It’s well past time I started making another costume. I want to try something new and difficult, so I’m going to try making something huge: a pride demon from Dragon Age

I’m aiming for close to 7ft, as long as I can walk without tripping over my lifts and breaking both legs. The sketch is super inaccurate - I want the head and shoulders to sit way higher, and the knees and the feet would be a giant tripping hazard if I made them like that, but that’s more or less the idea.

Today I tested out an idea for the articulated hands. Moving joints are way out of my wheelhouse, so I’m psyched to say that it worked. Now that I know that the concept works I can make a version that’s the proper shape, and in the right scale, with elastic to make sure it all moves correctly…. yeah, this is the first step down a pretty long road.

Personal growth is so neat.

Summer Hiatus Buffy Force Watching Spectacular  “Welcome to the Hellmouth” 1x01

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the defining TV show for all pop-culture lovin’ 30-something white girls. And yet, I have never made it passed the second episode. I have tried a hand full of times and have never been able to get into it. I’m roundly mocked for my failure you to love Wheedon’s sassy teen vampire opus. It gets better they say! But I have never really cared to stick it out.

Veronica Mars (MY FAV!) shares so much of its DNA with Buffy. Snarky blonde lady ass kickers are kinda my thing. It uses the friends as family trope which is right in my wheelhouse. If there is potential to ship her with a brooding sometimes asshole who look at her like she is the sun, hey all the better. Buffy was basically made for me. Plus, Arrow Hellatus means I need some summer TV.

Today begins Jenna’s Summer Hiatus Buffy Force Watching Spectacular.

Jenna’s Summer Hiatus Buffy Force Watching Ground Rules

  • I will force myself to watch and blog about each episode. The blogging is mostly to keep myself honest and to get through what appears to be a suck-tastic Season 1.
  • There is no firm schedule for the Summer Hiatus Buffy Force Watching Spectacular. I’ll watch/blog when the muse strikes me & when life is not kicking my ass.
  • I will not be doing old-school TWoP/@jbuffyangel Arrow length recaps, because 1) I’m lazy and 2) it hasn’t been on the air in 12 YEARS, so everyone but me already knows what happened!
  • This will be some less-talented Faulkner style stream of consciousness ramblings.  
  • No promises that I finish the whole series before Arrow & Olicity reclaims my soul in the Fall.  I WILL finish the entire series, but I may need to rename it Fall/Winter Buffy Force Watching Spectacular.
  • If Buffy is your fav and you can’t deal with anyone snarking on it, reading this is not going to be for you. If I wind up hating it (the unlikely scenario) - there will be lots of hate-snark. If I grow to love Buffy (the likely scenario) - I will still snark because that is my default emotion.  

1x01-Welcome to the Hellmouth

Buffy Summers is the new girl at Sunnydale HS. She wants to have a “normal teen girl” life in her new town after getting kicked out of her old school for Vampire Slayin’. But her new town appears to have a lot of suspicious activity going on. I’m sure it is totes not vampires and everything will be fine!

Per TV show convention (or because she looks like Sarah Michelle Geller), she is an insta high school celebrity. She is the only thing anybody, nerds or popular kids alike, talk about at this school. Buffy should be asking “why are you so obsessed with me?” Regina George-style. Xander, Willow, & Jesse (the proto-Scooby Gang?) stare longingly at her w/ different degrees of heat. Xander has a 90s bowl cut and a skateboard. If they put a backwards baseball cap on him he would be a live-action Poochie! If you told me Willow was supposed to be queer from the pilot I would have bought it, from how Alyson Hannigan is looking at SMG. 

Jesse appears to serve no real purpose here. Xander tries to get his flirt on with Buffy. It does not go well. The actual Regina George of SHS, Cordelia appears to recruit Buffy to be one of the cool girl. Maybe one day Charisma Carpenter will not remind me of naked Jason Dohring. Today is not that day! She invites Buffy to join her that night at the establishment that exists only in movies/TV-the open on a school night local teen rock club.

