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Bygones of the Sun | 04 (M)

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Genre: Angst/fluff/(future)smut || dance captain!hoseok, bad boy!au, uni!au

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok

Length: 4.8k

Summary: Jung Hoseok was once the sweetheart of the school, the dance captain whom every girl, including you, can’t help but fall head over heels for. But like the force of the ever-glowing sun, everything that rises must also set. A year of inactivity later and he’s now the school’s resident bad boy. You’re a firm believer of allowing the past be the past, and yet you can’t help but wonder where the risen sun has gone into hiding—because perhaps its shadows have out-shined its own radiance.

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Re: guardians of the galaxy/dnd parallels: Even the sci-fi setting? I'm only marginally familiar with dnd and as far as I know it's all high fantasy stuff?

(With reference to this post here.)

It’s a common misconception that “Dungeons & Dragons” refers to a particular fictional setting. This isn’t actually the case; Dungeons & Dragons is a set of tabletop roleplaying rules for a particular style of play, which can be employed in a variety of settings, both officially published and fan-made.

With respect to the former, officially published D&D settings include:

  • A post-apocalyptic wasteland drained of life by vile sorcerer-kings, variously inhabited by tribes of cannibal hobbits, claustrophobic parrot-men, and giant psychic praying mantises, all of which are playable races (even the last one!)
  • A spacefaring setting in which enchanted galleons sail the luminferous aether protected by magical force fields; though most crews are human, one might also expect to encounter gunslinging hippopotami, brain-sucking tentacle monsters, or gadgeteering gnomes whose vessels are powered by giant hamsters running on wheels (yes, really)
  • An industrialised quasi-Victorian city constructed around the inner side of a giant ring hovering at the top of an infinitely tall spire at the centre of the universe, the streets of which are ruled by factions of bickering philosophers who can literally think you to death (and also everyone inexplicably speaks Cockney)
  • A dystopian confederation of Gothic city-states ruled by expies of baddies from classic horror films, including Dracula, the Wolfman, the Mummy, Victor Frankenstein, Dr. Moreau, plus an evil version of Pinocchio, because why the hell not?

I could keep going, but I suspect you get the picture!

Slow Hands - Stuart Twombly

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stuart Twombly/Reader

Word Count: 6,721

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving), Orgasm Denial, Multiple Orgasms, Hair Pulling, Choking, Face Riding, Boob Jobs, Shower Sex, Making out on the Couch

Notes: STUART WEEK. STUART WEEK. Thank you @rememberstilinski and @sarcasticallystilinski for giving us these times to focus on cuties like Stuart. As thanks, I give you the opportunity to bathe in holy water because… Stuart is a dirty little shit. Also a big thanks to @minhosmeanhoe because she was a babe and proofread this for me while I was on my way home! I love youuuuuu. PS This was a request. 

Request: could you maybe do a smut with stuart twombly based off the song “strip that down” or “slow hands” i dont like 1d but i heard them and i’m like “ooh so sexual i know just the right person” and now i’m here. thanks💕💕

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Seeing how so many people stuff their hamster in small cages is so depressing :( 

These type of hamsters are never to be kept in pairs EVER:

Russian Dwarfhamster

Syrian hamster or better known as goldhamster.

Chinese Hamster:

These can be kept with 2 at a time, of the same gender !!! And only if they have known each other for a while:

Roborovski or Robo. AKA fast motherfuckers.

These can be kept with +- 5 IF THEY ARE FROM A PURE BREED:


DO NOT EVER GIVE YOU HAMSTER THESE !!! EVER !!!! If you want bedding for your hamster give them toilet paper.


These are NOT good cages !!!:

A syrian (gold) hamster needs a cage that is at least 80 centimeters long and 50 cm width. Their running wheel must be 30 centimeters in diameter.

A dwarf hamster (russian and roborovski) need at least 50 centimeters long and 30 centimeters width cage. 

