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The ancient Incan city of Pumapunku or Puma Punku is a site in Bolivia which features astoundingly modern stonework.  According to the Inca, Pumapunku (The Door of the Puma) was the spot where the world was created.  The stones, some weighing more than 130 metric tons, were transported from 6 miles away without wheels.  Perhaps the most amazing thing about the site, is the way that the stonework was cut for metal fittings, allowing them to be clamped together.  How on earth did a civilization with no form of writing and lacking the invention of the wheel build something so modern?


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really need some advice about writing a research paper for my art history major i have no idea where to start it can be on pretty much anything

When you have an open-ended assignment like this, it can be difficult not to panic, especially if you aren’t necessarily familiar with art history or how to write an art history essay. You might feel like Michael Scott:

I’m not sure what your experience is with this field, but my first tip regardless would be, don’t panic. Every expert had to start at the beginning before they became experts. (Fun gifs included to reduce urge to be stressed about what will be your super awesome paper!)

  • Identify a topic: Think about what you’ve learned so far in your art history course(s). What artist, period, or type of art interests you the most? When you’re writing a research paper, try to pick a topic/theme that you genuinely find interesting. What type of topic would be most relevant to the class you’re in?For example, would something broad like “feminist art history,” where you can examine lots of different paintings and artists, be more fitting to your course? Or something more specific like “the paintings of Artemisia Gentileschi,” where you could focus on a feminist interpretation of her art)? Look through your textbook, the Google Art Project, the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History, Smarthistory, and/or major museum websites if you aren’t sure what artists, type of art, subjects, or time periods you’re interested in; find something that speaks to you, and write about that (assuming it fits in with the course theme and requirements). 

  • Come up with an argument: Once you know what you’re writing about, come up with an argument - a thesis - that will drive your research and your paper. One way to come up with an argument is to simply look at what you see: Is there anything unusual in the work(s) of art you’re writing about that you want to get to the bottom of? Are you curious about why the work(s) you’re writing about were depicted the way that they were? Do you take issue with what other authors (your textbook?) have to say about your topic? 

  • Do your research: Doing research on the artist(s), artwork(s) and historical circumstances will (obviously) help you develop your paper and refine your argument. Your argument might even change in the course of your research. I’ve listed resources for online art historical research here. The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s publications division, MetPublications, and the Getty Research Institute’s Digital Books initiative are two free, open access online initiatives that may also provide you with more bibliographic sources. As you research, you may want to check your sources’ own bibliographies for potential new sources. Don’t forget to cite as you write (going back and citing your references at the end of the writing process is a pain).

  • Make an outline: Once you feel like you have a strong grasp of your topic and your argument, make an outline for your paper. Research papers tend to be longer and have a wider scope than can be answered in a basic five-paragraph-format essay, so an outline is crucial. The bookends of your paper are the introduction and conclusion: the outline’s job is to fill in the details. It might be helpful to think of your paper as a mystery you’re trying to solve; structure the body of your paper using the evidence you’ve found in your bibliographic sources. Depending on the topic, scope, and length of your paper you might want to do this matter-of-factly, or you might want to build your paper up to a dramatic denouement, where your strongest and most surprising piece of evidence (or twist) comes at the end. 

  • Write!: Finally, start writing. Some details of my writing process can be found  here, which might be helpful.

Remember to relax & keep it simple. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel; build on what others have already said and discovered and if you can, try to contribute something to the existing discourse. 

You can do it! I hope this helps!

Just finished watching the Death Note movie, for some reason. Honestly, if I wanted to watch two ‘edgy’ teens murder a bunch of people under the impression that they are god, I’d just watch Heathers. At least it’s fun.

Valkyrie Part 15: The Past And The Present

A/N: You can find all the other parts to this series here. If you have any suggestions for the story or want to read a specific scene etc, please let me know. :) 

Plot Summary: The pack has finally captured Theo and while Y/N is watching, Stiles starts to interrogate him intensely, much of it being about her. Afterwards Y/N needs Stiles to finally show her what he wants and is afraid of it at the same time.

Warnings: None. It’s intense but also fluffy.

Persons involved: Reader, Theo, Stiles

It’s 1 am in the morning and you’re standing in the almost empty sheriff station. You’ve crossed your arms in front of your chest and you can feel Kira’s and Isaac’s presence next to you. The rest of the pack is either with Lydia at the hospital or still cleaning up the mess at the bar. Just like you, Isaac and Kira are staring through the window in front of you with stern expressions. However, you’re pretty sure they’re not being as tensed as you.

On the other side of the window is the interrogation room. Placed in it are one table and two chairs. That’s it. The room is empty and not very welcoming. But Theo doesn’t seem to care. He’s sitting there, hands folded on the tabletop and with a perfectly relaxed face. Of course you bound him to the chair and made sure that he can’t escape but he didn’t even make any attempt. It’s almost like he enjoys being here. And you hate that. Actually, you’d much more prefer not having to look at him.