Buffy visits the school library to get a text book, but really it is contrivance to meet Giles. He is the stuffy British librarian who knows her Slayin’ secret. He has come to Sunnydale to be her “watcher.” These roles are not fully explained, but Buffy makes it clear that being the Slayer sounds like the fuzzy end of the lollipop. Giles is certain Sunnydale is ground zero for vampires and supernatural baddies of all description. She is walking around her new HS with a stake(!), but she claims to have no interest in being the Slayer. I mean they say dress for the job you want, so who is she kidding? Xander overhears one these BuffyxGiles chats, so he is clued in to THE BIG SECRET. I wonder who is going to be the Laurel Lance of this group and be the last to know? I want odds on Cordelia or her Mom.

Buffy, in full Slayer denial and full Carol Brady blue eyeshadow, heads out to meet up with Cordelia. On the way she encounters her own personal Edward Cullen. A super skinny David Boreanaz offers her some mumbo jumbo about “The Harvest” without any real usable information.  

They engage in some light banter (“Let’s just say I’m a friend”; “Maybe I don’t want a friend”; “I didn’t say I was yours”). I do not yet ship it.

Everyone but Buffy’s mom is at this teen club. Buffy offers Willow some dating advice/ life coaching while Willow makes Oliver Queen-level heart eyes at her. Jesse pops up to get rejected by Cordelia. This leaves Willow and Jess both vulnerable to the advances of some vampires who use potential sexytime as hunt their prey. Buffy and Giles chat again after she point out how creepy it is he is here. She is under the impression the hunky dude she meet earlier is working with Giles, but nope! She updates Giles with some non-information about The Harvest. Giles is put out when she correctly identify the vampire in the crowd based on his dated outfit rather than by using the SlayerForce. Meanwhile, Buffy is wearing the exact same outfit I wore to the first day of 9th grade. Minus the stake! I wonder if she copied it from the Sassy back to school issue too? 

They watch said Vampire take off with Willow and Buffy goes into Slayer mode to find her. Along the way she tries to saves Cordelia, but almost kills her instead. Woops! Also, Xander reveals he is an eavesdropper & joins her search for Willow.

Willow has the Gift of Fear, so she does not want to be tooling around graveyards at night with randos. However, she has the girl gene and insists on being polite to this creeper instead of leaving to write about Buffy in her dream journal. Willow, Jesse, and their respective vampire-dates all wind up in some crypt. Jesse and Eric Balfour’s wispy pornstash seem to have been bitten. The Vampire-Dates go Full Vampire and sport some of the worst monster makeup I have ever seen. I have seen children’s Easter Pageants with better makeup. Is the vampire makeup BTVS equivalent of Oliver’s flashback wigs on Arrow? Buffy arrives to snark and attempt to slay the day. The Vampire Smithers (who we met earlier w/ the Vampire Monty Burns in a boring ass scene where The Harvest is explained) arrives as backup to aid the Vampire-Dates. Buffy is facing off against Vampire Smithers when we get a To Be Continued title card.

Best Thing: Buffy! Her yearning to be “normal” and to fit in makes her more relatable than a girl sporting SMG’s has the right to be. I also adore that Buffy is not billed as the smartest girl in school. Female leads are so often drawn as these idealistic super women who have no real flaws or weaknesses. Please let Buffy be just average at school and suck at geometry.

Worst Thing: The Harvest. I have seen 2 of the 4 Twilight movies and that was ONLY because I was playing a drinking game. Never seen a single episode of TVD. It is gonna take a lot to get me to invest in the vampires and see them as a viable threat. It will certainly take better makeup choices.

Fashion Victim: The 90s were not kind to any of us, but Jesse appears to be wearing Logan Echolls’ S1 wardrobe. All the orange! However he is not pairing it with a puka shell necklace. (Or Dohring’s face). Dislike!

Snark of the Episode: “What is your childhood trauma!?”- Cordelia to Buffy after she tries to save her/stake her. 

I have been quoting BTVS for ½ my life without knowing it!

Snark of the Episode (Runner-Up):  “What is with the outfit? Live in the now. You look like DeBarge” – Buffy to Vampire-Date. I’m here for 90s kids shit talking 80s kids.