Please, you have no idea how many hamsters are suffering in horrible cages. Also, nice cages make the hamster happy and you will be able to tame them so much easier. 

Here are a few examples of good cages for syrian hamster:

The Ferplast Mary. A favorite among hamster owners.

The Alaska cage. Cheap and perfect.

Hamster Heaven 80. Cute as hell. And the 30 cm wheel fits perfectly.


The good old Duna:

The Duna Fun:

An old terarrium:

Also, hamsters LOVE sand baths. And they are pretty funny rolling around in the sand. + makes the fur look fabulous.

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Evening Out With Your Girlfriend

Honorable Mention+ Have you ever had detention? what for?
Calm Before The Storm (eowyg)+ Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming? What about?
Switchblades And Infidelity+ You can press a button that will make anyone or anything explode. Who or what would you choose?
Pretty In Punk+ What dream color(s) would you love your hair to be?
Growing Up+ Your most favoritest age you’ve been so far?
The World’s Not Waiting (For Five Tired Boys In A Broken Down Van)+Name one thing you have wasted time on.
Short, Fast And Loud+ Short or tall? Fast or slow? Loud or quiet?
Moving Pictures+ Would you rather watch a movie at home or at the theatre?
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose (But I’m Gonna Give It My Best Shot)+ What is your favorite day of the whole year?

Take This to Your Grave

Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things to Do TodayDo you get jealous easily?
Dead on Arrival+ How do you start a conversation?
Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy+ What do you think of people who cheat?
Saturday+ Who is your bestfriend?
Homesick at Space Camp+ What is your favorite planet?
Sending Postcards from a Plane Crash (Wish You Were Here)+ Who would you absolutely love to punch in the face?
Chicago Is So Two Years Ago+ Is there anyone in the world you would want next to you right now?
The Pros And Cons Of Breathing+ Do you hate anyone?
Grenade Jumper+ Is there anyone you would take a grenade for?
Calm Before The Storm (tttyg)+ What phobias do you have?
Reinventing The Wheel To Run Myself Over+ Do you consider yourself sucessful?
The Patron Saint Of Liars And Fakes+ Has anyone ever lied to you?

My Heart Will Always Be The B-Side To My Tongue

My Heart Is The Worst Kind Of Weapon+ Weapon of choice in zombie apocalypse?
“It’s Not A Side Effect Of The Cocaine, I Am Thinking It Must Be Love”+ Do you have a promise that you will always keep?
Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner (Acoustic)+ Have you ever been to prom?
Love Will Tear Us Apart+ When was the last time someone told you they loved you?  
Grand Theft Autumn / Where Is Your Boy (Acoustic)+ Are you keeping a secret from someone?

From Under The Cork Tree

Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn’t Get Sued+ What name(s) do you dislike?
Of All The Gin Joints In All The World+ First Fall Out Boy song you’ve ever heard?
Dance, Dance+ Favorite line in a song that you would so get tattooed on your ass cheek?
Sugar We’re Going Down+ Favorite pet name to be called?
Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner+ Are you the rarest pepe?
I’ve Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song)+ Have you ever gotten into a fight? if so, what was the outcome?
7 Minutes In Heaven (Atavan Halen)+ Least favorite thing about school/college?
Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends+ Your house is on fire. What are the things/people/animals you’d grab on your way out?
I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me+ Bandmemebers you have a crush on?
A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More “Touch Me”+ Night owl or early bird?
Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying (Do Your Part To Save The Scene And Stop Going To Shows)+
What do you want to do before you die? Do you have a bucket list?
XO+ Are you reliable? why?
Snitches And Talkers Get Stitches And Walkers+ Have you ever fractured/broken any bones?
The Music Or The Misery+
What band(s) do you absolutely hate?  

