wheelchair quinn


→ There are (153) gifs of Quinn Fabray after her car accident under the cut, as requested. This includes gifs of her in the wheelchair and in physical therapy, from Big Brother (3x14) through to Prom-asaurus (3x19). All of them are under 1MB, none of them are mine, and all credit goes to their rightful owners. Please like or reblog this post if you find this useful.

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But can you imagine the rumors that must’ve flown after Quinn’s crash?

“Did you hear what happened?”

“Well, apparently, she was on her way to Finn and his tranny’s wedding and totally got t-boned by a truck.”

“I heard she was going to Taylor Swift the wedding.”

“I heard she’s still in love with Finn.”

“I heard she’s in love with Rachel.”

“I heard she actually died for a minute and they had to restart her heart.”

“I heard she’s like half-bionic now.”

“Wasn’t she already?”

“I heard the truck actually exploded.”

“I heard the wedding is cancelled.”

“I heard it’s because Rachel had a total nervous breakdown after Quinn’s crash.”

“I heard they were lovers and Rachel was trying to force Quinn to come out by marrying Finn.”

“And I heard, that despite being a wheelchair, Quinn was going to kick a bunch of Cheerios’ asses if they didn’t stop talking about it.”