Functional work!! I haven’t thrown/ made functional work since college so I decided to switch it up a bit. the Bottle is slab and coil built and the rest are thrown. I used underglazes a bit of sgraffito and inlay. Hopefully if the work looks nice I’ll start up my etsy and make more


For the anon who asked about my technique for raising walls! This has actually been really informative for myself, believe it or not, as I never really thought all that much about how I do this? But hey, now I do and I can learn from it! (This is all sped up, btw, please don’t go this fast you’ll just end up hating everything) Anon, you mentioned that you have trouble keeping your pieces centered as you raise and I stand by what I said in my initial response to you, but it also helps me to keep my clay wet. Otherwise my hands end up catching on the clay and pulling it in directions I don’t want it going and it’s just a huge mess. Keeping it wet eliminates that problematic friction and let’s me keep things where I want them. Hope this helps!


There’s one little bare spot on the lip of this cup, but it resonates with the shape of the glaze on the opposite side of it. The clay was fired to temperature so the exposed clay doesn’t pose a health problem, so I think I will leave this as is.

^^ sometimes I fire a cup twice to correct this kind of stuff, but sometimes I accept it.

This cup is unusually big for a tea cup.

It’s taller and wider than some of my mugs o.o


Ceramics Masters Kim Seong-Tae, Lee Hyuang Gu, Yo Se Yeon, Choi in Gyu