Infinity On High

Thriller+ What is one thing you would like to go back and tell your 12 year old self?
“The Take Over, The Breaks Over”+ Do you like having picture taken of you or selfies?
This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race+ If you were the president, what is the first thing you would make illegal and legal?
I’m Like A Lawyer With The Way I’m Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You)+ You get three wishes, what are they? (you can’t wish for more wishes)
Hum Hallelujah+ Have you tried to be someone you’re not to impress someone?
Golden+ Favorite gem stone/mineral?
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs+ Best memory of someone who has left your life?
Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am? Bands you’ve seen perform live?
The (After) Life Of The Party+ Would you rather be a ghost or skeleton in the after life?
The Carpal Tunnel Of Love+ Favorite flavor of icecream?
Bang The Doldrums+ Do you wear makeup? if so, what kind?
Fame < Infamy+ Cursive or print hand writing?
You’re Crashing, But You’re No WaveHave you ever been to court? why were you there?
I’ve Got All This Ringing In My Ears And None On My Fingers+ Do you plan on ever getting married?
G.I.N.A.S.F.S.+ What is your eye color? if you could change it, would you?
It’s Hard To Say “I Do”, When I Don’t+ What was the most hurtful thing that someone said to you?

Folie à Deux

Lullabye+ A song you would want your children to listen to.
Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes+ Can you describe yourself in 5 words?
I Don’t Care+ Favorite month of the year? why?
She’s My Winona+Wa aoh oh ooh. What song popped into your head?
America’s Suitehearts+ Andy the Candy, Pete the Treat, Joe the Hoe, or ‘trick the frick?
Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet+ Have you ever lost a bet?
The (Shipped) Gold Standard+ What is the one song that has helped you push through?    
(Coffee’s For Closers)+ How do you like your coffee?
What A Catch, Donnie+ What two bands/musicians should make a song together?
27+ What do you think about aliens?
Tiffany Blews+ Are you scared of the dark?
w.a.m.s.+ Do you like snow?
20 Dollar Nose Bleed+ Would you pay 20 dollars to punch someone in the face?
West Coast Smoker+ What do you think of the ocean?
Pavlove+ Are you happy with the way you look? is there something you would change?

Save Rock And Roll

The Phoenix+ You’re wearing the same thing as someone else. Are you going to be the one to change or are they?
My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark+ Do you enjoy bonfires?
Alone Together+ You are the last person on Earth, but you can choose someone else to be with you. Who would you choose?
Where Did The Party Go+  What is the last thing you drew a picture of?
Just One Yesterday+ What did you do yesterday?
The Mighty Fall+ What is the best pick up line you’ve heard lately?
Miss Missing You+ Do you think anyone misses you at the moment?
Death Valley+ Have you ever broken a promise?
Young Volcanoes+ You are a killer in a horror movie. What song is playing in the background? 
Rat A Tat+ Favorite time of day?
Save Rock And Roll+ Would you get revenge on those who have hurt you?


We Were Doomed From The Start (The King Is Dead)+ Your funeral song?Art Of Keeping Up Disappearances+ Have you ever written your own music or poems?
Hot To The Touch, Cold On The Inside+ Do you think tie dye is still cool?
Love, Sex, Death+ What are your favorite scents?
Eternal Summer+ A summer you will never forget?
Demigods+ What is your favorite type of dinosaur?
American Made+ Do you prefer cooking or ordering take out?
Caffeine Cold+ Ice coffee or hot coffee?

American Beauty / American Psycho

Irresistible+ Favorite city you’ve visited?
American Beauty / American Psycho+ Would you reffered to as the beauty or the psycho
Centuries+ Do you like heavy metal? or hardcore/screaming music?
The Kids Aren’t Alright+ Have you dedicated a song to someone before? what song was it?
Uma Thurman+ Do you believe in miracles?
Jet Pack Blues+ What are your favorite colors?
Novocaine+ Vest, Jacket, or Hoodie?
Fourth Of July+ Do you collect anything? if so, what do you collect?
Favorite Record+ Favorite album?
Immortals+ Favorite animated movie(s)?
Twin Skeletons (Hotel In NYC)+ What is the best thing about Halloween?


