I was looking at overland transportation in ASOIAF. A lot of lords and ladies just use horses, but sometimes vehicles are used. 

Wheelhouses - Cersei obviously has a really huge double-decker royal wheelhouse, drawn by 40 draft horses. The Tyrells have a wheelhouse adorned with gilded roses carved into it. From my understanding, it seems like wheelhouses tend to be for longer journeys, but a royal wheelhouse transported Rhaella the short distance from the Red Keep to a waiting ship after the loss at the Trident

Palanquins - seem to be more of an Essosi thing, but Tyrion knows what they are, so they may exist in Westeros. Can be open-air or enclosed by light curtains / heavy drapes. Carried by slaves, later by freed men. The windblown have a commander who has a palanquin with 40 bearers to carry it. 

Sedan chairs - again, these seem to be more of an Essosi thing, as they’re only mentioned in Dany’s chapters. More open than a palanquin, and you sit upright. 

Carriages - mentioned a few times in Westeros. Note that a wheelhouse is described as a type of carriage. Probably very difficult to use on medieval roads, bumpy and uncomfortable.

Litters - A lot of the nobility tend to be carried around King’s Landing in horse litters. For example, Sansa, Jeyne, and Septa Mordane ride together in a large litter with diaphonous silk curtains, to the Hand’s tourney. After being injured by Brandon Stark, Petyr is sent from Riverrun to the Fingers in a closed litter. Tyrion also travels by litter in King’s Landing, as does the High Septon. Doran Martell always travels by litter because of his gout, but it’s considered too cumbersome to travel through mountains. 

Litters tended to shield the occupant(s) from the rain or sun. 

The litter probably swayed a great deal and, although made more comfortable with cushions, furs and rugs, it would have been awkward to sit in for long distances.The people inside probably suffered from travel sickness, and they would have staggered out stiffly at the end of a journey [x]

In Essos, litters are carried by slaves/freed men or horses. In Westeros, it only mentions horses carrying litters, but they may be carried by people too, idk.

I think the litters ridden around King’s Landing look like this, while the litters carrying injured people (like Myrcella) off battlefields, tourney grounds etc look like this or this

Hathay - a type of ornate cart used in Volantis, pulled by a small elephant and driven by a tattooed slave. It has two large wheels. 

There are also oxcarts, wagons, and wayns (a wain, a farm wagon or cart) for peasants and merchants. 

Here is an interesting post about travel in the middle ages. If anyone has more to add, or any corrections, please tell me!


Sorry I’ve been AWOL almost all this summer, Techblr!

I took an amazing/crazy/awful job at a show in SF, that essentially consumed my entire life for the past two months. It was an interesting mix of theatrical electrics, and up-to-code work, as the immersive piece is intended to run for several years. Of course, this was WAY out of the normal wheelhouse of a theatrical electrician like yours truly, so I had a lot of learning to do along the way.
A big part of that was expanding on my knowledge of electrical installs, and working as somewhat of an electrical contractor. With this came a whole new set of tools, and A NEW KIT!!

I thought I’d share the cool new pieces I got, that made an awful show a lot easier to do!

Doing normal theater, I used to be able to carry all my tools in that little hip pouch you see in the bag. But for this show, I had to expand out and buy a TON of awesome new things. For starters, I’m loving this new Husky zip-top bag I got to hold it all. Being a commuter, I needed it to be small enough to carry with me to work every day, and this guy (and its padded handles) are perfect! Lots of pockets, but still has room for bigger items. The zip-closure accepts a small padlock, which is great, as someone just recently stole my Ultimate Focus Tool, and buying a new $100 wrench sucks!
As for the new stuff inside:

•Linemans Pliers, from Commercial Electric. These guys are so worth the money. With wire strippers, cutters, and crimpers built in to this seriously strong plier, you hardly need another tool for wiring!

•Channel Locks. Having two pairs is great for when you really need to wrench down some pipe!

•Milwaukee Inkzalls: These are the greatest invention ever. Crazy strong ink that won’t smudge, and writes on dusty and grimy surfaces. The whole building I worked in was always covered in sheetrock dust, so these were invaluable.

