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Fox Mulder’s Guide to Falling (and Staying) in Love with Your Partner

Or, a series of ficlets on the progression of Mulder and Scully’s “friendship,” all of them taking place in a car. Because damn, they honestly spent a lifetime in the car. 

Quick note: I don’t really have any plan for how this is going to go, but it will most likely be one per season or something. Also, I started grad school yesterday, so I have no timeline for completing the rest of these, but I’ve had this idea in my head for months and if I didn’t start it now, I never would. So, thanks in advance for bearing with the pace that I’ll be getting these out!


It starts with them sitting in their rented car outside of an old abandoned Victorian. The last occupant died in that very house, he’d been told. Over the last three months, four couriers, all from a variety of delivery agencies, have disappeared; all had packages addressed to the house on their route on the dates of their disappearance. So, naturally, he thinks that the dead former occupant of the house is responsible.

They had been in the car for almost three hours, the clock rapidly approaching 1 a.m. when, out of the corner of his eye, he saw her nodding off.

He knew she felt this stakeout was unnecessary. Mulder, a dead man couldn’t possibly be kidnapping these delivery men, she had said. And for the time being, she was right. Local police had searched the house and found it completely empty.

But she came with him anyway. He suspects she’s still trying to make an impression, to prove herself worthy, after only a handful of cases together. Little does she know, although he was less than thrilled to be partnered with anyone in the first place, after reading her senior thesis, he feels a bit inferior. No, not inferior, but rather finally intellectually matched and challenged. She has nothing to prove to him, he’s already completely fascinated by her.

He realizes that although he knows her skepticism, in spite of said senior thesis, her performance at the academy, and the original intention of her secondary education, the life of Special Agent Dana Katherine Scully (he knows her full name, too) is something of a mystery. A mystery he suddenly has the urge to solve.

“What’s your favorite color?” He gnaws on a seed, keeping the air casual.

It’s an innocent question, but nevertheless, her right eyebrow shoots up (and where did she learn to do that, so perfectly mastering the one-eyebrow raise, he wonders) like he just presented her a pick-up line.

“What’s yours, Mulder?” Her tone is almost accusatory.

“Nope, I asked first. Give a little get a little, Scully.”

There’s a searching look plastered to her face, as if she’s trying to dissect his intentions. They’re honorable, he assures. He’s noticed that they seem to have some sort of simpatico, like their thoughts and actions, especially in the field, are synched. So he tries to communicate his objectives by letting that simpatico take over, adjusting his eyes so that they become perceptive, eagerly awaiting a response, offering a soft smile. And though she presents a smile of her own in return, she turns her head to stare out the front windshield, her profile glowing off the reflection from the moon, avoiding the question.

It takes her more than five minutes to give in, to show a crack in the foundation of the walls he knows she’s built up. Her breathing had become so soft and slow and her eyes had closed, he’d thought maybe she had actually gone to sleep. Her voice is just above a whisper when she finally acquiesces and piques his curiosity.


“That’s a very specific shade, a simple ‘purple’ would have sufficed.” But, no, it wouldn’t have, and they both know it. “Why lavender? Boyfriend used to come home with them?”

“Give a little get a little, Mulder.” He eyes are open now and they’re smiling, it seems. She’s teasing him, he realizes, playing along. Her face is tilted slightly in his direction, encouraging his response. He already respects her, but maybe now he even likes her.

“Dark blue. Since we’re getting specific, the color that the ‘Midnight Blue’ Crayola crayon produces.” He smirks, game, set, match.

She begins to offer him an explanation. “Believe it or not, I actually don’t like the smell or the plant itself. And, uh, no time for a boyfriend. You already keep me up at all hours of the night.” She smirks right back at him, and he’s struck at her outright flirting. It’s his game, but she’s definitely come to play.

They’ve both shifted so that their bodies are fully facing each other. “But my father was a Navy Captain, and for a short while he was stationed in Jacksonville. We were there less than a year. I hated Florida, truthfully. But that summer, my mom decided I was old enough to walk to this little ice cream shop not far from base housing. And the entire outside of the shop was painted a lavender color. I visited it probably every other day that summer we were there. Lavender is associated with a happy memory during an unpleasant part of my childhood.” He notices that she talks with her hands, and files the information away in his eidetic memory for safekeeping.