Your distress about this whole situation eases a bit as Stiles finally enters the room. He sits down in front of Theo and looks at him, pure disgust showing in his hazel eyes. A small smile appears on Theo’s lips that makes Stiles frown.

“You think that this is funny, don’t you?”, he asks him coldly, flexing his fingers as if he struggles to keep himself from using them to punch Theo in the face. You swallow hard. Suddenly you’re worried about Stiles and that Theo could find a way to hurt him although that’s pretty much impossible. Only as you feel Kira’s hand on your shoulder you relax a bit.

“Not funny, just lovely, really”, Theo answers casually. “I always enjoyed our conversations, Stiles. They never get boring.”

“This is not a conversation. You’ve killed people. You tried to kill Y/N. Man, you’re lucky you’re still alive”, Stiles growls, leaning in and glaring at him.

Theo pushes out a little laugh that gives you goosebumps. “Sweet. This is so cute! Saving the damsel in distress, right? Only that Y/N is no damsel. I mean she obviously made you believe that. Look how smitten you are. But you don’t know her. I do. God, I know her so very well. Every inch of her.”

He openly grins at Stiles and while you’re filled with dread, you can literally sense how Stiles’ anger grows. He jumps up and circles the table, grabs Theo’s face and forcefully makes him look at him. His teeth are clenched and for the first time ever, you’re actually a little bit scared of him.

“I don’t give a fuck about what you believe you know about her! You have lost every right to even talk about her! Every memory she has about that time with you has turned poisonous when you hurt her in that shack. And believe me when I tell you that you’ll never get to touch her again. In fact, you don’t even deserve to see her face again. You lost her in the most douchebaggy way possible and you’re such a fool because she was probably the best thing that has ever happened to you.”

Theo’s smile has vanished. Finally. “Maybe she was. But she’s a Valkyrie, Stiles. They’re practically death on two legs. It’s really weird that you like her. I always thought you have experienced enough death in your life.”

“Oh she’s so much more than that but you’re too stupid to see it.”

You wanna leave. You don’t want to hear that. It just feels weird and every word coming out of Theo’s mouth is painful. However, you are unable to move an inch. Your body is frozen in this observation of your past and present clashing together in the most horrific way.

“Is this what this is gonna be?”, Theo asks now, almost bored all of a sudden. As if Stiles isn’t meeting his expectations. “Are we just gonna talk about Y/N the whole night?”

Stiles snorts. “You wish. I wanna know how your boss bitch plans to raise hell and who that chick is. That’s what we’re gonna talk about.”

“Not gonna happen.”

“Really? Because I don’t only have a lot of time but also some effective methods that will definitely get you talking.”

Theo blinks at him. There’s a trace of uncertainty in his eyes for just one second but you see it and it gives you satisfaction. “You’re a cop. You’re not allowed to use methods.”

“Yeah, right”, Stiles chuckles humorlessly and takes a few steps back. “Thing is: I’m not a cop. I’m the sheriff. This is my station. And everybody who’s currently in this station hates you. I hate you. Parrish hates you. Everybody hates you. Also: this is Beacon Hills, man. Wouldn’t be the first time.”

It becomes silent in the room and while Kira is shifting uncomfortably, Theo is observing Stiles’ face for some time, obviously considering his options. After a little while, the grin returns on his face and it looks fake. Even more than usually.

“Great. You can try. But I am used to a lot of pain.”

Stiles sighs and slowly shakes his head before he sinks back onto his chair and locks eyes with him. “Why don’t we start with some easier questions?”

In the end, Theo talks. He hesitates but seems to come to the conclusion that a certain amount of knowledge and information about the story won’t help you too much. He tells about how he met the siren back in New York. How she approached him at a pub after she heard that he’s searching for help in a certain matter. How he realized immediately that she was the one he was looking for the whole time. And he doesn’t mention you once although you had still been together back then. While it’s getting very late, he even admits that they visited some towns on their way to Beacon Hills, killing supernatural creatures and causing the chaos they need. But Beacon Hills was always their destination. The last piece of a puzzle. As he says that he smirks brightly, almost feverishly and Stiles decides to end the interrogation for the night.

“We still have a few days left until summer solstice”, Stiles mumbles and he leads Theo out of the room with Isaac’s help.

