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I think we all know how I feel about the official Hokage get-up, so I don’t wear it if I can help it.

As for Gai? Heh. Of course. To put it in his words, we're eternal rivals, after all. 

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RFA + V + Saeran with an MC who is a paralyzed from the waist down.

Sure! We’re working on getting rid of all the writing requests as fast as possible, so count on a bit of “spam” the next few days!^-^
Now that Ayla is here, I feel so much more motivated to write, I’m so glad.^-^’

He would probably be surprised, but adapt fairly quickly.
I can imagine his apartment probably isn’t wheelchair friendly, so he would probably look into moving.
If you do have a wheelchair he would totally more than once sit on you
Also piggyback rides for you, yay!

Honestly, with him around you probably wouldn’t even need a wheelchair. This guy would probably be carrying you around if you weren’t paralyzed either.
His little basement apartment thingymajick isn’t wheelchair friendly either..
Has probably more than once bumped into your legs when you were sprawled out over the sofa eating sweets and watching idk.. Shrek or something and just said “Oh sorry did it hur… Oh yea”

She probably is also fast to adapt, and also sit and have a discussion with you over coffee, about what is best for you, in terms of getting around easy, and stuff like that.
Mom baehee, always has the stuff to do the things with!
Also can you imagine you two going to a swimmingplace and floatin around in the water? She probably did it so you also got some good exercise

If his penthouse and entire building wasn’t MC proof before, it is now..
Elizabeth the 3rd probably likes to just curl up into a ball in your lap, and Jumin loves finding you two like that
He will fight anyone who dares to insult your beauty and grace.. literally, how dare they make fun of his love..

You know those races you had with shopping carts? Yea.. That, but with wheelchairs

Service doggos all the way! One for his blindness, and one for you..
And then an extra doggo, just because yea.. Why not
He probably has also carried you around more than once
He loves you no matter what, and honestly just is a big cuddlebutt


This guy… Will be the dick to put things in high places, just for amusement.. You can’t tell me he wouldn’t.
But over all he is sweet, and understanding, although not when you roll over his foot.

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11/01 update!!!! there’s now a blog for this! thesittingprettyproject

Hey guys.

I really hate to ask for assistance. Strangers on the internet have already been such a big help to me in the push to get my wheelchair funded and stuff.

However, I’m trying to get my life together and use the little time I have left well and for good. I am starting to design clothing for people in wheelchairs.

My name is cat. I’m 20 years old, queer, trans and Indigenous Australian, and I need a hand to get started.

one of the big problems faced in a wheelchair is clothing that makes life more comfortable and easy to live in. Clothing designed for walkers aren’t designed with people with low or no mobility in mind, which makes lots of things, such as easily using the bathroom, really difficult and uncomfortable. Clothing meant to be worn on straight, standing legs can wrinkle uncomfortably and cause pressure lines and pain on the skin and to the body.

but, on the positive side, being in a wheelchair gives a lot of room for very interesting and beautiful designs and cuts. I want to design clothing from the everyday, like jeans and plain skirts, to cocktail dresses, pencil skirts and other sexy pretty things like corsets and girdles. I also plan to release punny shirts with slogans like “armchair activist” and “cybernetically enhanced” – since I personally love positive jokes about my life and my disabilities.

This is where you guys come in

I need money to buy supplies like fabrics, tools and notions. The bare minimum I need to begin design prototypes is at least $250.  I receive no pension or assistance and I cannot work to earn money to fund this project myself.

I am not interested in making a profit. I am going to sell my work for as little as I can – cost of materials and a little extra so that I can pay for food and, you know, all that other stuff. I’m not interested in making tonnes of money. I’m interested in helping other disabled folks be comfortable and fancy, and give mobility impaired people affordable clothing and fashion that is made by us, for us

if you want to donate, the paypal account I am using is silverdrag99@hotmail.com(it’s actually my boyfriend’s address but before God I swear your donations are safe). I have no time limit on this project beyond the time constraints of my own life.

have no money but want to help? I need other artists and designers willing to donate their work/sell for as much as I can afford to give to be used as shirt, sticker and dress designs. I won’t be able to give much, and I know advertisement for your work is worth jack shit when you have bills to pay, but anything you can contribute for the little I have to give would be above and beyond wonderful

have no idea how else to help because you aren’t artsy? I can still use your help! If you are partially or completely reliant on the use of a wheelchair or scooter, or know someone who is, drop me a message! I need to hear your voices on design ideas, the problems you face with walking clothing, the measurements of your body if you are willing to give, and of course, I need guinea pigs!

don’t want to give money? if you want to donate supplies, then by all means, you can. I need thread, bobbins, muslin/calico for mock ups, machine needles, quality fabric sheers, a fabric measurement grid for my table, french curves, tracers, tracing paper, grommet setters, fabric markers and other tools and notions. any donations of supplies are extremely welcome; please message me if you would like to give. any supplies, including donations of old machines/overlockers would be so so useful.

please reblog this if you can. i am anxious to begin this journey and to help other people!



Future music festival 2015 in Brisbane. Australia 7/3/15.

The crowd lifted this guy up, wheelchair and all! He was partying harder than most of the people there. This was the greatest moment of the festival, watching his face light up as we all danced to the music. I will never forget this or his face. MAD RESPECT!


So during blessthefall’s show at Warped, there was this disabled kid in the middle of the crowd. The center part of the crowd teamed up and picked him up WHILE HE WAS IN HIS WHEEL CHAIR and crowd surfed him to the front so he could be closer, then after that, Beau had security bring him on stage to have probably one of the happiest moments of his life. This is why I love Beau, and the people of Warped. 

Vans Warped Tour 2013; St. Petersburg, Florida.

Stitchers Rant

Ok first of all, how did they not notice wheelchair guy? Like come on. Second, the Camsten and Camus this episode was beautiful. Third, seeing Cameron’s dead body freaked me out and omg that preview for the next episode, like what is happening?!?! My baby better not be dead, or I will riot. Fourth, knew Liam couldn’t be trusted. Can he just leave already? My emotions are all over the place. I cannot wait a whole week for the next episode. But in the mean time, I’ll just sit here with my icecream and tissues and cry myself to sleep.


happy trans day of visibility!

i’m jay and i’m a 16 year old genderqueer trans guy. he/him. i’m a wheelchair user. i have a lot of chronic illnesses and lost my ability to walk on february 23 (so 5 weeks ago? whoa) because of them. i’m currently pre everything, but i’m starting t sometime in the next few weeks and having top surgery as soon as some paperwork goes through. 

1 and 2) last winter sometime

3) feb 22, the last time i’ve been able to stand and might be able to stand again

4) march, when i was in the rehab hospital

5) feb/march?

6) easter (last sunday)

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