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I have an idea for another langst stuff but i’m unsure of writing it? I mean, in the idea that i have i need to have a paladin being mean to Lance for something to happen…But i don’t feel truly comfortable with it unless they have a good reason? I can read the paladins being mean to one characther but i need a reason, i don’t want them just to be assholes


“So far how along are you anyway?”

Hey guys! It’s Robin. 🐤

I’ve been getting this question a lot recently! After all, besides announcing around Mother’s day, I haven’t really talked about this pregnancy at all. After trying for nearly 10 months, you’d think I’d be more chatty, right?

Well, uh, this pregnancy had a bit of a rocky start. Like 3 ER visits, five missed work days rocky. 😣

Kai and I had a couple of scares there. Not to get too graphic, but there was bleeding involved on multiple occasions. I was obsessively monitoring my HCG levels. I’d sneak to the OB floor after work so my friend could use the Doppler and give me a heartbeat reading.

I tried to be as level headed as possible through all this, but the only way I could maintain my cool was by not talking about it. Which probably isn’t healthy??

But anyway! Things have been stable for the past couple months! And I’m kinda showing too much to keep it a secret anymore. 😅

So! Here’s to 20 weeks! Hopefully this kiddo can cook in peace, eh? 😉


Hey I think I got this😂my request is the reader uses passive aggressive anger as an emotional control making the reader sarcastic and a little morbid. The reader has no central point of where the hurt stems from its just too many bottled emotions that she forces back until Spencer coaxed her to let him in the only way he knows how - making her mad. I suck at making things short, hope this is okay enough😂 feel free to interpret and change what you’d like! I enjoy any and all you have to write!

@gublermeup, I hope you enjoy your one-shot because here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

“Guess she should’ve called first,” you deadpanned.

Hotch had had enough. He grabbed your arm and yanked you out of the victim’s mothers home, and when he tossed you out onto the porch, you merely shrugged off his reaction.

“What? It’s the truth,” you shrugged.

“Go back to the precinct,” he bit before shutting the door in your face.

You had always been this way: sarcastic, morbid, emotionally compartmentalized. You couldn’t remember a time when you weren’t. You didn’t enjoy the feeling of vulnerability, and you sure as hell didn’t like being surprised.

But even you knew you had crossed a line.

I mean, when someone shows up at a victim’s home who was killed by their best friend’s killer when she walked in without calling first, who in their right mind tells the grieving family member, “I guess she should’ve called first”?

No one, that’s who.

No one except you.

And yet, there you were, driving back to the precinct with other thoughts swirling around in your head.

Like you didn’t even do anything wrong.

Reid was flabbergasted.

He calmed the mother down from your statement, but he was only half paying attention at this point. Yes, you were cold-hearted, and yes, your sarcastic tones got annoying, but you had never been cruel.

This was downright cruel.

He could see Hotch seething behind his eyes, and he wasn’t so sure you wouldn’t be out of a job.

But, before any of that traversed, he was determined to figure out exactly what just happened.

After the day had wound down and one of your sarcastic comments had led to the actual finding of the unsub, Hotch declared another night’s stay in the hotel before venturing back on the plane in the morning.

But, you decided to check out and rent a car to go home.

“Do whatever you want,” Hotch sighed.

He was done with you, and you knew it.

Just like everything else is eventually done with you.

You served your purpose to him, and now he didn’t care what happened to you.

So, you packed your bag, slammed your way out of the hotel, and headed for the nearest car rental station.

But, Reid was hot on your heels.

“I’m coming with you,” Reid said as he dropped his bag down beside you.

“No, thank you,” you said lightly as you filled out the paperwork.

“Not a choice,” Reid breathed.

“Funny, that’s how rape culture is perpetrated,” you mumble to yourself.

“Nope. Rape culture is perpetrated by the idea that women are somehow responsible for their own victimization. It’s the sexist idea that women need to cover themselves up to prevent rape rather than teaching men that rape, in general, is wrong.”

“Some women like it rough,” you sigh as the woman behind the desk looks at you oddly.

“Jesu-Y/N, seriously?” Spencer asked.

“I can go all night… and I will, if you get in that car,” you said as you turned around and looked him in the eye.

But, what Spencer expected to see, he didn’t.

Instead of anger and frustration, he saw…


You had wholly closed yourself off.

“I’m coming with you,” Reid says as he picks up his bag.

You shrugged and began to walk away, and you had to admit that when he actually climbed into the car you felt your blood pressure tick up a few notches.

“Get out,” you grumble.

“No,” he says as the two of you sit there in the car.

Reid studied your body. If your face wasn’t going to show anything, it means you weren’t putting as much energy into covering up your bodily language as you thought you were.

And he was right.

“Everyone gets tired of you eventually,” Reid stated. He didn’t mean it as a true statement, he meant it as an observation.

But, the reaction it sparked gave him a bit of hope.

“Tell me something else new, genius,” you quip as you start the car.

His heart sank for you as you began to pull out of the rental parking lot.

So, he decided to make you angrier.

“You drop them just as quick, though. Hotch might be done with you, but you’ll be just as done with us,” Reid postulated.