Afterwards you wait for Stiles in his car. You’re tired and confused and what makes all of this even worse is that you’re suddenly also feeling awkward. This feeling becomes stronger as Stiles climbs onto the passenger’s seat . It’s the first time you’re alone with him since you kissed him. And you realize very painfully that he hasn’t said anything about it yet. What if he didn’t like it? What if the doesn’t like you in general? It didn’t really sound like that in that interrogation room but maybe that’s just been a strategy to get Theo talking, who knows? Also: Theo’s captured now. Your apartment is safe. However, you don’t wanna go back there. You wanna stay with him and you don’t know how to say that without sounding like a lunatic.

You are biting your lower lip and stare out of the window while Stiles’ hands are hovering over the wheel. An embarrassing tension builds up between the two of you until he finally says: “Soooo….you know…I get if you want to go back to your apartment. He won’t be able to hurt you now. But…I guess this siren knows where you live too so maybe…maybe it would be safer if you’d…”

“Stay with you?”, you blurt out, too loudly and far too relieved. You are blushing. “Yes. I think that would be…safer.”

Stiles nods and starts the engine, suddenly very determined. You are not talking. You don’t know what to say. ‘Just in case’ aren’t really the words that express how you feel but you have never been good at talking about this. It’s his turn anyway.

He pulls into the driveway and you are entering the house, still in silence. You are mumbling good night to Stiles and walk up the stairs, the door to your room standing open. Only as you already reached the upper floor, he finally calls after you and your heart makes a little jump as your name drops of his lips.

“Y/N, wait.”

You turn around to see him hurrying after you. He stops right in front of you and his gaze is worried as he looks down at you.

“I just…I’m sorry, Y/N”, he declares. Your heart cramps as you are dreading the worst.

“For what?”, you ask weakly.

“For what Theo said in there. You loved him and it must’ve hurt. So…I’m sorry for that.”

You smile a little. It’s a sad smile because you definitely are sad but not for the same reasons anymore. It’s just how you feel when you have to say goodbye to a good memory that has turned bad. “It’s okay. I have accepted that the Theo I knew is gone. It doesn’t matter anymore what he thinks about me.”

Stiles looks at you for a while with that thoughtful expression of his. Then he lifts his hand and softly strokes over your hair, his fingertips brushing over your skin. As soon as he touches you, a wave of electricity drives through your body and your heart beats faster, spreading warm blood through your veins.

“He has no idea what he has lost. I can only pity him”, Stiles mumbles, his words soothing your soul until you feel like you’re floating. You lose yourself in the observation of his perfect face, in the wonder that you were so very lucky to meet him. Only as he leans down and presses his lips onto yours, your brain shuts up.

It’s very different from that first kiss on the parking lot. It starts gentle and careful. Stiles obviously waits for a sign of your approval and you give it to him at once. You stand on your tiptoes, wrap your arms around him and deepen the kiss, turn it into something more passionate and intimate. You are feeling drunk. Your legs become shaky, your lips more eager and you cling to him like he’s a life saving device. He places his hands on your back and pulls you even closer although that’s almost impossible.

You don’t want to stop. Thankfully enough, he doesn’t want too either. At some point you both lie down in your bed and continue to kiss, his hands caressing your cheeks and yours running through his hair. You haven’t felt that close to someone and that comfortable with someone ever. This is a first. This is affection and not simple lust.

In the end your head rests on his chest and he’s softly drawing lines on your shoulders. You are still wearing all of your clothes but you are too tired to undress. You can feel the sleep creeping up at you gratefully await it, feeling perfectly safe in Stiles’ embrace.

“You’ll stay, right?”, you mumble, just to make sure. You want to wake up next to him.

“Sure”, Stiles answers and you can hear the smile in his voice. A second later, you’re asleep.

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1.) trick or treating // srsly in all the years i’ve lived, i have never gone trick or treating
2.) drink actual hot coffee
3.) go outside the country
4.) ride on a school bus
5.) had a sleepover / been to a sleepover
6.) biking without training wheels
7.) build a pillow fort
8.) picnic
9.) been on a date / had a romantic relationship
10.) go to a concert

i’ll just stop that there XD there’s more though…

you know what, i’ll just make this a thing and tag 5 people to do this because i want to hahahahahha

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relativity falls and/or monster falls?

Ah, thanks! I’m gonna go with monsterfalls, since it’s my one true love.

…These ended up very long I’m so sorry.

1) They don’t find a cure by the end of the first summer, and yes, the talk with the parents is the most awkward thing in the world (not helping that Soos quite literally bursts in halfway through to tell Stan about something). But their parents want to at least try and keep them home. To this end, Ford builds special wheel chairs for Dipper and Mabel. They can get around, even if it’s horribly uncomfortable and Mabel’s drinking about 20 bottles of water a day. But they want to make it work for their parent’s sake. At first, it works, but as the year goes on, both are getting pretty antsy. The final straw comes when the school announces a swimming unit which Mabel is dying to take part in, but obviously can’t. They sneak in one night, Mabel so happy to be in water that isn’t the bathtub again and Dipper enjoying watching Mabel be so happy and stretching out his legs himself when, of course, the gym teacher walks in and Dipper freaks the fuck out and Mabel, who can’t do anything from within the pool, yells after him. Their gym teacher eventually wears off from the shock and helps Mabel out of the pool to coax Dipper out of his corner. She and Mabel have a long talk the next day about fitting in and being yourself and such, and agrees to let her use the pool on weekends and sometimes during school when she’s around. They make it work, more or less, but she calls their parents and explains how much the kids are suffering. They agree to let them stay in Gravity Falls until the curse breaks.