Currently Shipping: Nothing so far, but I could see myself getting some BrOTP or Dad/Daughter feels from Buffy & Giles


Kickstart Koji Igarashi’s Bloodstained

It’s PS4/Xbone/PC, so it isn’t technically our wheelhouse – and you’ve seen posts about it everywhere by now (here’s an excellent Polygon interview/article) but I’m posting about this Kickstarter from the ex-Castlevania producer anyway.

For one thing, I totally want a new IGA-designed Castlevania-type game, even if it’s not “officially” Castlevania. I should want creators to branch out and try new experiences, and I do want that, but I also want to play more games like my favorite old games. I am a multifaceted person.

I also wanted to point out this beautifully produced, adorable pitch video by 2 Player Productions. What an amazing team they are.


clarkegriffindork asked:

hi david! i realised that this is quite an odd request but what is "trash lord" in trigedasleng? also (a less odd request), how do you say "i am yours" in trigedasleng? thank you so much for your time =)

“Trash” is the same word spelled the same way. It’s right in Trigedasleng’s wheelhouse, and I see no other reason it’d change. So I guess “trash lord” would be Trash Heda. As for “I am yours”, that’s Ai laik yun.

Thanks for the ask!

HI! Ok so i was looking for someone that could write this?? I mean if you don’t write smut or don’t have time that’s completely fine and I understand :D if you can’t do it do you have any references for people who do do prompts or smut??

Well. That’s excellent.

As to writing a fic based on it, I certainly do write smut… but I’m shamefully devoted to top!Harry, so this is outside my wheelhouse.

So, right now I’m not following anyone who’s specifically asking for prompts, but there definitely are some blogs who are! Anyone reading this interested, or know a prompt-taking blog to recommend to fuckmeharryhart?

i don’t wanna jinx it, but this job i’ve been interviewing for (full-time content editor/writer/clickbait carny for this one big company), i’m…pretty sure i’ve got the job. i’ve needed something like this so badly, and i’ve worked my ass off to get one, and it’s absolutely in my wheelhouse (one-liners and flashy writing and chicanery) and if i end up getting the gig, i’m gonna shit my dick. i’m gonna scream-cry to death and then my corpse will do this job

anonymous asked:

I was wondering what your headcanon was for the type of music Buck listens to post ws? If you've already answered this, I'm sorry but I've been following you for a while and I can't remember... I'm mainly curious about what he would be listening to during or after he's recovered a little ya know? Or at least what your thoughts are on that! Thanks!

I haven’t, I don’t think anyone’s ever asked this before. I actually think that Bucky’s secretly the biggest old man asshole alive, and he’s totally appalled by what kids these days listen to, so he sticks to the classics. 

Anyone know what these numbers could mean?? 

I’ve found 4 of the eggs btw:

1) In the triangle box in the Captain’s Quarters. Before you solve it, push it so that all the white triangles are popped up and the yellow ones are popped down (pretty sure this is what I did).

2) In the wheelhouse. Press the gold button on the chair to open the alarm button. Click the alarm button. Back up one and click the gold button again, and then the alarm again. Repeat until you get the egg.

3) In the ice caves. From the entrance, click 10 times. Go left when you have a choice between left and up. Click 3 more times after that.  You should be at a snowy/ice wall (like in the above pic). In the middle of the screen below the wall is a lightish blue section of ice - click there with the hook. Now can anyone solve it???

4) In the pub’s kitchen. Click the puffin to every square in the kitchen sorting game. There will be a clucking noise. Go to the cello in the pub. There is an egg on it’s right side.

As a warning, one of these is only available in the bonus edition - not sure which. Also, shout-out to this thread for its help.

prismatic-bell asked:

5, 6, 10, 20. YOU KNOW WHO. (I feel like I should be ashamed.)

This is so not my wheelhouse. I could be steering us headlong into disappointment and disaster, but I’ll try my best.

Zoisite, #5: A cherished personal belonging.

I am having so much trouble with this question and the next because, weirdly, I don’t see Zoisite being particularly into THINGS. I see Zoisite as enjoying what certain things may imply about him. He may want the image attached to a particular car, for example, but he’d give no shits about the car itself. Of all the Shitennou, I see Nephrite as being the one most attached to stuff. The fancy car, the fine wines, the designer suits, the mansion on a mountain. Zoisite can’t even be bothered to change his fucking outfit except specifically to impersonate Sailor Moon, if I remember right.