He also saw you white-knuckle the steering wheel.

“No worries. Life goes on. Someone will come in to replace you eventually.”

But, that time he saw your blinking uptick, and he wondered whether or not he should stop.

“You think you’re all hot-shots and big-wigs and people others look up to,” you begin as the car begins to speed up down the highway.

This wasn’t good.

“You think that because you can remember lots of shit and speed read that somehow it makes you special.”

“Y/N…y-you’re uh…”

“You think that because you don’t take vacation and focus more on your job and have some mom deteriorating somewhere that people will just… buy your sob story and be lenient on you!?”

You were now going well over 100.

“Y/N!” Spencer yelped as you careened onto the highway.

“You think because I don’t show emotion that I don’t have any!? Huh!? You think because I’m sarcastic and don’t give a shit that somehow tossing me out like garbage is fine!?”

“Y/N…. please….” Spencer begged as he grasped onto the emergency handle above him.

“Well, let me tell you something about little miss emotionless…” you hiss.

But, before you could get a sentiment out, blue lights began flashing behind you, and Spencer was hyperventilating as you came to a screeching halt on the side of the road.

And then, just before the cop approached your side of the car, you slowly turned your head to meet Spencer’s fearful eyes.

“… the emotions you want died with her family.”

“Ma’am,” the officer says as he knocks on your window, “roll down your window.”

So, you went through the motions of showing him your credentials and telling him about an imaginary lead you were following on a case, and that you would slow it down and you were sorry. The officer bought it, bid you good luck, and sent you on your way.

And Spencer’s eyes were watering as he watched you pull back out onto the road.

“Your-…your family?” he asked.

“No worries,” you sigh as your demeanor changes back to its dead one, “I’ve lost a family before. I can lose one again”

And Spencer didn’t know what to say.

Not You

Originally posted by winsync

Requested by @littlemsdemon:

“hey lovely, could you do an imagine/one shot (still don’t really know the difference oops) with Dean where he and the reader get into a fight because the reader wants him to open up to her and not always tell her he’s fine? i love your writing!! <3″

Warnings: ANGST, fluff, swearing

Notes: This is set after season 5 where Sam sacrifices himself and jumps into the pit :) x

Route 39. 50 miles to Stonestown. 

The sign that appeared and disappeared within a matter of seconds was quite easily the most interesting thing that you had seen in the past eight hours. Your tolerance for endless desert and shrubbery maxed out at two. Your tolerance for ACDC however, had maxed out after ten minutes.

Sure ACDC was great, no one could deny it. But you could only listen to the same fucking album on repeat so many times before you began to wish for the sweet relief of a pit stop so you could get even a few minutes of silence.

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You Aren’t in Need of Saving, Are You?

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Peter Parker X Reader

Word Count:1631

Author: Peter Parker’s One and Only Soulmate, Kate


A/N: I’M BACK!!! AND I FREAKING LOVE THAT GIF MORE THAN ANYTHING (BESIDES TOM) ON THIS PLANET. And it works perfectly with my fic! Because Peter gets cold…. Well, just go read the stupid thing so you get feels and you understand my enthusiasm.


“Hey Peter!” You said as your best friend sat down next to you in cafeteria. “How are you?”

“I-I don’t feel so good.” Peter responded quietly. You turned sideways to look at him straight-on, and his ashen face made your heart drop.

“Oh Peter, you look terrible. I didn’t get you sick, did I?” You said, feeling guilty. You had been sick the past two days, and Peter had insisted on staying with you because your parents were out of town, and Peter didn’t want you to be alone. You were feeling much better today, so you had dragged Peter to school, not knowing he was miserable. Peter didn’t answer, but his face said it all. 

“Come on.” You said, pulling him up from the lunch table that you had been sitting at with your friend group. 

“Where are we going?” Peter said as you led him into the hallways of Midtown. 

“I’m taking you home.” You answered firmly, grabbing your keys out of the depths of your bag. Peter tried to argue halfheartedly, but you stopped his attempts quickly.

“Peter, I got you sick. I am not letting you stay here for a minute longer. Is May home?” 

“No. She’s in Pennsylvania, remember?” You nodded, remembering the impromptu business trip that Peter’s aunt had left for the other day. “Honestly, Y/N, I can stay for the rest of school. We’ve already missed two days of school this week.” Peter said as you got to the parking lot. You looked at him, your expression telling him quite clearly to get in the car. Peter rolled his eyes with a slight smirk as he sat in the passenger seat, He pulled the seat belt, and went to buckle it, but he kept missing the slot. You had gotten in and started the car. When you noticed he was struggling, you completed the simple task, your concern very apparent in your eyes. 

“Peter, are you feeling dizzy?” You asked him, holding his face in your hands as your searched his eyes. He shook his head, and you turned back to face the steering wheel. You were very worried about Peter, knowing that his powers could worsen the effects of being sick. 

Throughout the twenty minute drive, you would glance at Peter during the traffic jams. He would always be staring out the window, a pale and obviously miserable expression present on his face, which was leaning on his hand. When you finally got to his street, you helped him get through the complex, worrying he was going to pass out on you. Luckily, you got him to his apartment still conscious. 

