wheel of songs

what would b the best artist to cover the “dug my key into the side of his pretty little souped up four wheel drive” song

-sufjan is good at everything
-crj would give it a sympathetic half regretful but peppy tone
- cat Stevens would add some fun instrumentals
- Dar williams would b good at it I bet and add fiddle
- who else


Melanie Martinez + Songs titles.

slowly driving around in a small car at night, outside it’s freezing and there’s no one around, wide streets and yellow blue lights, your hand over my hand on the gear shift, your favourite song is playing softly

modern au where Moiraine is driving the kiddos in her blue volkswagon bus and Lan in the passenger like cleaning his finger nails with a giant knife or some dumb fantasy thing like that, when “…Baby One More Time” comes on the radio and Moiraine gets WAY too into it and Lan doesn’t flinch or acknowledge her intense jammage and no one says anything when its over, but the kiddos are in the back just staring mouth agape the entire time, too shocked to even record it for evidence


If you have ever seen Criminal Minds, please watch this. I totally thought it was just a stupid fan-made thing but the whole cast is in it and I literally have not been able to handle myself for hours.

I give you: Wheels Up (The Hotch Song) [Explicit Version]