Alpha Dog+ Favorte dog breed(s)?
From Now On We Are Enemies+ Do you have more enemies than friends?Lake Effect Kid+ Is there somewhere you rather be?
Roxanne+ Have you ever called the police?
Save Your Generation+ Ever had a rumour spread about you?
Start TodayYou have a free ticket to any concert of your choice. Who would you go see?
Yule Shoot Your Eye Out+ What do you want for christmas?

I’m crying Carl Sagan doesn’t know how to use his wheel instead of running in it he keeps jumping at the wall of it to get it to roll

imagine your otp hogwarts edition pt. 2
  • i’m in the hospital wing because of a potions injury, and i’m just trying to strike up conversation, and i don’t think you really meant to tell me you’re here because you tried the engorgio charm on your dick, and i certainly don’t mean to be laughing this hard, and yet, here we are
  • i’m a quidditch player, and you’re the announcer, and i am trying really hard not to notice that your comments about me are becoming less and less about how i’m playing, and more and more about how i look in my quidditch uniform
  • i forgot to finish my history of magic homework, so i took a puking pastille to get out of it, but you are actually worried about me, and insist on escorting me to the hospital wing, and omg, after class you brought me soup from the great hall, i cannot ever tell you that i was faking it
  • i’m muggle born, and your pureblood and know nothing about muggle culture, and i’m so sorry, but i get just such a delight out of telling you elaborate lies, like, yes, electricity really is run by small rodents that power whole cities by running on wheels underground, don’t listen to what they said in muggle studies class, trust me
  • you just received a howler from your parents, and you look so embarrassed, and i can’t handle it, so fuck it, i’ll just moon the whole great hall, that’ll get the attention off of you
  • we’re in between classes, and we both hear a fourth year calling a first year a mudblood, and neither of us are having any of that prejudiced bullshit. unfortunately, my impulse was to hex them, and yours was to punch them in the face, and my jelly-legs curse hit you instead, i’m really sorry, and we both are probably getting detention now, but hey, plus side, you’re kind of cute
  • you’re muggle born, and you insist on wearing your muggle clothes on the weekends, and i just cannot get over the way you look in those jeans, like, god help me
  • i invited you on a date on our next visit to hogsmeade, too bad i can’t seem to do anYTHING RIGHT. SORRY I DIDN’T MEAN TO SPILL HOT BUTTERBEER ALL OVER YOUR LAP, I PROMISE I’M JUST NERVOUS
  • you are already dating someone else, and during our love potion unit, you get asked to explain what you smell, and of course you’re gonna be smelling things that describe your partner right? uhm, but then why are you explicitly describing me…?
  • we stumble into the mirror of erised together. we look into it. neither of us know it’s anything special. we just see our reflections

part 1

If you were hoping for a super positive update in Flash world, you’ve come to the wrong place. Caitlin is officially working with Savitar and we still don’t know who he is!

But don’t worry, all hope is not lost.  Because now we have Tracy Brand, who I will politely say is a few parsecs short of the Kessel Run.  H.R. has taken to her – weird attracts the weirder, I guess.  In the future, she will develop technology to trap Savitar in the Speed Force, but for right now, in 2017 she’s the female version of Doc Brown before figuring out the flux capacitor.  Which leaves H.R. to “do his thing” and inspire her to make the tech that we need.  Here’s hoping that for once H.R. can prove himself since it didn’t really go that well when we tried to Cyrano de Bergerac our way into her life at Jitters.  H.R. dropped the ball but let’s hope he come through in the long game and keep Tracy inspired… (Jesus take the wheel)

After our run in with Killer Frost, it reminded me of a Walking Dead episode I recently watched.  The thing I never understood about that show is why people had such a hard time killing their loved ones once they turned zombie. It’s like, “She’s not Susie. I know she looks like Susie, but whatever Susie was in her is gone. Now she’s just someone who wants to eat you.”  I see now that was narrow-minded of me, when I had to blast Caitlin.  I choked.

