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Душан Божић - Судба древних
(Dušan Božić - Fate of ancients)

This short comics tells a story about conflict between major gods in Slavic mythology Perun and Veles. Text is written in a form of decasyllable as it was used in old Serbian epic poetry.

“Since there were the Sun and the Moon,
Mythical words had been conveyed.

When Gods ruled all over the world,
When there was no humans.

Above the treetop of an oak, up in the sky,
Situated was knyaz* of thunder - Perun.
The one that is honored by many heroes.

And down in the valley was a horned Veles,
God of cattle, God of all sorts of wealth.
He was ruler of the whole Nav**.

Transformed into bearded snake,
He climbed up, where he does not belong,
Then he took away flocks of thunderer.

When he lead cattle to the water,
He was seen by righteous god Perun.
Raging thunderer became wrathful,
So, with lightnings he was striking Veles

While Veles tried to hide behind an old trunk
Lightning shimmered and cut tree in half,
Than snake tried to hide behind the rock,
But Perun has found him there also!

Wherever dragon has been hiding
There was Perun striking with a lightning.
Finally, thunderer found Veles,
And shot him down with powerful lightning.

So light was that hit,
That he plummeted into the black earth.

Snake has fallen into the black earth,
And dark clouds arched over the sky.
Rain is falling for three days and three nights.
All of the Gods had made trizna***,
Grieving over God of cattle.

Fertile Mother Earth took him over,
And embraced him on her chest.

Ancient Veles has not died,
He will sprout along with a spring flowers.

Kolovrat**** of time is spinning.”

* knyaz is a historical Slavic title, used both as a royal and noble title.
** Nav is one of the names for the otheworld in Slavic beliefs.
*** trizna was a funeral feast of ancient Slavic religion
**** kolovrat is solar symbol and also name for the spinning wheel


Does it sometimes feel like Forgeline customers are always winning? Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but congratulations to Brian Finch and Bryan Johnson for winning their respective classes at this past weekend’s 2017 Midwest Musclecar Challenge, presented by Bowler Performance Transmissions! Brian won the 1981 & Older class, with his 1971 Camaro on Detroit Speed suspension, JRi shocks, Baer brakes, BFGoodrich tires, and Forgeline GT3C wheels! And Bryan won the 1982 & Newer class, with his Mast Motorsports-powered 2010 Camaro SS 1LE on Detroit Speed suspension, Michelin tires, and Forgeline one piece forged monoblock GA1R Open Lug wheels!

This whole “spotter death” thing has me fucked up

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not a fan of the safety requirements a lot of venues have implemented over the last few years, but until now, I’ve only been looking at things from the driver or venue’s point of view. Sometimes when you’re too close to something, you forget to even realize there are parties at risk as well. This is something I am guilty of. 

Reflecting on the last decade of drifting, I have realized the ones at the most risk were spectators and media. Yet, they are the ones that bring the most enjoyment to the sport and are responsible for its growth. I feel like an asshole, like I have been putting their lives in jeopardy - running shitty aluminum lug nuts, questionably welded control arms, worn ball joint, or running some setup that was “thrown together” at the last moment.

There are a million excuses to show up to the track in an ill-prepared car and there are a million examples of times nothing didn’t go wrong, but just remember IT CAN. And when it does, you’re the only one to blame, not the car, not your crew, not the wheel, and not the lug nut, YOU.

BE MINDFUL. Double check your nuts and bolts. If you’re exhausted, as many people are coming up to a big event, insist a friend assists/supervises.

BE THOUGHTFUL. Think of other people: organizers, spectators, and other drivers before you put your life and their lives at risk.

BE OBSERVANT. Take note of anyone operating a dangerous vehicle or operating one in a dangerous manor.

BE HELPFUL. Alert event organizers, spectators, media, or drivers when you feel there is an eminent danger.

DON’T BE AFRAID TO SPEAK UP! I know as a driver, organizer, and spectator, I’d rather humor someone with a million questions and comments than endure ignorance.

I will be obeying these simple rules of thumb, as I hope you will, so we may all live long and drift without incident.