“Try and get some rest, okay?” You asked as Peter rolled onto his bed. “Do you want anything? Like a soda, or food… or something?”

“Can I have a Sprite?” He asked, an arm slung over his eyes to block the fluorescent light. 

“Yeah, of course.” You bit your lip. You  didn’t want to leave him here alone while you got his request. 

“Don’t worry about me.” Peter said, his voice shaking with effort. You made up your mind, and pulled the cover over Peter, telling him multiple times to not get up, and to call you if he needed anything else. 

“And just… Don’t die, alright?” You asked, a smile peeking through your worried expression. 

“I’ll be fine for 10 minutes, Y/N!” He said, rolling his eyes for the millionth time at your maternal tendencies. You walked over to him, and brushed the hair off Peter’s forehead. You bent down to lightly press your cheek against his skin to check his temperature one more time. Peter quietly sighed at your skin contact. You looked at him quickly, and a blush appeared almost instantly on his cheeks. You tried to bite back a grin, and quickly but softly pressed your lips to his hairline. “I’ll be right back, okay?” You said, exiting the room very hurriedly. 


You groaned inwardly at the sight of a long line of traffic. It had been almost fifteen minutes since you left Peter, and the traffic jam hadn’t sped up whatsoever. You were just about ready to abandon your car, and walk to Peter’s apartment with his Sprite when you got a call.

“Hello?” You answered, wondering who it was since you didn’t bother to check the screen.

“H-Hey, Y/N.” Peter’s voice said. You blushed, remembering your very impulsive action, then your heart dropped. You could practically hear the sick in his voice. “Are you back yet?”

“No. I’m super close, but this traffic jam is awful.” You explained, feeling even more guilty about leaving him. 

“Oh okay. I was just in the kitchen, and it started getting really cold, so I was wondering if you had gotten back and turned up the AC.”

“Peter!” You scolded. “You’re getting the chills! Go lie down right now. I told you say in your bed.” Peter mumbled a quiet excuse. “Just… take some medicine, and I’ll be back in 10 minutes, okay?”

That was possibly the worst suggestion you could have made. When you finally got to the Parker residence, you noticed the lights were off. You flipped them on, and walked into the kitchen to some Sprite in a glass for Peter. As you waited for the ice to fill the glass, you noticed an open bottle of cold/flu medication that was only ½ full. And Peter had bought it just yesterday for you.

“Oh no.” You whispered, grabbing the bottle and checking the dosage amount. Two teaspoons, two! And from the look of it, Peter had taken two tablespoons! He was always mixing up the measurements when he tried to help you cook. Your eyes widened as you remembered the last time the Peter had taken medicine. Even at the correct dosage, it had made Peter crazy. He acted like a drunk 10-year old with powers, and it was definitely not a good combination. 

“Peter?” You called out tentatively. A scuffling noise came from the other room, and you walked down the hall. At first look, Peter’s room was completely empty. You were about to walk out when Peter called your name.

“Y/N!” He yelled, and you started. You looked around the room again, and jumped when you saw Peter perched on the ceiling, upside down in his Spider-Man suit, mask-less. You covered your mouth with a hand, trying to conceal a smile, and trying to ignore the temptation to pull our your camera. 

“Hi, Peter.” You said slowly, trying to think up a strategy to get your non-drugged Peter back. “You wanna come down from there?”

“I’m not Peter!” Peter said indignantly. “I’m Spider-Man! Noble defender New York.” You bit your lip, your eyes crinkling up in a grin. 

“Okay, Spider-Man. What are you doing up there?” You said, praying Peter’s fast metabolism would burn through the medication soon. 

“I’m looking for bad guys to fight. Or pretty girls to save. You aren’t in need of saving, are you?” He said, winking at you sloppily. You giggled, and shook your head. Peter stared at you for a few seconds, then shook his head. His face was less flushed now and back to a sickly pale color. He jumped down from the ceiling, and fell back on the bed, groaning. You ran over to him, and leaned over his exhausted figure. 

“Peter?” You asked, brushing his damp hair back from his forehead. 

“My head is killing me.” He said, sounding like your Peter again. You smiled sadly at him. 

“You took about twenty extra milliliters of medicine.” You said, catching his gaze, wondering if he remembered the last couple minutes at all. Peter groaned again.

“It’s freezing in here.” He said quietly, his teeth chattering and his shoulders shaking. You raised you hand to his forehead. Even with your fingertips barely brushing his skin, you could feel the excessive heat radiating off of him. 

“Peter, oh my gosh, you’re burning up. Change out of the suit, and I-I’ll go get the thermometer.”


You could feel Peter shivering under the covers as you sat next to him on the bed, running your fingers softly through his hair to try and create a comforting effect. His temperature was 107 degrees Fahrenheit. A major fever, and you had no idea what to do. Obviously, you couldn’t give him any medicine, and it would be kind of difficult to explain to the doctor why your friend’s blood-type was slightly radioactive, and mutated to look like a spider’s cells. Plus, none of the blankets you had laid on top of him seemed to be helping. You had an idea of what might help, but you didn’t want to embarrass Peter. After another look at his sweat-covered, flushed face, you gave in.

