The boys are LITERALLY the worst liars. They tell Mr Clarke that El is Mike’s second cousin from Sweden like, why the hell would she be coming across the globe for her second cousin’s best friend’s funeral? And how easy would it be for that lie to fall through? Mr Clarke would definitely see Karen at some point and ask her about “Eleanor” and it would all come crashing down. Or the fact that they said she was coming for the funeral, but then El didn’t even go to the funeral so did Mr Clarke just forget she existed and that’s why he didn’t notice she wasn’t there??? Like would it be so hard for the boys to just say she was another student at the school or their friend who’s homeschooled or one of Will’s relatives? I love these boys but they can’t lie for shit

“She’s all yours.” Nancy said, passing Mike on her way out of her room.

Mike was too nervous to notice Nancy’s smirk and he didn’t hear the smile in her voice over his own heartbeat. Her smirk fell into a compassionate smile as she put a hand on her little brother’s shoulder.

“Calm down Mike. You’re all she’s asked about. Don’t be too long though. She needs her rest.” Nancy said, smiling down at him.

Mike looked up at her and did something that shocked them both. Quickly his arms wrapped around her waist and Nancy felt her heart swell at the action.

“Thanks Nance. For everything.”

The past year hadn’t been easy on either of them and after months of suffering, the two finally found comfort in each other. Slowly the hurting healed as the two became closer than ever. 

Nancy wrapped her arms around him and smiled into his hair. 

“Of course Mike.”

The two pulled away and Mike turned to the door, knocking three times. 


“Yeah it’s me. C-can I come in?” 


Mike took a deep breath before slowly turning the doorknob to Nancy’s bedroom door and stepped inside. El sat on Nancy’s bed, hair still wet from her bath, but visibly healthier after blankets and many helpings of Eggos. 

The two stared at each other and Mike resisted the urge to scoop her in his arms, bombarding her with a thousand questions.

Instead he settled for…

“Hi.” he breathed.


Stranger Things Fandom: Thank You

I signed up on Tumblr around 7 months ago, and the Stranger Things fandom is incredible. I would like to thank you guys for being welcoming to all new blogs. I realized that the Instagram fandom is being insanely rude. Millie keeps posting live streams on anti-bullying and yet people still continue to be so hateful. I’m glad that I’m a part of this little Tumblr family. You guys always make my day. -Aldona ♡♡♡

Ot3 seasonal moodboard: Winter + Stoncy, stranger things

“Wintertime winds blow cold the season 
Fallen in love, I’m hopin’ to be 
Wind is so cold, is that the reason? 
Keeping you warm, your hands touching me 

Come with me dance, my dear 
Winter’s so cold this year 
You are so warm 
My wintertime love to be.”- Wintertime love, the Doors


Kendall Wheeler, Russian Ballet Academy at Club Dance
Variation from Harlequinade

Technical Score: 8.05 || Artistic Score: 8.25
Round 2 Classical Score: 8.15
Score after Rounds 1 and 2: 7.95
Pre-Professional Category (Age 14-16)
World Ballet Competition 2017

Mike walked down to the basement full of excitement.

“El El!!! I got something to show to you!”

El looked up from playing with Mike’s supercom.

“What is it Mike?”

“Come on come on! You’ll see!”
He shouted.

El grabbed onto Mike’s hand.

“Okay now close your eyes an I’ll guide you.”
Mike whispered.

“O-okay.” She stutters.

Mike leads her into the basement closet where he finds the dress he bought for El with all the money he saved up.

“Okay now you can open your eyes.” He smiled.

El looked at him confused before she looked at the closet and in it she saw a light pink dress with sparkles on the chest piece.

“M-mike? is this for me?”

“Yes El it’s for you. I-i bought it for you to wear to the snowball since..I already have my outfit.”
Mike nervously looked to the side.

El turned to mike.
“Thank you Mike. It’s beautiful an I can’t wait to go to the snowball.” She smiled.

Yu-Jo represents the bond between Yugi and Joey (Jounouchi) when they first became friends. It is so important, they even have their own card


Thats not Yugi, thats YAMI!

You don’t think….

(I’d like to say thank you to my friends who thought of this idea, and I’d also like to say sorry, this was funnier in my head)