But by the same token, what Zoisite DOES have is a sense of what is HIS. He may not care about it, he may not even want it, but if it is HIS then back the fuck up. So what I’m torn on is if I think Zoisite sincerely HAS “a cherished personal belonging”. If you were to ask him, the answer would equally be “none of this” and “all of this”.

So I think I only have one actual answer I can make.

That answer is “Kunzite”.

Zoisite, #6: Something they lost, but would love to have back

This connects to the above thought process. I can’t see Zoisite sincerely giving a shit about a thing, specifically, to care about having it back. If he lost something, what he’d most want is revenge for whoever caused its loss. If the thing gets destroyed in the process, well that’s just the way shit goes.

Assuming he’d notice.

He probably wouldn’t.

So I don’t think it can be THING in that sense. And nothing is really springing to mind to create, etiher. (See previous re: not my wheelhouse).

But then I had a thought. There is one “thing” that I see Zoisite being very invested in, and that is his designated chewtoy. We have Nephrite right now, in the episodes that I’m watching, and we’ll have Tux after Zoisite  gets bored with Nephrite. But I have to think that we didn’t just start there. It suggests a pattern of behaviour from Zoisite where I can completely see him ALWAYS having a chewtoy.

Obviously this is going to go heavily on each person’s headcanon for the Dark Kingdom, but for me, it’s not a rebirth or a recreation, it’s literally the same people and creatures from the Silver Millennium having broken free from Queen Serenity sealing them away thousands of years ago.

There’s a whole lot of room for a legion of chewtoys is what I’m saying.

I don’t think it started with Nephrite, I think he was just the latest. But it’s not hard to consider that, back there at some point, there was THE CHOSEN CHEWTOY. The person who sparked all this off for Zosite. Someone who matched him, perhaps, or someone who was just so much fun to fuck with. And Zoisite’s been chasing down that exact same perfect chewtoy ever since, even if he doesn’t realize it.

That’s the precious thing Zoisite lost (and by “lost” I likely mean “killed”) and would love to have back. The Chosen Chewtoy.

Zoisite, #10: How they deal with pain.

POORLY, oh my god are you kidding me. Though I have to say that Zoisite in battle is probably pretty resilient. But the whining afterward, Jesus wept.

Zoisite, #20: Household chore they hate the most

I can’t imagine Zoisite is happy with ANY of them. Though I suddenly have the image of him dressing in a french maid outfit and pretending to dust while peering coquettishly at Kunzite over his shoulder, so I guess I just found Zoisite’s favourite. But least favourite? Probably anything to do with trash. It’s TRASH. It’s ZOISITE HANDLING STINKY TRASH. I can think of no alternate reality in which that ends well.

How I Would Have Written that One Fucking Scene with Black Widow to Make It Not Crap

I don’t write screenplays. That is not some high-horse thing, it’s just not my wheelhouse.  So this is going to take the form of a prose narrative rather than a screenplay.

So, this is how I would have written That One Fucking Black Widow Scene, if Joss Whedon put a gun to my head and said, “Yes, the graduation ceremony.  Yes, they’re involved.  Yes, everything just like it is in the film but try your best to make it not terrible. If you want to keep your brains.”

Spoilers ahead for Age of Ultron.  I will also disclaim that I saw the film once, two weeks ago, and my memory of the precise lines and content of the scene is fuzzy.  I just remember being angry.

“Hey,” Tasha says as she walks into the room where the man she cares about is doing his best to hide.

Bruce looks up from the toy he was halfheartedly examining.  “Oh.  Hey. Doing alright?”

“It’s all relative, right?” she asks, moving to sit across from him.  “No, I’m not doing alright.  But then, I didn’t just turn into a giant green monster and destroy half of Wakanda’s capitol.”

“Yeah.  That did happen.”  Bruce rubs at his eyes.  “Listen, Tasha.  I know that things have been crazy.    With Ultron.  And his – his helpers.”  She watches him swallow, reads the emotions bombarding him through the flickering of microexpressions across his features.  She knows what he’s going to say before even he does.