In my head, I knew it was Killer Frost and it had to be done. But when I went to fire, I just couldn’t. How do you hurt someone you’ve cared so much about for so long? It also didn’t help that Julian was following me around critiquing my every move like he was the freaking eye in the sky in Big Brother. But like I said, it had to be done, so I did it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a Toy Story marathon to attend to. If Andy can accept that it was time to give up Woody and Buzz, I can learn to live with firing at Caitlin.

The Answer

It’d be a simple thing to answer Anders’s question, if Hawke didn’t know just how he’d make light of it.

Fenris knows things. Many things, about most things. He tells her of Rivain, and Par Vollen and Seheron and Nevarra, of the Fog Warriors and the Fog Dancers, the Orlesian nobility and the Antivan royalty, the Black Divine and the magisterium and the Circle in Minrathous. He tells her of Ashkaari Koslun and enough of the Qun to untwist the contemptuous curl of the Arishok’s mouth when she addresses him. “You hear much when people regard you as little more than furniture,” Fenris replies when she asks how he even knows all that, but that’s just him, she thinks: had it been her, she would have wasted away in idle fantasy, not learned foreign tongues or woven together the web of Thedosian politics from fragments of conversations.

After a lifetime of casting spells first and asking questions later, though, now she tries to understand instead—and when Fenris starts helping himself to her books after learning to read faster than she did the rules of diamondback, she cracks one open of her own for the first time since Lothering.

(Not a picture book and not a book about dragons. And not Hard in Hightown either, as far as Varric is concerned.)

Fenris never lies. He lied to Hadriana, if that can even be counted as such, but it’s because he broke his word that once that Hawke realises it’s only ever held true otherwise. Fenris only says what he means and always means what he says, and though his honesty has the sharp, serrated edges of rashvine nettle sometimes, once the welts have worn off she’s most often left having to admit that he has the truth of it—and when the entire Kirkwall nobility turns into lickspittles, trying to simper their way into the Champion’s good graces (or into her leathers), she comes to think of Fenris’s forthrightness as an uncut gem: perhaps not as pretty as a stone cut and set, but worth that much more.

Hawke, though? She’s—well, not a liar the way Varric is, but she skirts and shirks and twists the truth, maims and manhandles it, has perhaps even left it for dead a few times. At least with Fenris, though, truth comes to her a little easier.

(Anyway, she’d rather not suffer the smug look on his face whenever he pokes holes in her attempts at deceit.)

Fenris tempers her. With the city-wide revelation of her magic—now the Maker’s grace and not His curse—comes something that no title could ever match: the elation of being a known apostate yet untouchable, the unspeakable relief of the first breath after staying underwater a little too long, an intoxicating rush that she has to swim against lest it carry her too far from herself. It’s little things at first: her reveling in Cullen’s stammers and stutters, a casual mention of her magic to sway the nobles of the Keep her way, a misdirection hex cast to make some arsehole bumble off the pier for calling Merrill “knife ear.”

But when treading the line between freedom and excess becomes a balancing act worthy of an Antivan tightrope walker in the storm, when the line all but vanishes—then she has but to look at Fenris, branded with the hubris of mages, to be stirred away from the Void that sings to her.

(Alright—she can’t quite keep herself from teasing Cullen just to watch his nug-wheel brain run.)

The answer to Anders’s question is simple: Fenris makes her a better woman—perhaps even a good woman, when she wouldn’t be otherwise. “By being the perfect example of what not to do?” Anders would say, though, and it’s not that she doesn’t want to argue with him well into the next age—she just doesn’t have any breath left to waste when a certain elf keeps taking it away.