He nods and hums his approval, even more captivated with the enigma that is his partner in front of him. He is now facing the windshield, drumming his fingers against the steering wheel. She tucks her hair behind her ear, and he wonders if this is her way of showing her attentiveness. As if moving her hair out of the way will allow her to hear him better.

“‘Midnight Blue’ is the the last color you see in the sky as the sun sets, before it’s engulfed by black. In fact, it’s actual partially mixed with the black, so believe it or not, the sky is never completely devoid of color.” 

“You like sunsets, Mulder?” Her inquisitiveness is genuine, her voice lighthearted but not condescending.

“I like that sunsets remind me that I’ve completed a journey. Because that’s what every day is. I also like the fact that no two sunsets are ever the same. They’re always composed of the same colors, but they’re never an exact repeat of the night before. It’s kind of like all of us, you know? We’re all made up of the same basic components, but we’re all unique. And, whether or not people choose to see it, we all are full of color.”

Contemplative silence fills the car. It’s comfortable. They’re comfortable, he deduces. They’re going to get along just fine.

She looks as if she were about to ask another question, her curiosity regarding his unreserved analysis of the color of a crayon apparently not quite quenched, when the porchlight of the house, the observation of which they’ve neglected, suddenly flicks on.


Jeremy Jordan singing The Wheel from Tuck Everlasting

Hot Damn

Anon asked: 7. I’m drugged up on cough medicine and right now sounds like a gREAT time to tell you how hot you are and pass out in your car.” 8. ^ You passed out in my car because of strong medication and now I have to figure out how to get you home and avoid taking a picture of your cute sleeping face.” –with rich the one high on cold medicine and Jake driving

So here ya go!!

“You know Rich, I love you, but I don’t really like having to get a call from Jeremy to come pick you up from work because you’re too sick to be here.”

Jake was currently staring down at his boyfriend, who had his flushed face against the break room table. He looked up at him lazily, his eyes gliding around as though he wasn’t focusing on a single word Jake had said.

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Hiii! Could you do 48 with Jun?


48 | “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.”


a date couldn’t have gone any better even if you’d tried

words: 1,232

genre: fluff

There were a million and one things that you could have been doing on a night as beautiful as this, clear skies and stars shining so crisply that they felt painted there, but of all the scenarios in your head, this one was by far your favorite. The night was lit up by colorful hues of dated lights, spinning and twisting along a variety of stands that lined a makeshift dirt path which weaved through the grounds of the carnival.

It was on this particular night that everything seemed to glow that much brighter, shimmering with the sounds of laughter and boisterous screams ringing from sketchy cages spinning in the air. Giant stuffed animals covered wide smiles as small arms stretched around the fabric, or perhaps it was smaller and dragged by the sweaty palms of a grinning child. Everything the carnival provided brought nothing but an overwhelming sense of joy that intoxicated your every nerve.

The tips of your fingers clamped firmly together as you adjusted your legs around Jun’s back, hugging his neck as he paraded you around along with your friends. After a particularly nauseating turn on Space Trip, vertigo settled in rather quickly and it was without a single question that Jun bent down in front of you and heaved you onto his back.

“You can put me down now,” you said into his ear, laughing as his body shivered from your voice.

“Nah, I’m okay,” he retorted, craning his head to glance back at you from the corner of his eye. “Besides, you’re keeping me warm.”

“But I have to go to the bathroom,” you said in a sing-song only to have him squatting down just enough for you to slide off his back.

However, the instant your feet were firmly planted on the ground his hand was winding through yours until your fingers were knotted together, his hand tugging you along. A coy smile spread adoringly over your face as he mindlessly pulled you closer into his side, arms brushing against each other as you walked.

He moved with purpose toward your group of friends up ahead and gave a pat to Donghun’s shoulder as the pair of you caught up. “Do you know where the bathrooms are?”

The brunet only frowned and shrugged his shoulders before pausing and standing up on his toes to glance around. After a moment he pointed off to the right and gestured toward a blue sign painted with the word ‘RESTROOM’.

“We were gonna go get some funnel cake at a stand a few yards up,” Donghun commented as he glanced between the two of you. “Just give me a call if we aren’t there when you’re done.”