“You’re going away,” Tasha says.  “And you don’t want me to follow you.”

Bruce hesitates.  “I – yeah.  That’s about it.”

She shakes her head.  “Bruce, I care about you.  I admire you.  You’re the one person I know who’ll run from a fight because he knows he’ll win.  But this isn’t that.  This is you being a coward.”

He starts.  “What?  No, it’s just…  This is what makes sense.  What if the girl gets into my head again?”

Tasha crosses her arms. “Yeah, what if that happens?  Bruce, what did she show you?”

The reaction the question provokes is immediate and transparent.  He withdraws into himself, shutting down almost completely.  “It doesn’t matter.”

“I say it does.  Do you respect me?”

“Of course I do.”

“Then trust that I know what I’m doing when I ask.  Tell me what she showed you.”

Bruce takes a long, shuddering breath.  “You don’t want to know.”

“I thought you respected me,” Tasha says, not letting any irritation leak through to her tone.  “But you don’t trust me to know what I am and am not interested in hearing?”

He throws up his hands. Anger, that’s good.  Anything but resigned detachment.  “Fine!  It was you. Dead.  Torn in half.  It was my fault.  You tried to use the lullaby and it didn’t work.”

“So how did that make you angry enough to lose control?  To let the Other Guy out?”

“I don’t know,” Bruce says, shaking his head.

“I do,” Tasha tells him. “It wasn’t.”

He frowns.  Incomprehension.  “What? No, it – he got out after she showed me that.  It had to be that it made me lose control.”

“No, you’re wrong and I can tell you why.”  Tasha takes a deep breath of her own.  “What happened, Bruce, is that you expected to lose control.  So you did. Simple as that.  Because fear doesn’t bring out the Hulk.  Anger does.  When you go into a situation expecting the worst, the worst has a way of tending to happen.  Especially when the worst is literally all in your head.”  She looks him dead in the eye.  “That’s your problem.  You constantly expect the worst, and so it happens.”

Bruce gives her a hurt look. “You really think it’s that simple?”

“I do.”

“No way.  That can’t be it.”

“What happened to the respect, again?  Here’s the other hard truth: you think you respect me, but you don’t.  What you actually feel about me is what you feel about every other person you have any kind of interaction with: you feel like I’m made of porcelain.  You think if you handle me roughly, I’m going to crack. So you bend over backwards to avoid hurting me, to make everyone happy.  But this is the last straw.  You’ve decided that you can’t be trusted to be near anyone, ever, so you’re going to run away.”

Bruce stares down at his hands, wringing them.  He looks up at her, and his expression breaks her heart, but she knows what he needs right now is not sympathy.  He needs the truth.

“Would you come with me?” he asks.

“In a heartbeat,” she says. “If it were a real option.  If dropping everything and leaving would actually solve anything.  But it won’t, so I can’t do that.  Steve, Tony, Thor, Clint – it’s not going to be easier for them if we leave.  So we have to stay.”

There.  There’s the crack.  He starts to pace, the manic energy growing in him.  “It’s too big a risk!  She could get into my head again, she could –”

“You keep saying ‘she, she.’ But she didn’t bring the Other Guy out to play.  You did that, Bruce.  You killed all those people in Wakanda.  All you’re doing is externalizing.”

He breaks, finally.  “You don’t know what it’s like!” he shouts.  “I’m not there anymore, Tasha.  There’s no me left, just him!  All he does is kill, and kill, and kill!  I’m just a shell for the Other Guy.  It doesn’t matter what I do, it all comes down to nothing and he just comes out and kills more people!  I’m just a – a weapon!

Now it’s out in the open. Now he’s admitted what’s really the issue.  Tasha doesn’t disbelieve what he’s saying about what he saw – she knows he cares about her.  He just cares about her in all the wrong ways, good intentions paired with bad execution.  But she couldn’t get him to understand any of it until he admitted this.

“I was trained,” Tasha says, slowly at first, “in a place called the Red Room.  You ever hear of it?”

Bruce is obviously confused by the change of subject, but he doesn’t seem like he’s about to stop her. “No.”