(She’d complain, but nowhere are her breaths, her heart and the truth of her answer safer than in Fenris’s hands, so she lets him have them.)

So—the sex, she jests instead. She’s with Fenris for the sex.

Just Teasing - Part Two

Pairing: Dave Hodgman x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 3583

Author’s Note: Here is part two that @mf-despair-queen has requested! It’s cute, angsty, and smutty all in one, so I hope you guys like it! She also proofread this for me cause she’s amazing af. <3

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Need a Ride?

You let out a frustrated sigh and kicked the front wheel of your car, running your hand through your hair. This couldn’t be happening to you. Your car wasn’t starting up, and you couldn’t figure out why. “We’re going to have to walk, aren’t we?” Your little brother groaned, as you slammed the hood back down. You lived quite a ways from school and the thought of walking really was horrifying. And wasn’t like you could call your mom either, because she worked to five. 

You looked over at your brother with a glare, not wanting to have to give up and face the facts just yet.”Shut up,” you told him in a voice much colder than you had intended. You were just so frustrated with your car right now,it wasn’t even funny. You gave the wheel another kick, as if that would make the car suddenly decide to start working for you again.Of course it didn’t work at all.

Rodrick made his way out of the school parking lot,Greg sitting in the seat next to him. He really wanted to get home so he didn’t have to deal with being in such close proximity of his annoying little brother, but of course the traffic was horrible He gave a sigh, leaning his head back and drumming his fingers against the steering wheel. Next to him Greg shifted in his seat, “Hey, look! It’s (y/b/n/)!”He tried getting the other boy’s attention, but he seemed to be preoccupied.

“Who?” Rodrick asked without bothering to look.

“(y/b/n), he’s in my grade, look!” With a sigh Rodrick sat up and looked out the window to see what his little brother was talking about. He really didn’t care,but the kid was annoying, and he wanted him to stop talking. The kid was so over excitable it was unreal. He had half a mind to tape his lips shut so he couldn’t talk.

 He moved forward in the line, glad that they were nearly out of the parking lot. Something caught his eye though, and he turned to his brother, his mouth hanging slightly open. “Whose she?” He asked, pointing to the girl next to his little friend. She was gorgeous. And she looked like she was around the same age as him, so how had he never noticed her before? 

 “Oh, that’s his sister, her name is (y/n),I think.” Rodrick nodded, still staring at the girl, unaware that he was now the one who was holding up the traffic. He really didn’t care though, if people were in such a hurry to leave they could drive around him. He shook his head, admiring the girl, (y/n). For once Greg had done something sort of right. He feared if he hadn’t been looking for his stupid friend h wouldn’t have seen (y/n).

He noticed that she seemed kind of distressed though, and judging by the way she was kicking her car’s tires, the automobile wasn’t working. He pulled over to the side, letting the people behind him pass, getting a few annoyed honks as people drove past. Rodrick turned to his brother, and chucked his thumb backward. “Get in the back.” He demanded.


“The back.Now!” While Greg scrambled into the back of the van, Rodrick rolled down the passenger side window, so he could talk to you. “Hey!” He said, getting your attention, he gave a little salute that had you chuckling. “You need a ride?” He might have looked calm on the outside, but on the inside he was  freaking out, hoping that you would agree to letting him give you a ride. Of course that was until Greg stuck his head out the window to wave to his friend. It was then that he feared his brother had messed everything up.

But how wrong he was. Upon seeing your brother knew the kid who seemed to come out of nowhere to wave to him, you nodded, agreeing to let him give you a ride home. Your brother climbed in first, making his way to the back, while you sat in the passenger seat. “Thanks a lot, my car’s a piece of crap,” you told Rodrick as he began to drive.

“Don’t mention it,” he said, waving your compliment away.”I’m gonna bring reg home first though, if you don’t mind, or else my mom will freak out.”