“Um, it might help… to, like, have a-another source for body heat.” You said, stammering as realization crossed Peter’s face.

“I was thinking that t-too. I didn’t w-want to m-make you uncomfortable.” Peter’s voice shook as he shuddered with the chills. You quickly crawled under the covers to Peter’s side so no drafts would get in.

Almost immediately, Peter’s arms wrapped around your torso, pulling you into his chest. At first, you froze at the contact, but you quickly adjusted, and nuzzled into his familiar grasp. You felt Peter’s chest contract as he sighed, then expand as he yawned. You looked into his eyes, and realized that he had stopped shivering. 

“I-I think I’m going to fall asleep.” He said, yawning again, and giving you an apologetic look. 

“Good. You need to rest.” Returning the yawn, you leaned you head against Peter’s shoulder.

“As you wish, Nurse Y/N.” He laughed quietly.

“Shhh.” You smiled into his chest as you buried your face in Peter’s shirt.


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The Road Ahead

Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: G,  Word Count: 1546
Friends to Lovers, Road Trip, Pining, POV Stiles

Read on AO3

It happens in Nevada. They’re two weeks into their road trip, getting gas at a small gas station at the edge of the desert. Stiles is in the car, fingers drumming on the dashboard, waiting for Scott to finish paying. He’s opened the windows in the hope to get some fresh air in, but all that’s getting in is fresh sand, so he starts rolling the windows back up. As he does, he glances to the side, through the dirty windows, into the gas station. Scott is smiling at the attendant, who looks like he has no idea what to do with so much sincere happiness directed at him, and the only thought going through Stiles’ mind is: I really want to kiss him.

Stiles straightens in his seat so fast the car groans its complaints at the sudden movement. His heart misses one, two, three beats, then stumbles in its hurry to catch up.

He wants to kiss Scott? His best friend?

He looks up to where Scott is just stepping out of the gas station. Scott catches his eye and grins.

Yep, definitely want to kiss him.

‘You okay?’ Scott asks as he slides back behind the wheel, a small crease of worry between his eyebrows.

‘Fine. ‘S just hot,’ Stiles mumbles. He wipes the sweat off his forehead, then wipes his hand on Scott’s shoulder.

‘Ew,’ Scott says, laughing, trying to get as far away from Stiles’ hand as he can.

He starts the car, and dust billows up before the tires find traction. Some of it drifts in through the not quite closed windows. Stiles leans back in his seat to stare out into the desolate landscape.


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travelingintheimpalaandthetardis  asked:

I have a question, do you still like supernatural?? Someone said something about Castiel's death and you said you were laughing about it?? You also don't draw spn stuff anymore. Do you still like the show?? P.S. I love you and are art💗💞

Hi! I stopped watching spn back when uhh metatron was the problem? yeah somewhere there i think

Every now and then I go watch the seasons finale with no context whatsoever just for good laugh to see which plot solution was reused lmao because after 12 season (and its about to be 13? what) I can’t take this show seriously anymore, it’s become comedy gold

Is there anyone who is worried about castiel not coming back? Is there literally anyone who after 12 seasons of spin-the-wheel-death-lottery worries about main cast dying and not coming back? For gods sake, the biggest shocker of 12th season was that both brothers are still alive by the end of it

What is more funny: Sam taking out 101 security guys in bulletproof vests with one hand-gun shot to the chest, writers slamming the breaks on dean/cas interaction because destiel got outta control or Satan who after 10 seasons makes a big comeback a suddenly becomes the threat™? Choose your fighter lmao

Call me strider cuz I like this show in the most ironic way possible

Jealousy. (Seungkwan Smut)

okay so first of all, this had been requested for such a long time and sorry i just finished it now. 

i know, there will probably be comments on how kwan is still a baby and suh and how he’s underage and stuff. but i just wanted to grant her wish, so i don’t mind if this’ll receive negative comments, it’s kinda inevitable but i just had so much fun writing this. <3

WHO ELSE WANTS SOME POSSESSIVE SEUNGKWAN? + CAR SEX JUST PERFECT. i hope the anon enjoys this because asdfghjkl, and sorry also if you don’t like it dsjfhjkdfhfnjsalgf but i just enjoyed this alot bcz im a hoe lol

word count: 4.9k+
contains rough sex and dirty talk, if this isn’t your preference then click away. :) 

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Of Boredom

A little r76 indulgent fluff for @qwerty224561 bc they were sick and being too much of a dear <3

“I hate this.” Jack whined, tugging at the bed sheet in his frustration. Heedless of his lover’s ire (or simply was amused by it) Gabriel propped his feet up next to Jack’s, boots and all, grinning.

“Shouldn’t have gotten yourself into this mess, then.”

As expected, a punch flew out in retaliation, but it couldn’t quite reach, so Jack settled with a death glare (or his best attempt to) instead. Quite frankly, it made him looking more like a ruffled-up duckling, especially with all the unkempt golden hair.