“Then they’re still doing their job right,” Tasha says dryly.  “Anyway, they had a test.”  She raises her right hand, palm flat, fingers pressed together.  “You hold your hand out like this.  They put a lit candle underneath your palm.”  She extends her arm, bringing her hand closer to him.  “You twitch it even a little – you make a single noise – you let your face show anything but calm – you die. Instantly.  You hold your hand there, and you wait.  You wait for the candle to burn down to nothing.”  She keeps his gaze.  “It takes about three and a half hours.  It gets easier as the time passes – but not by much.”

“That’s awful,” Bruce remarks humorlessly.

“You would think it’s a lesson in concentration, but it’s not.  It’s a lesson in disengaging.  Letting your body just exist.  Because that’s how you fight.  A man takes a swing at you, there is a precise series of moves to break his arm, to snap his neck, to put out his eyes, to knock him unconscious.  There are moves to do the same thing to two men, three.  They teach you the moves.  You learn them.  Then you practice them.  Over and over.  You learn to do them without thinking.  That’s the entire point.”

Bruce frowns.  “So?”

“So I’m saying: how am I different than you?”

“You had a choice.”

“No, I didn’t.  They chose me.  They took me.  They molded me.  They changed me.  They cut away the pieces of me that weren’t vital to the mission.  That might compromise the mission.”  She stares at him, hard.  “You understand what I’m saying?”

He goes deathly pale. “Tasha.  No, they – they couldn’t have.”

“They could.  And they did.  I was just supposed to be a weapon, Bruce.  A pretty shell hiding a monster, an assassin.”  She reaches out, finally, to take his hand.  “The difference between us is that I don’t let it define me. I don’t let it own me, Bruce.”

With a sigh, he looks down at her grip on his hand.  “So what you’re saying is…”

“I respect you, Bruce. That’s what I’m saying.”  Tasha caresses his cheek.  “Now it’s up to you to decide if that was a bad call or not.”

Apologies for any typos I missed.  Let me know what you think, if you like.  My inbox is open.


DC Fancast: Terry Crews as Captain Marvel/Shazam

In the Hope-Crushing Olympics that are DC movies (as compared to the Hope-Crushing Special Olympics that is Ant-Man’s production), one that hit close to home was the news that the Rock, when choosing between playing Captain Marvel or his arch-nemesis Black Adam, had chosen the Dark Side. 

Not because I thought he’d do a bad job, mind you, but because Black Adam strikes me as a very easy role to play. He broods, he does mean stuff, he probably talks in a slow British accent–I think we can agree he’s within the wheelhouse of most actors that can afford a personal trainer. Arnold Vosloo could do it in his sleep (and I believe did, in The Mummy Returns).

Captain Marvel, on the other hand, strikes me as the kind of character that requires a very light touch. He’s a kid with an overactive imagination’s idea of a manly man. A superhero with a body of ridiculously idealized proportions (even by comic book standards) and the personality of a charming, good-natured, pure-hearted, innocent twelve-year-old boy in the driver’s seat. There’s a reason we fell in love with Tom Hanks for doing the same thing without six-pack abs; it’s not easy. I actually had a hard time imagining anyone other than The Rock being able to pull it off.

Then I remembered Terry Crews, who is essentially a charming, good-natured, pure-hearted, innocent forty-six-year-old-man… with the comedic chops to play a kid who just got the steroids of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, et al.

Besides, I wanna see the Rock and Terry Crews do a press tour together.

wanna play a game?

Okay, I need new music for my vacation and I don’t know where to look! Pandora is only recommending me Vampire Weekend, and even though they’re good I need others too. So here’s the game: 

* Reblog this post if you want to get the word out, but not necessary to play!

* Recommend me your favorite songs/artists [preferably ones that are in the same wheelhouse as Walk the Moon, Imagine Dragons, Bastille, fun., Hozier, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Florence & the Machine, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, ect.] 

* I’ll rate the artist/song like this: not my thing | good | great | favorite | downloading right now

* Got it? Good? I will probably get through some tonight and some tomorrow if time allows, so don’t be distressed if I don’t get to you right away!

anonymous asked:

Hey give it to me straight....will a 3.67 get me into medschool? Don't beat around the bush... I need answers.

