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A golf commentator commenting on a Yu-Gi-Oh! duel

This card is right in his wheelhouse, JIm.


Merlin AU: In a world where magic is outlawed, Merlin and Arthur are partners, seeking to rid the world of those who abuse their powers. They have become one of the best teams on the force because they trust each other implicitly. Or at least they did. Arthur never could have believed that they’d end up on opposite sides of an interrogation room, but here they are. 

I was looking at overland transportation in ASOIAF. A lot of lords and ladies just use horses, but sometimes vehicles are used. 

Wheelhouses - Cersei obviously has a really huge double-decker royal wheelhouse, drawn by 40 draft horses. The Tyrells have a wheelhouse adorned with gilded roses carved into it. From my understanding, it seems like wheelhouses tend to be for longer journeys, but a royal wheelhouse transported Rhaella the short distance from the Red Keep to a waiting ship after the loss at the Trident

Palanquins - seem to be more of an Essosi thing, but Tyrion knows what they are, so they may exist in Westeros. Can be open-air or enclosed by light curtains / heavy drapes. Carried by slaves, later by freed men. The windblown have a commander who has a palanquin with 40 bearers to carry it. 

Sedan chairs - again, these seem to be more of an Essosi thing, as they’re only mentioned in Dany’s chapters. More open than a palanquin, and you sit upright. 

Carriages - mentioned a few times in Westeros. Note that a wheelhouse is described as a type of carriage. Probably very difficult to use on medieval roads, bumpy and uncomfortable.

Litters - A lot of the nobility tend to be carried around King’s Landing in horse litters. For example, Sansa, Jeyne, and Septa Mordane ride together in a large litter with diaphonous silk curtains, to the Hand’s tourney. After being injured by Brandon Stark, Petyr is sent from Riverrun to the Fingers in a closed litter. Tyrion also travels by litter in King’s Landing, as does the High Septon. Doran Martell always travels by litter because of his gout, but it’s considered too cumbersome to travel through mountains. 

Litters tended to shield the occupant(s) from the rain or sun. 

The litter probably swayed a great deal and, although made more comfortable with cushions, furs and rugs, it would have been awkward to sit in for long distances.The people inside probably suffered from travel sickness, and they would have staggered out stiffly at the end of a journey [x]

In Essos, litters are carried by slaves/freed men or horses. In Westeros, it only mentions horses carrying litters, but they may be carried by people too, idk.

I think the litters ridden around King’s Landing look like this, while the litters carrying injured people (like Myrcella) off battlefields, tourney grounds etc look like this or this

Hathay - a type of ornate cart used in Volantis, pulled by a small elephant and driven by a tattooed slave. It has two large wheels. 

There are also oxcarts, wagons, and wayns (a wain, a farm wagon or cart) for peasants and merchants. 

Here is an interesting post about travel in the middle ages. If anyone has more to add, or any corrections, please tell me!

Historical Drama of Kazakhstan History Made by Kazakhstani
The ten-part epic will follow the dramatic events that led to the birth of the first Kazakh khanate over 500 years ago, after the Mongolian-ruled Golden Horde empire collapsed.

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A bit outside your wheelhouse, and you may have already got wind of it, but this looks like a cool project!

National pride is running particularly high after Russian president Vladimir offended Kazakhs by dismissing their past and claiming that Kazakhstan had no history. 

Great to see people telling their own story. They do have a history, and they’re going to present it with beautiful cinematography and high production values! 

The article calls it Kazakhstan’s “Game of Thrones”, though I’m thinking more “Marco Polo Without the White Guy”. Having been absorbed in Marco Polo recently, it’d be great to see these stories told without the inherent ‘othering’ of having a western main character!

This looks REALLY cool! Thanks so much for your submission. Here’s the trailer:

As a sidenote, I reaaaallllly wish journalists would stop conflating Game of Thrones and actual history/historical fiction, because it leads to the whole “Things Were Just Like That Back Then” problem. Among others.