“Sounds good, thanks, man,” Jun smiled, giving his friend another slap on the back as he pulled you away from your friends.

The pair of you were quick to rush off to the bathroom’s, meeting at the dart game off to the side once you were done. It seemed the second you emerged from the bathroom, though, that he was right there with his arm tossed over your shoulder and a kiss planted at your temple.

“Someone’s rather affectionate tonight,” you hummed with a grin but cuddled into his side with your fingers hanging from his.

He rose his shoulders in a shrug and swiveled his attention back onto the pathway before you. “I can’t help it, you look really cute in my flannel.”

“Dork,” you scoffed as you rolled your eyes and pulled him along with you to meet back up with your friends.

The group of them were easy to spot as they climbed over each other and yelled into the night, laughter bellowing as heads craned backward in happiness. The second the two of you joined them, you were tugged apart and enveloped into different conversations, Donghun talking his ear off as Taehyung did a full charade of Chan’s slip at the ring toss.

However, amidst the stories and laughing, a set of fingers wiggled its way into yours as a hand wound around your waist and pressed you into a firm back. A smile grew on your face as you nodded at Tae, but the drum of Jun’s fingers on the skin beneath your shirt had you pushing yourself further back.

“We’ve become that clingy couple that you used to complain about,” you whispered as you stole your attention up to the blond holding you.

He only rolled his eyes and hugged you tighter, leaning down just enough to peck your lips before muttering, “Shut up.”

Yet the night only carried on like this, with him stealing you away to press kisses to your neck from behind the ticket booth, grinning as your hands swatted at him when he beat you in a game. He could only pull you toward him like the earth circling the sun, urging you to stay near him as the night crawled onward.

His attention never divided from you and as the two of you found yourselves at the top of the ferris wheel, your head tucked just right under his chin as you leaned against him. Every now and then he would kiss your head, thumb running gently over your hand as the ride slowly brought you up and down.

“I don’t want this night to end,” you said softly, pushing your nose into his shirt as you tucked your legs onto the bench beneath you.

“Me neither,” he agreed with ease, and you didn’t have to look to know he was smiling. “I don’t think we’ve had this much fun since our date at that one game house.”

“You mean the one where you beat me in everything and didn’t even give me the plushie you won?” A brow quirked as you angled your head up at him but he only pursed his lips and looked away only to break into a smile as you pinched his side.

“I’m being serious!” He laughed, pulling you closer to him and turning his attention to your hands interlocked on his lap. “It feels like all we’ve been doing is saying hello and goodbye because of our schedules. Getting to just sit here with you is all I’ve wanted to do for weeks.”

A blush spread across your cheeks at his confession, but he only shook you to pull your eyes back to him. “I’ve missed you.

“Well I’m right here,” you said as you bit your bottom lip.

His smile widened at that, head craning once again to catch your lips with his in a kiss that was far more than something innocent. He was swift to pull you onto his lap, laughing as you giggled when his fingers met your waist, kiss never breaking. As his lips only pressed harder to yours, you found yourself blissfully aware of how his hands were gripping you closer to him, enticing you with all his affections that he could only pour into a kiss.

It was when he pulled away, breaths heaving softly from both your mouths, that he pushed his forehead to yours with cheeks flaring red. His eyes never wavered from yours and you could feel the intensity of his adoration for you without the need of a single word. Only he provided your thoughts with his, whispering a confession you only dreamed of hearing roll off his lips.

“I love you.”

surprise me (jane/kurt fanfic + #bspromptchallenge)

project: @blindspothiatusproject 30 day gif/fanfic prompt challenge

day 11. humor/comedy/laughs


surprise me

There was a soft knock on the bathroom door and Jane looked up from her spot on the floor beside the bathtub.

“Jane, honey…please open the door,” Kurt’s muffled voice came through from the other side.

He’d been trying to coax her out of the bathroom ever since she had run in there twenty minutes earlier.