•Tap Driver: Ever strip a hole that a screw was supposed to go into? These handy little screwdriver like things re-thread the hole, or thread new ones. Unlike tap/die sets, these have multiple thread sizes in one tool, too!

•Milwaukee Angle Cutters (Dykes): Awesome little tools that are super resilient for their size and weight. The carbide tips are both really strong and great at holding an edge. I literally don’t understand how I functioned before getting these.

I also added a bunch of little things, like a new folding knife with built-in wire strippers, and a better pair of needlenose pliers, in addition to basics like my wrenches, flashlights, and multitool.

What are your favorite additions to your kits?

anonymous asked:

Any tips for getting started in investing?


  1. Invest in what you know.  This is something that my father taught me.  If you don’t understand the company - what they sell, the products they provide, the services they make available - don’t invest.  I’m not saying you need to be an expert, but if the company is out of your wheelhouse leave it be.
  2. Spread your risk.  This is more of a no-brainer, but unless you have a very very high risk tolerance you shouldn’t have a portfolio that is all in one category (i.e. oil, tech, start-ups, real estate, etc.).  If you’re young, you have a long-time horizon so you have the luxury of gambling a bit.  That being said, invest in both low, medium, and high risk firms.  When I first did my initial portfolio and did 40, 40, 20 and have adjusted accordingly moving forward.  
  3. Don’t try to beat the system.  Day trading looks glamorous, but if you don’t have the ability to constantly monitor everything about your portfolio I don’t recommend trying the short-term gains approach.  We live in an incredibly globalized society where the second information is released it’s immediately reflected within the marketplace.
  4. If you’re REALLY new to the market, go the index-fund route.  The Vanguard 500 Index Fund is a great, low-risk starting point. 

Hope this helps a bit!


Diligence 1.0

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What made Crowley an effective king, and businessman, was his diligence. Being lazy wasn’t in his wheelhouse. He’d begin his day deciding what needed to be dealt with promptly, what would require the most attention, and then planned accordingly.

If something stood in his way, he found a way around it. Giving up, or in, was not an option. It would show weakness, which he was not.

Sitting on his throne, he looked calm, and relaxed. Truth was, he was not only going over the soul count for that quarter, but was working on ways to make them more efficient, and boost his numbers. He could have turned to his advisors, but that would be passing off work that he could easily do himself.

Every time he was summoned by the Winchesters, his blood boiled. He would then have to replan the remainder of his day. They caused him to waste time. Sure, he had all the time in the world, but that didn’t mean he wanted to fill it with idle chit-chat or trying to hunt down information for them.

What made Crowley an effective king, was his ability to get things done.


This week I take a look at a very, very dirty minded game full of absolute strangeness that is fun but I am horrible at playing it.  It’s also very psychedelic in color schemes.

From last night’s club XC race. I look strong here but it really wasn’t my day at all. It has been a really uneven summer of racing for me. I’ve had some good races but a couple of real bummers, too. This one should have been right in my wheelhouse, on the trails and dirt/grass, but just wasn’t happening for me. I needed to get the age group win in the race to clinch the club summer series in the age group and I fell short, probably losing the series in the process. I wanted to win the series badly, so it’s hard for me to shake the disappointment that I feel right now.

Hopefully I can end on an up note in two weeks at the Potomac Valley Games. Mile or bust.

What to do This Weekend: August 26-28


Symphony Under the Sky; August 25-28 @ Hawrelak Park

StageLab Theatre Festival; August 25-28 @ Timms Centre for the Arts

Vixens of Vintage Summer Bazaar; Saturday & Sunday @  Prince of Wales Armouries Heritage Centre


