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Geeze anon no need to be a jerk about it. GG isn't the greatest singer I've ever heard but I enjoy his voice. GG has a smooth candor and he always puts a lot of emotion (especially in this song for Iris) in the songs he sings. I doubt CP would cry during rehearsal if GG was that bad of a singer smh.

That song was in his wheelhouse and I think he sounded good

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a fantastic movie in part because it’s framed like Ferris Bueller is already someone you’re supposed to know about, as though it were just the latest an installment in an ongoing Ferris Bueller franchise a la “Madea” or “Abbott and Costello” or “Harold and Kumar.” You could probably show “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” to someone unfamiliar with the film and convince them that there had been several other films before it, like “Ferris Bueller’s Summer Vacation,” “A Ferris Bueller Christmas,” and “Ferris Bueller Meets Wolfman.” I want, no, I expect photoshopped movie posters for all of these movies. 

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How unlikely would it be for a society to think that transgender people are normal and some people just *are* that way, but still stigmatize being gay or nonbinary?

Setting aside the problematic nature of this question, this is a question for a sociologist, not a psychologist.

For reference, psychology focuses on the individual, while sociologists focus on the larger society.

Sadly, there is no ScriptSociology as of this moment.

do you ever think about how much Bail Organa must have FREAKED OUT when the Ghosts contacted him all, “uh, hey, so this might sound weird, but we think Obi-Wan Kenobi is alive, do you know anything about that?”

“Rea – uh, really? That’s, uh, that’s interesting. Why would you think that? Also why would you think I know anything about that, you know, just saying.”

“Uh, well, you know.  Force vision.”

*internal screaming*

Bail Organa can predict and head off many things, but the Force doing weird shit is not one of them because it’s totally out of his wheelhouse, so when it comes up, he has to do his best to keep everything related to it in his wheelhouse.


Kurt Vile - Wheelhouse (Live on WFUV)

Dammit Rosemary 

This and that.

Really torn between not minding a snow day this week and also wanting my full 6 day (weekend included) Spring Break around Easter. 

It’s March. I’m tired, just as I’m sure we all are. This is my first spring with Seniors and it’s a special circumstance because they’ve been at our school of technology for the past year. Most of them forget how to be students and/or they just plain don’t want to. I can’t say I blame them. We’re managing.

Apparently I’m moving to freshmen next year which is completely out of my wheelhouse, but I’m willing to give it a shot. If a Social Studies position opens, I should be able to transfer, but as of right now it looks like I’ll be teaching English. The plan is just to be patient and let everything work out as it’s meant to. I can’t stress over it. Maybe I’ll even like it, who knows.

Husband starts his last clinical tomorrow, so he’ll be away from me during the week. It’s only 9 weeks and then he’ll be done with his course work. All he will need to do is pass his boards and he’ll be a certified Physical Therapist. Yay!

Did I mention that we moved last month? We’re in a cute little townhouse now with just enough space for the two of us and our gang of furbabies. Definitely hoping to buy next year, but for now, this is just fine.

Amazing how fast the year goes. I can’t believe in three months it’ll be summer.

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Okay, I'm absolutely aware this may be a no-go from the start, and to be fair, I'm crazy about Bawson. But I love Livan too! Would love to see a Ginny/Livan ficlet, or even an OT3 with him. Poor Cuban papi deserves some loving too, and those dimples are being wasted with no love interest for him :)

okay so i have never written a poly relationship before and this is so so far out of my wheelhouse, but i actually really love this ot3 because the idea of Ginny and Livan running circles around old man Lawson brings me such joy

to maybe make up for the fact that i took approximately forever writing this, have like 12.5k instead of a ficlet??

(also, hey @mindykahling)

without sense | ao3

Somehow, the first person that Ginny saw after breaking up with Noah was Livan. She hadn’t even told Evelyn about the split, yet there was one of her catchers. And it wasn’t even the catcher she would’ve picked.

She’d known abstractly that Livan was still living at the Omni in the off-season, but she’d never actually seen evidence of him around. Maybe because he liked hitting the bars for a little “dancing and flirting,” and Ginny liked hitting the sack at a reasonable hour. Bumping into him (literally) at the convenience store half a block away at 11:30 on a Thursday night probably counted, though.

He eyed her basket, piled high with both Ben and Jerry’s and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, critically and asked, “Rough night, mami?”

Ginny sniffed. In disdain. Not because tears were threatening to spill again at the thought of exactly how rough her night had been. She ducked her head and muttered, “None of your business.”

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I cannot get the concept of an Etrian Odyssey musical out of my head.

I really wish I could write music right now. We’d all be swimming in Etrian Odyssey broadway style music if I could.

But an Etrian Odyssey stage play/movie, now THAT is in my wheelhouse… Hmmm….

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I'm currently planning a holiday in Florida for next year and I'm looking to do some gothic photography work! I was wondering if you knew any Southern Gothic people that could give tips and advice? Like places to go, things to look out for? I'm not knowledgable about Florida or Florida Gothic (I've never been before) so any ideas would be a huge help! (I know this isn't related to Midwestern Gothic but I didn't know where else to start!

this message has been sitting in my inbox for 80 years, i am so sorry. i’m afraid florida is a bit out of my wheelhouse. you might want to start with some southern gothic blogs. and honestly, from what i’ve heard about florida, it sounds like the entire state is bizarre, and doesn’t need any help from aesthetic blogs lmao. for a funny treatment of the bizareness of florida, you could look at some of the comedian dave barry’s stuff. he refers to florida as “a giant underground weirdness magnet”. i’d start with swamps. swamps are fun. also, vaguely related to this, but remember in 2012, when there were all those reports of people eating other people down in florida, and it felt like we were seriously on the verge of an honest zombie apocalypse? that was wild.

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On Cyber Jar: one of the golden rules of TCGs is that symmetrical effects are almost never balanced in how people benefit. You can play around your own cards and you build such that you'll benefit more. The Jar screams break me, and with Synchros and XYZs it is super easy to do so. My guess is you play casually so what is or isn't broken is well outside your wheelhouse, but I'm certain this would be a nightmare in actual competitive play.

And much like Pokémon in this regard, perhaps they should actually set up a friggin’ rule system for casual vs. competitive play, because there’s always going to be a very different mindset going into each and while one could argue “Well, just don’t follow the banlist for casual play!” There is still a monetary gap for some players and restricting certain cards like Raigeki or the like DOES make more sense to at least LIMIT their use in a deck vs. outright refusing their use or throwing out all the rules altogether (after all, by that logic, if we throw out the list entirely, why stop there and just have a deck that’s only six cards - all five pieces of Exodia and an extra piece or something).

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Have you watched any of Iron Fist yet? I'd be curious on your opinion of it; I think the protagonist is possibly the blandest Marvel one yet, but there's some really stellar sibling feelings™ and awesome, developed ladies in the side cast, so I wasn't sure if it might still fall in your wheelhouse!

I have not watched any of it yet - I was always only lukewarm interested (for the sake of Claire and Colleen Wing, mostly) and the godawful reviews have only cemented my disinterest, I’m afraid. I still might watch at some point (for the sake of Claire and Colleen) but on the other hand I might just wait to see them in Defenders, because honestly I don’t know that I can put up with Danny Rand, who by all accounts is a blend of Tony Stark and Doctor Strange but with (even) more weird Orientalism than the latter and less charisma than the former. 

I just have so many other things to watch, I’m not sure if I can muster up the interest to do this one. Which makes it the second Marvel property I haven’t watched, in company with Doctor Strange.

I don’t have a lot of standards but I have a few.