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yo to all the people hating on larry murphy don’t take it out on michael park just because he plays that character and you might not think you are, but you are (seriously he was the only cast member not nominated for an broadway.com audience choice award AND THAT’S SO SAD)
if you need a good fatherly-figure song he sings that’s not about baseball gloves listen to the wheel from tuck everlasting it’s 👏 so 👏 good👏
and if you don’t like larry murphy, that’s just evidence michael park is an amazing actor

Waltzing in Heelys (short batb fanfic)

Inspired by posts from @uncledisney and @danstevensgrowl where Adam wears an 18th century version of Heely’s. (Roller skates were invented in during the mid 18th century so it actually works pretty well.) I was thinking standard 18th century high heels with a wheel drilled into the heel. Someone posted something similar to that somewhere and I rolled with it. Enjoy the silliness!

“Can I open them?” Belle asked, her eyes closed as Adam led her down the hall, the quiet whirr of his wheeled shoes humming against the polished marble.

“No, no. Not yet.” Adam chuckled, trying to contain his excitement. He was glad that Belle had finally given up her vendetta against his wheeled footwear. ‘Heelys’ Chip had dubbed them, a name Adam was rather fond of. Heelys to escape your feel-ys Adam had thought to himself when the name was first proposed. That’s what they had been for him before the curse. An escape. They were the only things that had brought any real joy to his vapid existence before, and were the only belongings of his that he had decided to keep from his old life, save a few trinkets from his early childhood that reminded him of his mother.

Finding these wheeled bad boys tucked away in the west wing had made the ordeal of cleaning it out and purging it of his old self worth it. True, it did take some time to relearn how to use them. Belle had taken to hiding them in hopes of preventing him from recklessly injuring himself. You try to skate down the stairs one time… But with a little practice and only a few cases of minor property damage Adam had gotten the hang of wheeling around the castle once more. Once he’d proven his competence on wheels and vowed to Belle on his mother’s grave to keep his stunts to a minimum, she finally surrendered her feud against the Heelys. The truth of the matter was after so many years of being able to leap anywhere he wished, walking felt tedious. Not that he’d ever mention this to anyone. His servants had spent years as objects because of his selfishness. He wasn’t about to complain about walking. Still… it was nice having Belle more on board with his quirky choice of footwear.

Now can I open them?” Belle laughed as Adam guided her into the ballroom.

“Almost. Be patient! I told you it’s a surprise.” Adam teased.

He let go of her hands and wheeled his way over to where he had stashed her gift. He retrieved it and quickly glided back to where she stood.


Belle opened her eyes and looked around, confused.

“We’re in the ballroom…” she observed, trying to piece together what on earth he could be up to.

“Mhmm.” Adam nodded eagerly, handing her the box in his hands.

“What’s this?” she asked, raising her eye brow at him, searching his face for clues.

“It’s your surprise.” he grinned. “Open it!”

Belle opened the lid to the box, revealing a pair of custom white Heelys in her size with roses embroidered along the sides.

“Oooh no. No. Absolutely not.” she said, quickly closing the lid.

Adam’s face fell. “Why not?” he implored, gliding closer to her. “Just give them a try. Please. For me..?” He looked down at her with the saddest puppy eyes he could manage, a look he had learned she had a very hard time resisting.

Belle set her jaw and tried to avoid his gaze, her defenses weakening.

“I thought it might be fun to try dancing in them.” Adam explained. “One pass around the room. If you really don’t like them after that I’ll get rid of them. I promise.”

Belle sighed, finally meeting his eyes. “Don’t let me fall.”

“You’re always safe in my arms, my Belle.” Adam smiled, kneeling to help her put on her new shoes.

Once Belle’s Heelys were properly secured, Adam stood, offering her his forearms for support.

“Are you ready?” he asked, encouragingly.

She nodded unconvincingly.

Adam laughed. “Think of it like ice skating…but inside. And just on your heels.” he explained.

Belle attempted to skate forward a little bit, but leaned too far back and immediately began to lose her balance, sending her reeling. Adam couldn’t help but laugh as he caught her.

“Not quite so far back. Here, take my hand.” he instructed. “Now put your feet like this…good. Alright, now I’ll guide you while you get the feel for it. Let me know when you want to stop.”

Adam slid around beside her, stretching her arm out in front of him, keeping her hand in his. He placed his free hand on her waist, using his arm to steady her. Slowly, he began to propel them both forward. He watched her face as her expression slowly changed from nervous apprehension to genuinely enjoying herself. As Belle became more comfortable on wheels, Adam gently increased their pace and began to turn their skate into more of a dance. His attempt to twirl her almost sent them both tumbling to the floor. Belle giggled as they both attempted to recover their balance, Adam drawing her in tightly to himself and bringing them to a stop.