Gabriel snickered.

“Wasn’t my fucking fault they forewent all health and safety measures and didn’t even bother to put up a warning sign!”

Gabriel rolled his eyes, answering with the same line for the, at least, tenth time, “Didn’t make it any less funny that after all the shit we went through, you decided to break your leg by taking a tumble down a waste hole.”

Cocking his head to the side, he dodged the flying paper cup easily. Jack fumed, crossing his arms and glaring at his hanging, cast-encased leg. In all honesty, Gabriel would have felt a little bit bad for him if the situation wasn’t so ridiculous. Angela almost tore out a chunk of her own hair when Jack was wheeled in, followed by a worried but trying-so-hard-to-stifle-his-laughter Gabriel. As if she hadn’t had enough to do around here…

“Seriously, Gabe, I’m gonna die of boredom here.”

Gabriel didn’t look too empathetic. In fact, he was grinning ear-to-ear, waving a paper bag at Jack’s face, “I brought conchas?”

The glare he received was wilting, but Jack reached out to snatch the bag regardless, “With the amount of junk food you and Ana sneak in here every day, it’s a wonder I haven’t got diabetes yet.”

“You don’t reject any of them, though.” Gabriel pointedly stared at how Jack was stuffing himself. Golden Boy snorted, flicking a crumb at Gabriel’s nose. “Relax, sunshine. Weren’t you the one complaining about how they overwork us? There is no pleasing you, is there?”

Paused. A sly smirk slowly crept up Gabriel’s lips as he darted his eyes around the empty ward, before leering at his lover, “Then again, greedy as you are, there could only be certain ways to please you…”

The effect was instantaneous. Jack’s skin flustered to the very roots of his golden crown, eyes wide in embarrassment. 

Oh my God, Gabe!

Winking (and feeling rather smug because Jack didn’t even bother to deny it), Gabriel slung himself onto the narrow cot, making himself as comfortable as possible, even when one of his leg was still on the floor. Pulling Jack against him, Gabriel whipped out his handheld console.

“Two out of three?”

Jack, though still red around his ears, rolled his eyes, “Make it ten, you always lose.”

Lost, he might be, but at least Jack was laughing and wasn’t complaining anymore. 

Jealousy - Slash

Originally posted by siaadrose

Pairing: Slash x Reader

Words: 1.500+

Request: Hey, i love your imagines, if you are taking requests at the moment could i please have a Slash x reader where slash gets jelly of axl cause the reader hangs out with him alot? Again i love your work! Xxx

Warning: Reader gets tied up.

Category: Smut.

A/N: I found out, I am horrible at titles, enjoy.

Slash’s blood boiled as you, once again, laughed at something the ginger said. The two of you hadn’t separated in the whole day, leaving Slash third wheeling.

He tried not to worry too much, he trusted you, and he trusted Axl too, despite how often you and him had been hanging out lately. He knew that you weren’t going to cheat on him, but deep down Slash worried if maybe, just maybe, you and the singer had something going on.

Sighing, he ordered another shot, not taking his eyes from you and him, drinking his shot before standing up and making his way across the bar to you. The sound of you voice, once again, laughing and the smile on Axl’s face making his nose crunch up. He wrapped his arms around your shoulder and you lifted your gaze from Axl to him, smiling as he finally joined you.

“What’ya talking about?” Slash asked, and with a smile, you shook your head, “Nothing too important babe, just joking around”, Slash looked at Axl, he was nodding, agreeing with her.

A few hours later, you started to grow tired and let Axl know that you were going home, Slash mentally cheering, standing for the bar stool and holding you by the waist, determined to leave with you, but just as you were kissing his cheek goodbye, Axl had the best idea, he thought he should leave with you guys, which you had no problem with, and Slash nodded, showing his I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude.

During the ride back home, Slash didn’t say a word, not that you or Axl would notice, since the two of you were really into your conversation, leaving Slash out of it.

You weren’t doing it on purpose, obviously, you just didn’t notice you were leaving him out of it.

Axl, or Ginger, as you called him, had gotten close over the last days. As it turns out, the two of you had more in common than you though, and you guys were determined on finding out more things.

As the taxi stopped at the entrance of Axl’s house, he paid and waved goodbye to Slash, him only nodding, while he kissed your cheek and made sure to tell you to have a goodnight.

Slash rolled his eyes at the action, and didn’t say anything for the rest of the car ride, making you furrow your eyebrows, but didn’t mention it.

You took your heels off when you entered your place, Slash closing the door as he stared at you.

“Okay, what’s up with you?” you questioned with you hand on your hip and your eyebrow raised.

“Nothing” he said, already making his way into your bedroom, leaving his shoes behind.

“You barely said anything today!” you exclaimed, following him, “And don’t you think I didn’t see you rolling your eyes earlier”

“Oh no, don’t worry about it, it’s not important” he said, taking his tank-top off.

You scoffed and started undressing too, “I mean, you could always ask Axl, he might know” he added.

You smirked at his comment and looked at him, “What?” he asked, already sitting at the edge of the bed.

