wheelchair girls

[Illustration titled “Concerts”. Description: The back view of two girls in wheelchairs parked in handicapped seats, with a crowd of people standing in front of them blocking the view from the stage.]

Our usual view of the stage at concerts. EXCEPT that one time this AWESOME worker cleared the row in front of us so we could actually see!!

I need new blogs to follow

I went through and was deleting blogs that haven’t been posting for 1+ years. And now I’m severely lacking in blogs I follow lol

So if you post about any of these things please reblog so I can find new folk to follow



Anime - Any and All

Mori Style



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Final Fantasy VII (A/Z/C/G/S especially!)

Child loss


ive been watching glee since yesterday and i havent quite learned the names yet so heres what ive been calling the characters in my head

  • shoe man
  • shoe man asshole wife
  • shoe man asshole wife’s fake baby
  • emma stone
  • beyonce but with a car name
  • chris colfer
  • mohawk man
  • cheerio girls (all 3 are the same person to me)
  • asian breakdance man
  • asian stutter girl
  • wheelchair boy
  • football singing dude
  • stuck up singing girl

I am not pretty for a disabled girl.
I am not pretty for a thicker girl.
I am not pretty for a girl in wheelchair.
I am not pretty for a fat girl.

I am pretty.



Grecian beachy style