“So what’s the verdict, my love?” he grinned, gently placing his forehead against hers as he kept her pressed firmly against him.

Belle smiled, loosening her death grip on his shirt slightly. “We can keep them.” She resigned. “Just for dancing. You’ll have to settle for Lumière if you want someone to race down the halls with you.”

“We’re permitting races now, are we? Aw yissss!” he teased, kissing her deeply before she could revise her statement.


“It’s a wheel Winnie A ripple in the water Girl to wife to mother to daughter Like all of your kinfolk come and gone Can’t stop rowing rowing changing then moving on… It’s a wheel Winnie A circle in motion Snow to stream to lake to ocean Sun to water Cloud to snow And you’ll ride that wheel wherever you go… And you’ll ride that wheel wherever you go…”

Remnants of Rain

So instead of finishing a prompt, I made this instead. Yaaaay. Anyways, this is a little one-shot of my Civilian AU, “The Binds of Yesterday.”

This is dedicated to bat-reputation and safety-dancer, because their batbabies fics are ADORABLE and everyone needs to read them! (They will cheer you up and make you smile, seriously. Go follow them.)

Hope you like it!


“Lorna to front, Lorna to front.”

The intercom clacked off, leaving the shoppers to resume their peaceful meandering. A gentleman nearing a gray age (and yet maintained an impeccable mustache) gracefully turned his cart around the corner. His eyes discreetly checked the package inside. A child of three years was tucked in the interior, a small shoe slipping off a sock-clad foot. His flushed cheeks were still in sleep, frog green pacifier slipping out of his teeth.

Alfred bent slightly to adjust the blanket under the body, stretching it out. Damian had been restless at nights lately. The toddler napped infrequently, so any sleep he was able to garner was welcomed. The man absentmindedly patted his charge’s small span of back. The child’s schedule had been disturbed since the day after his birthday, when…

Alfred shook his head. He returned to the cart handles and maneuvered to the front, deciding to go meat shopping tomorrow. The man stepped into line.

“Hi! How are you?” the cashier chirped, scanning items.

Alfred gave her a small smile. “I am very well, Miss Lorna. May I inquire after you?”

She waved her hand. “Wish the rain would hold up. October’s such a gloomy month in Gotham.”

“That it is.”

Here Damian sighed, fidgeting slightly.

“Oh,” the woman cooed softly, leaning over to look at the child, “this is the little one, hm?”

Alfred nodded and after a moment replied, “Just so.”

She bounced back on her heels and resumed scanning items. “Why, it feels like just yesterday the entire brood was following you in here,” she recalled nostalgically. She grinned. “I remember the dog incident. I had just started here and I laughed for hours afterward. Nearly got fired.”

“Yes,” the man responded, tilting his head in acknowledgement. “This young sir has yet to be banned, thus the shopping experience is far more convenient.”

She hummed, double-bagging several products. “Looks to be my Colin’s age,” she mused. “If the wee thing wants a friend, I can bring him over. Sweetest child you ever did see,” she said, fond at the thought. “It’s a miracle. I fer sure thought that karma would get me for being such a hellion growing up, but he is so gentle.”

“There is always the next one.”

The woman burst out laughing. “Thanks for the warning!” she replied between her giggles. She mock-saluted him goodbye and moved onto the next customer.

Alfred made his way out and glanced at the sign near the front.


The children’s actions had so generously bestowed it upon the warehouse store four years back. The mustache quirked upwards in remembrance.

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Jer-Bear..” Lucy shook her head as she sat outside the trailer of their ‘home on wheels’. Blonde hair was tucked behind her ears and her head band held her thick hair out of her face. “I wouldn’t go in there, mom and the John Grayson are fucking again, and this time; it’s on my bed.” She said sadly. A newly fresh bruise had found itself on her lower jaw line. 
This hack job of a circus was none the wiser to Lila’s abuse to her two children, (of which had different fathers). If they did know, they always seemed to turn a blind eye and pretend it didn’t happen. Lucy of course sometimes told people, but they ignored her, called her childish and to stop spreading lies. Lila Valeska -their mother- always played it off like they were clumsy and a little slow

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