Isaak Kornelsen Memorial Parklet and Bicycle Ride; 11am - 7pm


Wheelhouse Presents – In The Park11am - 10pm @ Borden Park

Secret Alley Gallery; 1-8pm 

Accent Back Alley Beer Garden; 3-11pm @ Accent Lounge

Patio Pub Crawl; 4-8pm @ DECL

URB PRK Electric Barn Concert Series; 4-8pm @ Cafe Mosaics

Raceweek Street Party; 6:30 - 10:30pm @ 104 Street


Viva Italia Viva; Noon - 9pm @  Giovanni Caboto Park

Celebration on the Square – Sviato 25!; 1-11pm @ Churchill Square  


Searching for Sugar Man; Tuesday, August 30, 7pm @ Garneau Theatre

Tag Ten People You Want To Get To Know Better

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Favorite Anime/Manga: Haven’t been in this scene too much in recent years, but I still enjoy some! Favorites are old ones that kinda date me, but eh oh well. Favorites of mine, in no particular order, are Vision of Escaflowne, Trigun (*fistbumps Hadeon*), Monster, Magic Knight Rayearth, Mushishi, Cowboy Bebop, The Slayers, Tokyo Godfathers, Spirited Away, Grave of the Fireflies, oh let’s just say MOST of Studio Ghibli’s wheelhouse so I save myself time…

As for manga? Not really many of those, even though I read a bunch when I was younger. But I’m really enjoying The Ancient Magus’ Bride (the first manga I’ve bought in a LONG time) currently!

Favorite Video Games: Been a gamer for twenty-nine years ever since my father opened up his own video shop back in the 80′s, so I have a lot of favorites… Haha.

Again, in no particular order, Ghosts N’ Goblins, Centipede, Ninja Gaiden II, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Final Fantasy 6, 7, & 9, Killer Instinct, Chrono Trigger, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Metal Gear Solid 1 & 3, Silent Hill 2, The Legacy of Kain series, Journey, Shadow of the Colossus, Odin Sphere, Okami, Pokemon Black (was my first major foray into the Pokemon series), Civilization 5, World of Warcraft (wouldn’t be playing it if it wasn’t XD), Stardew Valley, Minecraft, Kingdom, Darkest Dungeon, The Walking Dead (Telltale Game), The Longest Journey/Dreamfall: The Longest Journey/The Dreamfall Chapters, and god I can go on…

Favorite Books: I admit I’m a bit of a recovering reader, so I don’t read as much as I should. Favorite books are: “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak, “Watership Down” by Richard Adams, “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, “The Book of Flying” by Keith Miller, “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, “Johannes Cabal: The Necromancer” by Jonathan L. Howard.

I’m also currently enjoying the heck out of “The Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss, at the suggestion of @pugtronus.

Favorite TV Shows: Not a huge TV watcher anymore, so I am DREADFULLY out of date with the latest and greatest shows on there. I keep hearing great things about this and that, but I can’t really tell ya at this point. *chuckle*

Last Song I Listened To: The Light of Nibel (feat. Aeralie Brighton)” by Gareth Coker (Ori & the Blind Forest OST). The entire soundtrack is GORGEOUS, by the way, and definitely worth a listen/buy. Hell, Ori and the Blind Forest is a great game, too. Go play it!

First Language: English and it’s, regretfully, the only one I’m fluent in. I’ve studied French, Japanese, American Sign Language, and a bit of Russian and German. I understand some Spanish from exposure and it being a romance language to French. I can carry a BIT of a conversation in the former two, but I’m abysmal with the rest.

Most I do with ASL anymore is using it in tandem when asking someone if they want coffee. >_>;

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FMLS90 day 15.

How active are you? Share with us your typical exercise week.

Finally we are in my wheelhouse. Because as much trouble as I have with my eating, I am at least always active.

An average week looks like this:

Work day with no gym: 20,000-25,000 steps.
Work day with gym: 25,000-30,000 steps.
Day off: 10,000-12,000 steps.

I’m lucky to have a very active job. I am constantly moving about. It (and the puppies) is the reason I stay despite the low, low pay. Also, I do not own a car, so if I want to get anywhere there is lots of moving on my own two feet involved.

anonymous asked:

Are there daddies out there for non-white sugar babies? I'm mixed (black and white) but very light-skinned. I want to be spoiled without being fetishized for my race or demeaned by mostly white daddies...

