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The Lucky Ones

It’s still Christmas in Pacific Time so this is totally on time! Woo! 

Christmas Truce Fic for @myghostlywail​. Prompt was pretty open, so I went with a Kitty ghost story. Also I was given full permission to end it as I liked, hehehe. I hope this is satisfactory and that you enjoy reading it. Merry Christmas!!


* * * 

Highway 10 at 3 am, fifteen miles out.

On an ordinary night, darkness held sway over the hills and fields, punctuated every now and then by bright red pinpricks, the tail lights of some night traveler on the way to more populated areas. Tonight, light reigned. A christmas string of brake lights flickered as backed-up cars inched by through a single lane; neon blue and red flashed from police cars and fire trucks. Big floodlights set on tripods illuminated a long stretch of road, barred by the fallen hulk of an eighteen wheeler. Framed against it a big white van, front smashed, utterly engulfed in flame.

The fire licked at the gutted van, turning everything not made of metal into glowing ash. Heat waves shimmered on its red-hot surface. Tongues of fire darted up to the sky and sent bright orange sparks floating off in the breeze.

To the girl hovering fifty feet above the highway, the whole mess looked like a bright and festive carnival. Or maybe Christmas, especially with white snow blanketing the fields and people standing around bundled up in coats. She folded her arms inside her red leather jacket and watched.

Policemen picked their way through crumpled bits of car and took photos. Firemen zipped up black bags and loaded them onto stretchers. The van burned bright, as if it were a portal straight to hell.

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