“Could it be, I don’t know, that maybe, you’re jealous of Axl” you smiled and walked towards him, he laughed, “Yeah right” he mumbled.

You stood up in between his legs while in your underwear, and took his face in your hands, making him look at your face, “There’s no need to be jealous baby” you said and giggled and sat on his thigh, pecking his lips.

“I’m not” he said, “He’s your friend, and mine, I trust you” he added. You smiled and nodded, kissing his lips again.

“By the way, he invited me over to his place tomorrow” you lied, wanting him to admit that he was lying.

“He did?” he raised his eyebrow, you nodded again, “Something about, having a good time” you added.

“You planning on going?” he asked, his hand tracing your thigh.

“Yeah” you replied.

At your answer, he snapped, throwing you to the bed, yours hands pinned above your head by one of his, while the other pressed against your core, making you whine.

“You think he can give you a good time?” he growled, his lips against your neck, roughly biting and sucking, leaving hickies all over and your hips buckled against his fingers, looking for friction.

He laughed darkly, “You want ‘em?” he asked, you nodded frantically, “beg” he said.

You stared at him in disbelief, “I’m not gonna beg” you stated, to which he simply pulled his fingers away from you, and you whimpered at the loss of contact.

“You want ‘em?” he asked again.

“Please Slash, I need them” you started, and he smirked at the sudden power he had over you.

“What do you need?” he asked, ripping your panties off.

“You, I want you, and your fingers” you begged, “baby please”

He started tracing slow circles on your clit, making you sigh and the pleased sensation, “Oh Slash” you moaned.

His eyes lit at the sudden idea, quickly standing up, making you whine. Going through your drawers he found what he was looking for, a scarf.

He came back and tied your hands, “Hope you don’t mind” he said, tying both your wrists on the headboard.

“Now, were where we?” he asked, “Your hand was on my pussy” you said, opening your legs and letting him have a good look as you bit you lip.

His boxers suddenly becoming tighter at the sight of your wet pussy. He palmed himself through his boxers, getting some friction his dick desperately needed.

“You gonna do something?” you asked, his lusty eyes meeting yours.

Hovering over you, he slid one finger inside of you, slowly pumping it in and out, causing you to moan, he added another one and made sure to hit your sweet spot every time.

Your moans became louder as you felt your climax approaching, clenching your walls around him, desperately wanting to touch him.

And just as you going to orgasm, his slit his fingers out, making you groan.

“You thought you were gonna cum just yet?” he teased, “I want to have to fun too” he said, pulling his boxers off.

Sitting on his knees, he spits into his hand and his took his cock, moving his wrists up and down, tracing his thumb over the tip, low moans leaving his lips.

You got wetter at the sight, closing your legs tight, getting little friction, “You like what you see?” he said, his hand moving faster and his hips involuntary trusted upwards.

“Slash, please” you whined.

“You want something?” he asked, his movements coming to a stop.

“Yes, fuck Slash, I want you”

“What do you want from me?” he said, already hovering over you.

“I want you to fuck me”

His tip was already at you entrance, “baby please” you pleaded.

He slammed himself inside you and you moaned, he groaned “oh you feel so good around me babe” he moaned as he began trusting.

“So tight and wet for me” he whispered in your ear, causing you to whimper.

You moaned, “I bet he can’t make you feel like this” he said, his trusts becoming harder, “tell me” he said.

“No, Fuck! Only you can make me feel like this Slash” you moaned.

“What’s my name?” he said, “Who’s making you feel this way?” he asked.

“You, fuck, Slash”

“Wrong name sweetheart” he said trusting harder.


“That’ right baby”

You once again clenched around him, shutting your eyes close as you felt them get teary, your body tensing, “Babe I’m so close” you moaned, “I know babe, I can feel it” he groaned, “Cum y/n, cum for me baby” he groaned, his dick focusing on making you climax.

When your back separated from the mattress, and a loud yell of his name came rolling out of your tongue, Slash felt satisfied with himself, but didn’t stop trusting, riding your orgasm out as your whimpered and moaned, his dick twitching at the pressure and becoming undone inside, cursing and moaning.

Rolling off of you he sighed, trying to catch his breath, “I love you y/n” he said.

“I love you too Slash, but, will you untie me?” you laughed, causing him to chuckle too as he untied your wrists, laying down again, opening his arms, silently telling you to join him, which you did.

“You know, I was just messing with you about the whole Axl inviting me over thing” you admitted.

“Why?” he asked.

“Just wanted to prove something” you answered.

“What were you trying to prove?”

“just the fact that you are jealous of Axl”

“I am not” he defended himself.

“Totally” you laughed.

lord-of-all-trash  asked:

What do you think the romanced companions would do for M!Sole's first date with them? Loving your stuff by the way!

Thank you so so much! Also sorry it’s so late! 

