ in this piece is excellent at cutting into the character of the subjects it all sends another, visceral and I think very key message. There’s something you can achieve with the magazine format that speaks to the heart of ‘Gods as celebrity’ in a way that no other issue has. While Baal’s interview message is very clearly ‘we are in control’ every single ‘photo’ in the magazine tells us something. They were styled, art directed, lit, posed. A team of people set up every image to convey the Gods at their best. And the Gods at their best are just that. Styled, directed and controlled. For all their power if they want to be relevant to us, the audience, they need us, the writers, the makeup artists, the art directors, the photographers. They shine brightest when we polish them. 

Update: I forgot to add. There’s something perversely brilliant about Persephone, our heroine and the motive force for the most recent arc, being reduced to a reference and a back-page ad. And that there’s something that really speaks to my point about the Gods being controlled and manipulated about both she and Baal appearing in advertising. Gods as celebrities, all-powerful objects for consumerism’s betterment. 

Tell Me

I let you run wild, they say. That poor, motherless Stark girl. Her father lets her run wild.

What nonsense they speak, these chattering harpies, these creatures of court. There is no ‘running wild’ about expecting you to know how to handle a horse as deftly as your brothers, for one. You are a daughter of the north after all, not a fragile, delicate southron lady expecting always to be carried with pomp and grandeur on a litter or a wheelhouse. When your brother’s betrothed finally comes north from Riverrun, she will have to learn -

I can hear you laughing, Lya. I can hear your gentle but firm chiding. They are not all the same, Father, these southron ladies, just like northern ladies are not all the same. We are not coins made to order, each minted no different than others of the same value.

Oh? And how are you different, pray tell me? I asked you, in jest.

I want to travel, to roam the world from one end to another, like my grandsire the Wandering Wolf, you replied, equally in jest, I believed.

A sword, Lya? Surely you know better, child. And certainly not a sword in lieu of marriage. A knight errant? A fool’s errand is more like it.

It is cruel, Father. It is cruel to allow me little glimpses of the whole wide world, only to shut the door so decisively.

Was that what he promised you, Lya, with his silver tongue and his silver harp? Did he promise you more than just a glimpse of the whole wide world?

Tell me he forced your hand, Lya.

Or tell me he took the hand you offered willingly.

Tell me he lied to you, Lya, lied to you and made a mockery of his words and his promises.

Or tell me he kept every single one of them.

Tell me something, anything.

Or tell me nothing, if you wish, my just punishment for hearing but never really listening.

Only …

Tell me you are alive, Lya.

Tell me I will not have to bury a child.

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Hey, can you please not call people's fics trash in your fic recs? It's exceptionally rude, regardless of how you feel about certain ships.

???? but? i called myself trash??? for reading it??????

 i mean come on, it’s marichat and p much pwp, 2 things i generally avoid in fic. i feel like i am allowed to call myself trash for reading something that is usually out of my wheelhouse lol. the fact it’s on the list means i think it’s worth checking out soo… 


The prototype Geschützwagen für sFH 18/1, end of 1942. The tank easily identified by the large muzzle brake
Another characteristic feature of the prototype Geschützwagen für sFH 18/1 was no observation hatch in the wheelhouse of the driver
Layout scheme Geschützwagen III/IV
Assembly line at the factory of Deutsche Eisenwerke AG, Werk Stahlindustie, Duisburg
This photograph shows that the engine cooling system is “live” directly under the gun
Geschützwagen III release spring 1943
Made on the same basis, the forwarder ammunition Geschützwagen III für Munition

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The WIN awards are Friday in LA .. Cait is nominated for best actress/ The Show is nominated also ( also DG ) Does anyone know if she (CB) will attend and possibly others from the show since the show is nominated?? I know nothing about these awards except female driven which is right in CB's wheelhouse-But possibly others from OL attending including men ?? Sam? Graham? 🙏🤞

I don’t know… but Cait, DG and OL are all nominated and Sam and Tobias were invited…

Cait can still get on a plane to LA tomorrow and be in LA by 1:30pm LA time for any awards coming up…

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Hello Aunt Scripty!!! I have an increidible curiosity for nanotechnology, specially nanomedicine. I just want to know, what is your take on replacing tissues with the use of nanotechnology specially when it comes to injuries or traumas to help the survival of the person? I know this goes more to the science fiction side but if it's possibleI just want to know your perspective on this.

Hmmmmm. I think honestly you know more about nanomedicine than I probably do! It’s a long, long way from becoming a part of prehospital care, which is my wheelhouse. I think nanomedicine is an awesome concept, and could be very well executed.

My understanding is that different nanobots will have different features and functions, so a given character may need different bots for different therapies, but I don’t know at all how this applies really in the clinical setting.

Sorry I’m not more interesting! xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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