wheel on wheels on wheels

Where I wave at the sky
And understand love, knowing our August heat,
I see birds pulling past the dim frosted thigh
Of Autumn, unlatched from the nest, and wing-beat
For the south, making their high dots across the sky,
Like beauty spots marking a still perfect cheek.
I see them bend the air, slipping away, for what birds seek.
—  Anne Sexton, from “The Balance Wheel” featured in Selected Poems of Anne Sexton

ACI has finally ended and i’m honestly okay about everything. First, it’s the start of the season and it’s only September. Second, it’s skate canada what do you expect lol (canadian silver medal has been added to his collection). Third, he’s obviously not in his best condition (right knee pain remember) soo *whispers pre-calculated*. Fourth, his performance in ACI is supposed to be the first pancake you make according to Borser, and fifth Yuzuru and Javi laughing together and finally sharing a podium after more than a year.

All in all, Congratulations to everyone!! Wishing them all the best throughout the season!! and yuzu take a rest please don’t stay up all night watching your fs on repeat

What if in Lance’s vlog he introduces himself like ‘hey this is Lance McClain! I’m the stand-in for Keith on the Red Lion..’ cuz he 100% thinks that after Black lets Shiro back in as the Black Paladin Keith will take Red back and he’ll go back to just being a boy from Cuba…

[enjoying a nice quiet drive with my sister; me on the wheel]

Me: *chillin’ and talking about nothing suddenly sees someone dressed in an Iron Man suit]

Me: *shrieks* IT’S IRON MAAAAAN


Me: *continues shrieking and nearly swerves* there’s also Spider-man in there somewhere but irON MAAAAAN

Sister: OMG NO


(via Rossin Russian Team Pursuit Pista, 650c gusset | 1980’s Ross… | Flickr)

Rossin Russian Team Pursuit Pista, 650c gusset
1980’s Rossin Pista/Track frameset (frame, fork, headset only) made from rare Columbus fluted tubing with gusset plates. Frame has been restored by a very reputable Italian collector specializing in historically significant Rossins. New paint, new chrome. It’s in exceptional condition, with only one paint chip located on the drive-side chain stay, which has been touched up (pictured). Custom, team frame that was purchased by a collector when the Rossin factory was closed. This frame was built as a track frame, not altered in any way. Rare, prototype, designed to be incredibly stiff for competition.

Front wheel size: 650c
Rear wheel size: 700c


Top Tube: 51.5cm center-to-center
Seat Tube: 50cm center-to-center
Seat Tube: 52cm center to top

Collector’s score!

***Sale is for frame, fork and Campagnolo headset only. Built photos are for reference only.***