Danse: Does a nice picnic by the beach, lighted by lantern and the soft moonlight. Stars illuminating in both of the men’s eyes. Danse packs a lunch catered to both of them; brahmin sandwiches, mirelurk cakes, veggie sticks, and purified water. Sole surprises Danse with a box or two of Fancy Lad Snack Cakes and Danse surprises Sole with some Dandy Boy Apples. The gentle crash of the waves is what they hear while they eat. Both he and Danse end the night with them cuddling, Sole sitting in Danse’s lap and Danse wrapping his arms around Sole’s chest, feeling each breath he was breathing. They love watching the moon and they place soft kisses on top of each other before they drift off to sleep.

Deacon: Cleans up an old abandoned diner. Gets Tinker Tom to reprogram some Mr. Handy’s so they can serve both him and Sole. Sole appears in his nice suit, surprised by the fact that not only Deacon dressed up for the occasion, but Deacon isn’t wearing his signature shades, showing off his deep blue eyes. They both sat down in the booth, starting off from across each other, but by the end of the meal, Sole ends up in the same side as Deacon. He lays his head on Deacon, letting the howls of Roy Brown lull him into a comfortable state. Deacon smiles and kisses the top of Sole’s head, reminding him that he was still there.

Preston: Surprises Sole by setting up a simple candlelit dinner. He learns how to make Pizza with a little help from Codsworth. He sets the table following the instructions from an old pre war book where the couple has a romantic dinner; set with a red and white table checkered cloth, the middle has a wine bottle that was repurposed as a candle holder, and the pizza is laid out for both of the men to enjoy. Each of them feeding each other, letting the cheese get tangled between their slices. as Codsworth plays music out of an old holotape Preston found.
When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that’s amore.

X6-88: He decorates the local bar they have at Sanctuary, with flowers that Sole said he really likes. X6 tries to have everything perfect for him. (He’s a ex-courser, he needs it to be perfect.) He studies everything that Sole likes and he tries to get more information about those things that he likes; what he loves to eat, his favorite drink, his favorite snack. X6 just wants Sole to be happy. Of course, following Murphy’s law, everything doesn’t go as smooth and X6 is a little disappointed. Sole is still fine with everything and even gives X6 and kiss at the end of the night.

Hancock: He sets up a huge dinner date around Good Neighbor. Hancock is pulling up all the stops for the man he loves. First off they start in Hotel Rexford, where they have a nice dinner set up in the little restaurant area. Brahmin steaks and potatoes. Then they head to the Third Rail, where they drink until they start feeling the buzz, both of them holding each other’s hands and laying kisses on each other. Then it’s off to the Memory Den, where they both experience a good memory that they had with each other. The last spot is Hancock’s house, where they end the night with a bang.

Maccready: Sets up a little “Impromptu” shooting lesson. He wants to teach Sole how to effectively snipe from long range. He also has a little basket full of snacks and some quick foods to eat during a break. He teaches Sole about long range shooting. He even helps Sole straighten his posture by wrapping his arms around Sole while he shoots. “Just keep your eyes focused, you can do this.” MacCready whispers into his ear. They take a break when the wind starts to pick up and shooting long range gets a little difficult. Sole sets up the blanket and MacCready lays out the sandwiches, candy, snacks and the waters/beers. Sole ends up jumping on top of MacCready and the rest of the lesson is spent with them kissing each other and rolling around. 

Nick: Plans out a scavenger hunt for Sole. He sets up notes at the Power Noodle, on Takahashi, in Dugout Inn, Vadim is to give out the note, and in the Colonial Taphouse. A man dressed like Nick will give out the note to Sole. He starts it off by leaving a note for him in the Agency, the note says for Sole to dress up in this suit and meet Nick at Power Noodles. He follows him around. Nick wants to see Sole’s reaction to everything. When Sole enters the Taphouse, Nick heads back to the Agency, where Ellie has the rooftop set up for their little picnic. Nick sees Sole walking back with some Noodles and some wine. Nick laughs, and he turns on the radio to the Diamond City. He lights a cigarette and stares off into the setting sun, as he hears the hatch open.  “Nicely done, detective. You found me.” Nick says, and Sole runs into Nick’s arms. They have a lovely dinner and Sole falls asleep in Nick’s arms, his face in Nick’s chest. Nick kisses the top of his head.

Gage: Plans out a romantic day, like a pre war couple would. They would eat breakfast. Gage packs a simple lunch: Deathclaw steak sandwiches and some Nuka Cola. They head off to Nuka World. First to Galatic Zone, where they ride the Nuka Galaxy, and they explore the Among the Stars exhibit, each getting lost by the millions of stars and with each other. Then off to the Kiddie Kingdom, where they ride the ferris wheel. Sole held onto Gage. He was alway Ferris Wheels “Don’t worry, I got you darling. I won’t let go.” Gage whispers into his ears. Then it’s off to Safari Adventure, where they have lunch at Cappy’s Treehouse, admiring the view. Then it’s off to the Nukacade, where Gage wins Sole a little sloth plushie, it all ends with a dinner at the Fizztop Grille, where Sole and Gage have a nice dinner and they cuddle in bed.

Little Sister [8]

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, sister!reader, Jessica Moore.