Thanks for your question!

I need a little clarification first. 3.67 what? Are you 3.67 feet tall? I don’t think medical schools really screen for height but it may be difficult to see over the operating table.

Do you only have 3.67 toes? I would like to see your 0.67th of a toe and ask you how is your balance?

In all honesty and seriousness I think a 3.67 MCAT score will NOT get you into medical school. And if that is your score then I think you may have some intellectual disability. JK. I believe a 3.67 GPA is good enough to get you into medical school. Some medical schools are definitely out of reach but there are others out there in your wheelhouse. It also depends on the rest of your application and your real MCAT score. I think there is a medical school out there for you. 3.67 is admirable for some schools and probably pretty good for most DO and Caribbean schools. Just keep working hard and if your heart is in the right place then you WILL become a doctor. I believe you can fly!

Hope this helps!

thehughmanatee replied to your post: anonymous asked:Wouldn’t it be aw…

How do you think they would handle Clarice? (Apologies if you’ve answered this.)Given that so many elements have already been used. (Also troubled by Will being replaced as main character, if this did happen, which would be hard to adjust to.)

Honestly, that question is so far out of my wheelhouse I don’t really have an answer to give. Personally, I always found the character of Clarice bland as hell (and I’ve found the thinly-veiled Clarice-expos in other shows bland too). Maybe a normal person just suffers in being put next to such a batshit distinctive character as Hannibal. 

I also preferred her in Hannibal to SOTL (which, I know, blasphemy, because Jodie Foster = amazing actress and everything) just because I felt you actually got shown something of her qualities that were only told in the first film. I could never understand what Hannibal saw in her, other than the only person he gets to talk to who is not Chilton/some psychiatrist. The attachment wasn’t really flattering when you consider there was literally no one else for him to get attached to. 

I was unaware, until joining the show’s fandom, that they were supposed to run off together and that he was actually in love with her. (Haven’t read the books, don’t intend to. Makes it more exciting not to know.) In the movies it always seemed to me like he respected her as a human being (maybe this is just because I first saw the movie as an innocent child who hadn’t got her head round the idea of sex yet), but had no sense of personal boundaries (hence the waking up in a red dress having been drugged thing). He himself seemed more ace than hetero or pan. 

Where was I going with this… 

oH yeah. I would HATE for Will to be replaced as the main character. No matter who the replacer was ( this s3 pilot is going to be strangely painful without him; but I’m guessing as it’s going to be Hannibal-POV that’s the point.

I’m just far too invested and in love with that character to want anyone else stepping into the main starring role, and my admiration of Hugh Dacny’s acting ability has rocketed so much during the course of the show, I would feel I was missing out on not seeing him in a scene. 

I think part of the Bedelia/Hannibal stuff in s3 is going to be to set up the idea that this version of Hannibal actually can be in a proper relationship with a woman once they know who he really is. I did wonder whether they might retrofit Alana into becoming their Clarice. If nothing else it would put an interesting spin on things that they already have history before the events of SOTL…

To me, the biggest problem they’ll face with any Clarice is finding a chemistry dynamic as mesmerising to watch as Mads and Hugh’s. Hannibal has generated tension with all the others characters, just because he has so many secrets, but it’s never quite the same as that natural zing between those two actors. They already had it in King Arthur; I’m sure they could play any two characters in any forum and the same would be true.

But who could possibly play Clarice to Mads’ Hannibal…?

Dream scenario: by some miracle they find an actress who has astonishing chemistry with Mads the likes of which we have not seen before, is so talented she can stand up next to Gillian and Hugh and Laurence without suffering and is such an awesome character that we all fall in love with her and only wish we could have just her and Hannibal and Will in every scene. 

Hannigram and clannibal shippers unite into one big happy OT3 family. Fandom wank vanishes completely. There is no more need of manips. All the comic sans edits are about how disgustingly happy everyone looks. The show wins every single Emmy. Mads goes on a victory tour of all the press junkets with his costars and high-fives Obama who has just been re-instated as President somehow. Colour seem brighter. Food tastes better. There is generally just more joy in the world.