“It’s fine,my mom’s the same way,” you laughed. You spent the whole ride talking to each other, him stealing glances at you and you at him, because admittedly you thought he was hot, and the more you talked the more you saw that he was pretty cool as well. When Rodrick finally pulled up to his house, your brother pleaded with you to let him stay over for supper.”I guess, as long as his parents don’t care or anything.” You told him.

And of course Greg’ parents didn’t care,and you were kind of glad, because that meant you go to spend some more time with Rodrick. He brought you to his room, while his parents talked to Greg and your brother, so the two of you could hang out. It was a pretty cool room,with disco balls and other cool things like that. It was sort of messy though, and he hastily tried to pick it up some, making the bed so you could sit on it, and pushing his dirty clothes into a pile.

Before you knew it the two of you were getting called down to supper. It didn’t seem like it been very long, but you had been talking with Rodrick for a good few hours. Supper was kind of hectic, with his slightly odd, but still nice parent and Rodrick making faces at his brother. And Manny. Hectic, but still somehow fun. Supper too seemed to go by too fast, and soon you were getting into Rodrick’s van again and telling your mom you would home soon.

At your house you let your brother out of the van, before turning back to Rodrick. “Thanks again, I had a good time,” you told him with a smile.

“Yeah, me too. Can I, uhh, can I get your number?”

A smile lit across your face at his question, and you were quick to give him your number. You really did like Rodrick. You didn’t even really want to inside your house, but you knew you had to eventually. “I’ll um, I’ll see you tomorrow,” you said. 

Rodrick smiled, nodding, “I’l see you tomorrow.” He watched as you retreated up the steps to your house. Gosh, you were amazing.

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Alexander Hamsterton My name is Alexander Hamsterton And there's a million wheels I haven't run But just you wait Just you wait

Im literally crying out of happiness rn 

Pet headcanons for Lazytown!

- Sportacus has a super active cat that he walks every day and plays fetch with (the cat shown is a japanese bobtail, which are known for being active and dog-like, willing to play fetch and even swim! i figured this breed would be very popular among elves because they can keep up) her name is Epli, which is icelandic for apple!

- Robbie has a really lazy dog that just likes to chill out and take naps, ft “i swear to god he actually watches tv with me” (my personal hc is that Robbie got lonely after sugarpie and goes down to the shelter and falls in love with this pitbull rescue. at first he is worried that the dog will need a lot of walking, but he quickly discovers hes just as lazy as he is!) the staff at the shelter had been calling the dog Cupcake, and Robbie thinks it fits him perfectly!

- Stephanie totally has like, the cutest rat to walk the earth. she loves to play with her and sometimes she tells her about her day. her name is Daisy!

- Ziggy has a hamster that is very sweet and loves to play on her wheel and run around in her ball! one time Ziggy let her out and she got lost but she came back! (this is heavily based on the hamster my brother had, the only nice hamster ive ever met) her name is Lolli!

- Trixie has a rose hair tarantula that she loves to play pranks with. Trixie always makes sure he is safe though, she loves her many-legged friend! his name is Mud!

- Pixel has a ball python that he likes to have sit on his shoulder while he plays video games, but sometimes he goes on adventures behind his computer (i know from personal experience that it is very hard to get a ball python out of a tangle of wires if it doesnt want to leave, and so do Pixel’s dads) his name is Byte!

- Stingy has a guinea pig that he is very protective of, especially after Trixie told him Mud would eat her! it is very important to him that she has a clean place to live so she has a litter box that he changes every day! her name is Goldie, but sometimes he calls her Piggy!

- Bessie has a russian blue/persian mix (it looks like her hair lol) she loves to sit in her lap and lounge around. she is also a very picky eater and is fed ridiculously expensive cat food. her name is Tootsie! 

- Milford has a bichon frise (hes always struck me as the kind of man who would get one of those puffy little dogs) hes relatively laid back but sometimes Tootsie (who is bigger, but not by much) bullies him! his name is Marshmallow!