Words: 2770

[Character death, Angst, Fluff]

Tags: @annabethgranger123 @cookee50 @pizzarollpatrol @waywardbaby97 

A/N: This series has about 17,000 words by now, so congrats, you’ve read a novelette haha. But thanks guys, for sticking with me through this! I never thought it was going to turn out to be such a long series, the idea literally just started with some random inspiration. Again, thank you for all the nice comments <3

So, here you go: the last part of Little Sister!

Originally posted by hunterchesters

Your name: submit What is this?

You didn’t only stir in your sleep while Sam was by your side, you actually started waking up. And merely seconds after he left, you opened your tired eyes, and you instantly knew, deep inside that something was different. You didn’t say anything, you were still in a state between being awake and asleep. However, you soon started feeling very weird. Really uncomfortable actually. It felt like your skin, your bones were crawling, and you started to get nauseous, your head spinning.

You tried getting out of the sofa, but you couldn’t. Just as you let out a whimper, less than 10 seconds after it started, all symptoms stopped, and now you felt like you were being strangled instead. Quickly sitting up, after whatever had left you feeling momentarily paralyzed had passed, you tugged at whatever was tight around your throat. You fumbled with controlling your limbs, and that’s when you realized it; you were back to normal. You weren’t 3 years old, and neither 5. You were 22 again. A jolt of happiness and relief erupted in your stomach, and you had to stop yourself last second before letting out a squeal because you realized that it was in the middle of the night, Jess was sleeping and probably Sam too, and well you were still stuck in what you understood was your pajama top.

After a rushed and embarrassing struggle you got the small top off, and you could pull the sweatshirt — your sweatshirt — over your head, and the bliss only grew. It felt so great to be back, you couldn’t wait to speak to Jess and Sam in the morning. You knew you should also probably take that moment to apologize for everything, as you remembered it all perfectly clear.

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Day6 Drabble #22

Drabble: “Heyy❤ Can you write a roadtrip with Brian and you start feeling a bit of motion sickness and he’s just being a sweetheart and rubbing your back while he’s driving? I cri and thank you ~”
Pairing: Brian Kang/Kang Younghyun/Young K x Reader

Originally posted by thewonapil

You let out a small groan as you squeezed your eyes shut, your arms wrapped around your stomach as a dull pain coursed through you. “Ugh, remind me again why I agreed to this?” You said through gritted teeth, peeling your eyes open to glance at Brian before the motion sickness hit you again.

“Because we both thought it would be fun.”

Brian’s right hand was gently pressed against your back, his fingers running along your spine soothingly as his other hand gripped the wheel tightly. “Don’t worry, baby, I think there’s a gas-station coming up soon.” He said, glancing to your curled up figure with worry lacing his features. “Are you sure that you don’t have any Dramamine with you?”

You nodded in reply, blindly motioning to your bag that had been discarded in the back seat. “I already checked.” You mumbled quietly, placing your hands back on to your stomach. “Just please, try to find a gas-station, I’d rather not puke in the car.”

Brian nodded in agreement, the hand that was rubbing your back coming to a stop at the side of your waist for a moment. You felt his fingers dig into your sides gently, almost as if to reassure you, before they danced across your back once again. A sigh fell past Brian’s lips, and he turned his focus back to the rode before he spoke again.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart, just a little longer and then we can rest.”

[02/06/2017]  → momentai!!

Countdown to (Almost) Summer for @princesszelda90 [06/07]:
     ↳ Terriermon (Digimon)

a deformed terriermon bc i know he’s babe’s favourite digimon and bc im FREE FROM SCHOOL TILL END OF SEPTEMBER 

anonymous asked:

Can you do hcs of the reader helping Junkrat and Roadhog when they were stealing the crown jewellers.

Will do my best. I am taking this as the reader is not a s/o, and just a friend involved in a heist

Junkrat and Roadhog

  • Roadhog was very adamant about you not being involved
  • Junkrat was completely fine with involving you, saying that a little help would be good
  • For you, you just wanted to make sure that the two didn’t get into trouble that they couldn’t handle. Not that Roadhog couldn’t handle lots
  • Roadhog just didn’t want you to get in trouble
  • In the end, Roadhog lost the battle and you ended up joining them, with the promise that no one would get hurt
  • Junkrat said he was 95% positive no one would get hurt
  • The alarm at the store went off instantly
  • Nervously you wrung your fingers around the wheel, worried as you heard sirens in the distance
  • Not a minute later the doors to the back of the store burst open and Junkrat threw two heavy bags into the back of the jeep
  • Roadhog climbed in and you saw a very expensive looking diamond necklace hanging from his neck, a last minute grab
  • “Floor it!” Junkrat had yelled, and you gunned it as fast as you could
  • Both men were impressed as you lost the cops with some wicked driving skills
  • The three of you went to the safe house where you watched the two going through the goodies you bought
  • When Junkrat offered you some, you just shook your head and instead decided Roadhog was right. As much as you wanted to make sure the two were okay, next time you didn’t want to be involved, guilt wracking your brain
  • Roadhog just patted you on the back and Junkrat said that was perfectly fine, congratulating you for your official acceptance into what he called ‘Team Mayhem’