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frickinpsychotic  asked:

In the episode Wheels, why do Jakes puppies age so rapidly but Bronwyn seems to age slowly?

If we discard the old ‘she’s a teenager for the sake of the plot’ excuse - which, let’s be honest, applies perfectly to the OG rainicorn pups. They were aged up immediately and then put on permanent age stasis so that the crew could tell the stories they wanted to tell - then our in-canon conclusion would be thaaaat she ages at a speed that reflects a mixture of her parents - a rainicorn pup and a bear.

Rainicorn pups mature in one day, and current day real-life bears mature in about 4 years. Here’s a framed pic of a young Bronwyn in s6′s Ocarina, when Finn was 15 or 16, and he’s 16 now. Given that Bronwyn’s dad was born when Finn was 14 or 15, we can safely estimate that Bronwyn is around one year old, but no more than two. I don’t have any hard math for you here, but either way, she’s reaching adolescence at a rate that is some kinda combination of the rates of rainicorn pups and bears. Ah, what the heck. Here’s some hard math. 

(0.003 years to mature + 4 years to mature)/2 ≈ 2.002 years to mature. Call it an average.

Rag Doll

Characters: Jasper DeWinter, Callum Hunt

Time: Afte The Coppper Gauntlet

Author’s note: One-sided WinterHunt, Calron is canon here. Apparently, I can only write when I’m really sleepy… But here is one of the fics I’ve been trying to write for some time! Jasper needs some more love, really.

Jasper didn’t really know what he had expected, really. He was looking at those love-struck idiots for a few good minutes, and he honestly didn’t want to see more of them doing couple stuff for the rest of his life.

And yet, no matter how much he repeated that words to himself, he’d still do the same thing over and over again. He would go find Call, ask if he could take Havoc for a walk, he’d say he didn’t trust Jasper to walk with his wolf alone and mid-way through the path to the mission gate, Aaron would tag along.

From there, the Makaris would enjoy their time away from all the attention they got in the Magisterium. They would hold hands, share a few timid kisses, and laugh. They were dating, after all.

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Friday: 11am: Kinda Fridays – You asked for it! We delivered. Natasha takes her co-star Elise Bauman to a yoga lesson!!!!!! Hilarity ensues. (x)

Adopt a Nug, Get a Kiss - Dorian/Yvad Trevelyan - SFW

Based on this post by slugette, and featuring her Inquisitor Yvad.  Thanks for encouraging me and letting me use your boy :3

He wasn’t there when Dorian entered the store.  Two hours later and burdened with two bags, he exited the store.  There was a pen set up next to the door with the soft snuffle of what must have been a dozen or more nugs and a man sitting on a lawn chair in the middle of it all, legs stretched out and sunglasses on despite having set up in the afternoon shade.

He stared long enough to realize that the man’s shirt said, “adopt a nug, get a kiss.”

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Timeline-wise, Bucky fell from the train and the Soviets found him and he was probably bleeding out, right, so they had to put him in stasis until Zola could be in a position to finish his programming, right? But there would be some surgery first, some work done to make sure Bucky wouldn’t just die in stasis.

And Steve meanwhile is storming the citadel and taking his nosedive into the Arctic.

I’m just asking–did they end up freezing at the same time?