wheelchair stunt

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Can I request RFA reaction To MC in a wheelchair

finally getting round to this. sorry for the long wait


  • i feel he would be hella surprised

(side note: sorry Yoosung is perpetually shook i don’t intend it that way)

  • it never crossed his mind that MC was disabled 
  • he’s never befriended a disabled person before so he’s really curious
  • asks MC all sorts of questions 
  • MC’s happy to answer them all even the dumb ones
  • ‘No Yoosung you can’t decorate my wheelchair with LOLOL stickers’
  • they’ve never had someone so interested in them
  • MC plays wheelchair basketball for the uni
  • Yoosung swore he’d seen them before
  • rip he’s hardly in the sports centre so…..
  • becomes their number one fan
  • always cheering at their games


  • wonders how MC can still look so elegant in a wheelchair
  • he finds the height difference funny
  • MC swears if the wheelchair wasn’t stunting their growth they would tower over him
  • luckily with the wheelchair Zen can walk at a normal pace without waiting for MC to catch up
  • Zen is always finding ways to make MC’s wheelchair prettier
  • he legit added tassels
  • he was so happy MC didn’t have the heart to tell him they looked tacky
  • he cares for MC so much 
  • will carry MC anywhere if they ask him
  • MC’s lowkey worried he’s straining himself tho
  • tho this boi is  s w o l e   a f  doesn’t even break a sweat


  • she’s so sweet about it
  • Baehee has natural mothering tendencies so she really cares for MC
  • likes to push MC everywhere
  • MC says they can do it themselves but Jaehee says she shouldn’t use so much energy
  • plus she lowkey like guiding MC everywhere
  • MC has the tendency to dash off to places and she always gets scolded by Jaehee 
  • rip they both can’t reach high shelves
  • they both get really embarrassed when they have to ask for help at the supermarket
  • when their relationship gets more serious
  • Jaehee and MC move into a cute little bungalow 
  • it’s honestly so convenient 
  • the place is super homey to so the RFA members keep crashing there


  • lol and you thought Yoosung was shook
  • he thinks it’s really cute tho
  • he justs wants to protect MC all the time
  • MC find Elizabeth sleeping in her wheelchair so often
  • it becomes her favourite nap spot
  • Jumin is actually really surprised that there are still places without disabled facilities
  • MC jokingly says he should C&R should start investing in the business
  • Jumin took it seriously tho
  • it earns a hella dosh 
  • Jumin says MC should be the spokesperson 
  • MC’s like lol wym
  • Jumin always buys MC the comfiest wheelchairs

(side note 2: looking into it wheelchairs are actually hella expensive lol)

  • but Jumin’s RIch™ so…

Seven (Saeyoung)

  • rip Seven knows everything
  • stalked MC’s instagram 
  • found out they were a paralympic athlete
  • excited af
  • watches all their competitions
  • asks if he can see MC’s medals
  • MC tells him to tone it down
  • Seven has no chill tho
  • but honestly they have such a cute dynamic
  • it’s mostly Seven annoying MC and her roasting him but 
  • it’s the thought that counts
  • Seven loves using disabled parking spaces tho
  • it means his babies don’t get scratched 
  • also he has an excuse to use elevators all the time
  • he’s lazy as fuck so this is a god send
  • MC’s lowkey salty about it and tells him to stop taking advantage of their situation
  • Seven’s like ‘you know you love me’ 
  • MC’s like

~Admin Petty

It’s only a matter of time before I fall off the toilet. I’ve accepted this fate. It won’t be the SMA that gets me. It won’t be pneumonia. It won’t be a poorly executed wheelchair stunt. Nope. Chances are, I’m just going to fall off the toilet, smack my head on the cabinet in front of me, and then suffocate on the floor as my neck brace cuts off my oxygen and ability to call for help. To an imaginary observer it will look like a majestic 2-foot swan dive gone horribly wrong.

The only safeguard keeping me from plummeting to my death is a specialized back support and chest strap. This mechanism is about 600 years old, rust-caked, and wobbly from decades of heavy use (I’m an aggressive pooper). There are just two tiny screws securing the whole system to the actual toilet. If (when) one of those screws konks out, that’s the end of Shane.

Should I replace my back support? Yup. Should I at least take precautions to assure I don’t fall all the way to the floor if something breaks, maybe some pillows or a chair? Yup. Is this an easy problem to solve? Yup.

Have I taken any actions to make the situation safer since I began pondering this about ten years ago? Nope.

Well, Shane, you’re an idiot then, and I won’t feel bad when you fall off, and I hope it happens tonight.

Here’s how I see it: Some people get off on skydiving. Other people get their digs swimming with sharks, or driving fast cars, or climbing mountains. All these people have one thing in common: a need to assert their superiority over death. I consider myself to be in this tiny minority of people. We are a special breed who can only feel truly alive when pushing the limits of death.

I experience that euphoria every night, emptying my bowels as quickly as possible before the strap snaps and I fall to the tile floor below. In this singular way, I feel alive.

You see, I’m not claiming to be heroic, or intelligent, or daring; although, if someone wants to bestow those titles upon me and my nightly poop, I obviously won’t object. I’m simply coping with an internal struggle to constantly exist outside of my comfort zone, to look death in the eye and unflinchingly say, “Not right now, bud. I’m pooping.”