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Dipper was heroic in order to save his sister 

Mabel was heroic when she stood up to Celestabellabethabelle 

Pacifica was heroic when she stood up to her parents to save the town

Wendy was heroic when she fought the Shapeshifter for Dipper’s journal

 Robbie was heroic when he cared for Wendy’s eye and it was sweet of him to do that 

Gideon was heroic when he stood up to Bill and joined the good side

Soos was heroic when he gave up his high score to save the kids 

McGucket was heroic when he saved the gang from the Society of the Blind Eye

Ford was heroic when he stopped the octopus creature from attacking the family 

Stan was heroic when he sacrificed his memory to save the world from Bill 

And as a bonus, Bill was heroic when he became a statue and left us all alone :) 

So as you can see, the Bill Cipher Wheel characters have done many heroic acts and we should forever remember and cherish them :*)

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Perks of being a lesbian

- your girlfriend ultimately becomes your best friend
- living together is always fun
- you can be the big or little spoon
- you have someone to straighten the back of your hair
- they know your emotions because they’re also a girl
- you can share clothes
- you can share make up
- orgasms every time you have sex
- the toilet seat is always down
- their legs are always smooth and soft
- boobs
- ass
- they know how to give presents/what to get
- your friends never feel like a third wheel bc they’re also best friends w your gf
- did I say ass

There’s a million


Bill’s finally all done after a second session for color! Was originally going to break this into two color sessions but just kinda went for it all today. My wallet AND my arm are in a lil pain. Funfact: the pink and the orange are appropriately blacklight reactive.

I love it though and it’s perfect! Thanks again Ryan!

So my roommate is sick and her bf keeps checking on her.
Like he brings her snacks and checks her temperature.
He also tells her to sleep every time he leaves and makes sure she’s comfortable in her bed

Meanwhile I’m over here
Looking at Solangelo fanart instead of doing homework.

I’m reading the stupid New Spring graphic novel, and these stupid idiots. Moiraine just did the most Iconic thing ever.  Someone was knocking on Siuan’s door in the middle of the night and was like “Siuan are you awake??” 

and Moiraine “No Chill” Damodred answered Siuan’s door, wearing pajamas and was like “She is now.” 


Gravity Falls: Bill Cipher Wheel

The native people of Gravity Falls prophesied that these symbols could create a force strong enough to vanquish Bill.

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Wheelchair Shenanigans

Request: Can you do one where Shawn’s gf is in a wheel chair?  I don’t see many imagines including disabled fans

a/n: hiiii!! soz that i’ve been a but mia from writing! i have less than a month of college left so that means exams, papers, and projects galore!! i’ve also been preparing for my few weeks abroad, so it’s been a little stressful!! i hope you all enjoy this piece of writing and i would love to know what you thought of it 🤗  @starrynightshawn and i talked a lot about this prompt, so i hope this lives up to your expectations!

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“Shawn, I swear to––“

           “VROOM!”  Shawn yelled out as he laughed.

           You squeezed your eyes tight and your grip around the handlebars of your wheelchair tightened tremendously.  You felt air rush past your face, and through your hair, as Shawn engaged in one of his favorite on tour activities with you; running down any hall while pushing your wheelchair.

            From hearing Manny’s concerned voice being drowned out by the gust of air passing through, to Shawn’s laugh echoing off the walls, you missed visiting your boyfriend on tour.  You heard the busy voices of Shawn’s tour crew, but couldn’t process any of their words fast enough due to your boyfriend sprinting down the hall with you.

           Shawn made a sharp turn which had you feeling like you were about to fall out of your wheelchair, “Shawn!”  you gasped out in fright, with a bit of a laugh in your voice.

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Cipher Wheel; Beauty, Grace, ...

Ford: He is beauty, he is grace, he has traveled outer space

Stan: He is beauty, he is grace, he will punch you in the face

Dipper: He is beauty, he is grace, he has got a paranoid gaze

Mabel: She is beauty, she is grace, she will ask you on a date

Soos: He is beauty, he is grace, he is wisdom beyond his days

Wendy: She is beauty, she is grace, she is coolness to her base

Pacifica: She is beauty, she is grace, she is sadness on a silver plate

Fiddleford: He is beauty, he is grace, he can’t quite remember this place?

Robbie: He is beauty, he is grace, he will rock that hoodie to his grave

Gideon: He is beauty, he is grace, he is psychotic in his tastes

Cipher Wheel Symbols are Immune to the Weirdness Waves

So remember the weirdness waves from “Weirdmaggedon: Part 1?” Well, as a few others pointed out, I noticed something interesting about these waves and who they affect.

The weirdness waves will basically affect nearly anything that they hit, whether alive or not. However, there are a few characters who got hit by the waves that should’ve been affected, and instead appeared completely immune to them. Oddly enough, all these characters who’ve shown immunity to the waves so far are all members of the Bill Cipher wheel. 

Ford and Dipper

Cipher Symbols: Six-fingered hand (or possibly the glasses instead) and Pine tree

When the weirdness wave hit them, instead of affecting the both of them it brought the bell to life instead. (Note: the debris in the second picture is due to Bill blasting the building himself. I only put in this picture to show that Dipper was unaffected by the wave earlier.)


Cipher Symbol: Question mark

When the weirdness wave hit their house, it affected his Grandmother turning her into a couch.

Grunkle Stan

Cipher Symbol: Fez Emblem

When the weirdness wave hit Gompers and Stan, it caused Gompers to grow huge, Stan unaffected completely.

Wendy and Robbie

Cipher Symbols: Ice Bag and Stitched Heart

“The eyeballs froze Nate, Lee, Tambry and Thompson. Robbie almost got away but had to pause to take a selfie.” - Wendy

Wendy’s sentence implies that her and Robbie almost managed to escape while their friends got captured. The question is, out of everyone else in the group, why was Robbie almost able to get away? It’s possible that a wave hit the cemetery creating the eyeballs, possibly stunning Nate, Lee, Tambry and Thompson in their tracks. This could explain why both Wendy and Robbie were able to escape. (Before Robbie got himself captured afterwards, that is.)