A good general rule for Pixar movies: never trust the trailers/TV spots. They’re always terribly-edited for maximum pandering potential and make the movies look like shallow cash-ins every time without exception. That’s how animated movies bring in the parents who don’t want to put thought into what movie they’re gonna take their kids to. Every Pixar trailer since Ratatouille has made me, personally, think the movie looks awful and the only one that truly was in my opinion is Cars 2. So if you’re put off by Inside Out’s advertising, remember that that’s corporate Disney’s wheelhouse and they have no clue how to actually showcase the great work Pixar is doing

I have spent more time singing with bands and screaming my face off at an audience, on a microphone, than the other guys. It’s fun to mix both worlds together. I love Broadway and I love musical theater, but it’s not something I’m really built for as well as I am for this show. I was talking to Neil [Patrick Harris] about this the other day. He was saying he really  had to learn to sing on the mic. I don’t want to sound cocky because I have my things to learn, but I’m so relieved I get to do the mic thing. He goes, “Darren, you’re used to singing out, right?” I’m like, “No, I’m terrible at that. I’m awful at that. I don’t have a big voice like you, Neil. This is right up  my wheelhouse.” Hopefully I’m not jinxing myself, but I feel right at home. As bizarre as that sounds with the heels and the wigs and the makeup, everything that is crazy about this show, I do feel bizarrely enough at home with the show because there are songs that I feel really cool with.
—  Darren Criss on what will be different about his Hedwig from the others (OUT.com)
Given Darren Criss’s wheelhouse, Glee doesn’t give us Blaine behind a piano nearly often enough, and as he sings “All of Me,” it’s hard not to think of the last time he sat at a piano and sang to Kurt — that ended with a betrayed, furious Kurt, too. I hate watching Kurt and Blaine argue because I’m a human with a heart, but I love that Glee has found a way to create and explore conflict in their relationship without having one of them cheat on the other. … I’m (improbably) really happy with where the two of them are at the end of this season. I’m also very excited about how Kurt and Blaine now have a canonical bird fetish. Have a great summer, fan-fiction writers!
—  Vulture
The Golden Couple: I’m on board

I’ve slept. I’m sober. I’ve talked with @louiseblue1. I’m ready to go fandom. The rage is gone. The zen has dissipated. You guys ready for Logic Jen? Because she’s ready for you.

A lot of us are asking WHY the Arrow writers chose to go this route for Oliver and Felicity’s story. WHY are they willfully choosing for Oliver to lie when there are other options? It is illogical.

So, I took a step back. I let the emotion go. I downshifted into an old and familiar wheelhouse - business. That’s where I found the why to this storyline. That’s where the answer is.

When I don’t understand the story, when I don’t understand the choices the writers make, I quickly rely on my sales & marketing background. Sales & marketing are maths I always understand. Yes, television is about telling a story. Yes, television is about the examination of the human condition. We romanticize television because there’s romance in storytelling. THAT’S the art.

But there’s a pragmatic side to television and there’s just no way to ignore it. It is what it is. Television is a business. It exists not to tell a story, but to make money. That’s the number one priority. It’s an uglier side to the process so we don’t like to acknowledge it. Imagine, Business, Art and Story are at a high school dance. Mostly, Business just sits in the corner balancing spoons on its nose while Art takes a spin on the dance floor with Story, the newly crowned prom queen. But every so often, Story tosses Business a glance.

That’s what’s happening right now on Arrow. Story and Business are dancing. And there is an extremely good reason why. It ain’t pretty. It ain’t fancy. But it’s the nuts and bolts of Arrow.

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what if texts narrated European history the way the history of indigenous America gets narrated?

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I just saw this on the Toast & immediately thought of you (even if it’s a bit outside the usual MedievalPOC wheelhouse).

even if you don’t post it, please read & enjoy. :)


Actually, I’ve read this article before and it’s one of my favorites. I think it serves to present the same jarring sense of disconnect that a lot of readers of this blog experience when they see a painting in a very familiar style with an unfamiliar subject.

I’d encourage people to read this and observe their own response to it-and think about why they respond how they do.