Finding a good sugar daddy is a difficult and challenging task for any sugar baby.  When you throw in factors like race and national origin, the difficulty can ramp up a bit.  But, the fact remains that there are plenty of legitimate sugar daddies who feel the same way I do:  they are looking for a woman in their “wheelhouse”, who is attractive to them and who has a good personality.  For guys like me, race and national origin are not factors that we consider; it is not part of our “preferences” and we do not exclude a girl for consideration based on the color of her skin or the country she comes from.  

I understand that you want to be with a sugar daddy “without being fetishized for my race or demeaned” and I agree with that sentiment!  However, weeding guys like that out is something you will have to do based on your initial impressions of how a POT interacts with you.  If you get a sense that a guy wants to be with you merely because of your color and is a little weird about it, dump him – even if it means losing a potential allowance.  Likewise, as soon as a guy hits you with a demeaning/racist remark in a message, dump AND block him!  You don’t have time for that.  Through this process of elimination, you will find a mature gentleman who is interested in YOU, not your color!  This is in keeping with the advice that I gave in Realistically, would I be likely to have to deal with a Donald Trump-esque POT/SD? Have to deal with a racist ass dude for hours to get that money?

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I guess your ass is going to feel real sore after those 20,000 years... well, assuming you still have one after that.

How amusing that you think I’m sitting placidly anywhere, Anon.  

I’m not sure if you have been following my career but it is well within @kyokasuigetsusuggestions‘s wheelhouse to project an image of me somewhere, while I am somewhere else.

If I’m sitting anywhere right now, Anon.


zhrianaa  asked:

ღ :What sorts of plots/characters/scenes do you have the most difficulty writing, and why?

Plots: There will NEVER EVER EVER EVER be a time where I will ever write anything that has to do with burying someone alive. Seriously, that is so far.. not cool to me. It’s so dumb to have that hard limit, cause it just doesn’t happen in this day and age.. but HOLY CRAP, not, not ever. #irrational fear

Characters: I’d said before I’ve never played a truly GOOD character, so that’s still new with Addie. I find totally over emotional characters really…difficult. I am not so much that kinda person, so being overly dramatic like that is just not in my wheelhouse. I do like to read it though.

Scenes: It’s not so much difficulty, I just don’t really enjoy writing all and all out smut. Like, don’t get me wrong… I will imagery your ass out the planet in metaphors and nonsense for ‘black screen’ but I’ve never found enjoyment in the description of every thrust and moan. I would much rather leave things to imaginations and gloss over with pretty words that encompass it all.

<3 thank you for the ask!!!


Challenge 81: Tattoos: Armadillo

Love this challenge idea– thanks Emily! I know my style isn’t a normal type for tattoos, but I’ve found some artists lately who have abandoned the traditional outline technique, with some even mimicking watercolor. I love the look of those tattoos, so I stuck with a painting style that is already in my wheelhouse.


Positive Vibes Needed

They finally posted the job I’m psyched to apply for. I’ve been out of work due to fibromyalgia for 2.5 years.

My symptoms have improved some. I’m not better and I have no idea if I can do this but we need the money.

It’s also a job I think I’d do well at, but it’s outside my wheelhouse, so to speak, so I have no idea if I’ll get it.

Wish me luck, fellow spoonies.

21 Day Fix

Good morning!

In July 2016, my hunni bought me the 21 Day Fix from Beachbody. Over the month I’ve had it, I’m working to get my bearings with it and complete a successful 3 weeks. 

The workouts are managable. I still modify some exercises, especially the core ones that hurt my lower back. I do better when my hunni is watching me.. I usually show off a little bit. How those squats looking? ;)

That meal plan tho… Not my wheelhouse. I feel spoiled because Shan will cook healthy food for me while I work out, but I know my portion sizes are still way off point. 

In any case, 21 Day Fix is a great thing to have in the house. It will be something I use for a long time, as I’m now free from any gym. Currently, this is what my fitness plan involves:

- Outdoor volleyball (will finish in Sept 2016, then I’ll start indoor.)

- Aquasizing with the girls!

- Walks with Shan after dinner and walks at lunch to keep my muscles mobile

- Soccer in the park

- 21 day fix workouts in the house

I also want to get this into my schedule:

- Running in the morning (damn it’s hard to get out of bed!)

- Yoga at Soul Connexion