2) Mabel does find Mermando again during her tenure as a mermaid, but, since he’s engaged to the queen of the manatees (it ended up working out quite nicely for him!), they just stay friends. He helps her learn about mermaid culture and different mermaid hotspots and little tricks that make her aquatic life easier. His family doesn’t like her at first (is this that human you were doting after for so long??), but by the time she leaves to go back to the shack, they’ve all but adopted her and tell her if land doesn’t work out for her, she’s welcome to stay forever. She keeps this in mind, especially as they get older and a cure isn’t found.

3) I’m a fan of there being no cure, although the self-fixing cure is very important to everyone’s character development sooooo… I’m good with both? Depends on what kind of story you’re telling. I’m not crazy on the idea that they retain the ability to transform back after a cure? Although I DO like the idea that Dipper keeps some river water with him afterwards. Just in case. (They do end up needing it after the Stans get into trouble on the boat, and they need someone who can swim and swim strongly to save them from sea creatures of unimaginable horror…)

4) It took Dipper three days to figure out how to stand on his own after becoming a deer, and even longer to be able to walk confidently, which was not good for his skittish personality. He also thinks his antlers, which start coming in mid-teens, are really fucking cool, and they can be pretty badass when he needs them to be. Sure, they’re really itchy coming in and shedding the velvet is a pain and they throw off his center of gravity more than walking did… but at least it’s something. Dipper feels incredibly short changed by the whole “monster” thing, easily being the lamest creature, and rightfully deserves to get some confidence boost from the antlers. He also becomes more attuned to nature, and can read stars in ways humans can’t. At first, Mabel used to make him a ton of flower crowns out of whatever, but he soon realizes he can enhance his senses and other abilities with certain types of flowers combined with his own nature magic (a concept he finds insanely cool) By the time his antlers grow in, he’s never seen without one. Post curse, he stays a vegetarian. He just can’t bring himself to eat meat after all that time. He’s a great gardener, and retains some spotting patterns on his cheeks and shoulders; the cheek ones looking more like freckles.

5) Mabel’s transformation was probably the most painful, as she had to grow sixteen more hearts, gills, a tail, fins, and, to her slow discovery, venom pouches. Merpeople like Mermando are more “civilized” and usually remove them at birth, but Mabel think’s it’s really cool to bite things and poison them; it’s saved her and her family more than once. The first few days she was confined to the bathtub as Stan scrounged around to find every baby pool in Gravity Falls. Once, he moved her to the fish tank so she could watch TV, but this really did not end well since she was so terrified of being trapped in there. As she grows older, certain powers develop more too. Like a siren, her singing has alluring properties, although not just lustfully so. Her voice changes in other ways too: laughing like a dolphin, vowels becoming more pronounced, and overall sounding fishy-er. Sometimes the family has a hard time understanding her, especially underwater. To her dismay, waterproof sweaters do not exist, but she makes it up with tons of shell accessories (which Stan also sells in the giftshop for a quick buck), which, like Dipper’s flowers, can have affects on her, although less pronounced. To move around, at first she hitches a wagon filled with water to Dipper (he does not appreciate this), but eventually Ford builds her a device similar to the giant hamster wheel of her dreams. It’s difficult to get into a lot of places, however, and she’s much more comfortable in a natural body of water. She loves being a mermaid, although the weight of being between the two communities of “human” and mermaid is stressful, and she hates to admit it, but she knows she would be a lot better off if she stayed in the ocean permanently. When she changes back, her legs have a faint scale pattern to them that she tells people is a tattoo.

I really, really, really love monsterfalls. Thank you anon.


If you want to know why professional roller skates cost so much, here’s the breakdown of a custom build…

Wheels are 88$ (that includes the bearings for 8 wheels)
Stoppers are 18$ (for a pair)
Plates are 69$ (for a pair, mounting hardware is free)
Shoes are 55$ (for a pair, picked Converse because they fit the look)
That’s 230$, not even including shipping, tax, the time it’ll take me to put them together, or pay someone to put them together.
Not to mention the small details it’ll need to be accurate for the cosplay.

Until now I hadn’t known how much custom skates cost, and now I can’t complain!


ok so since sleep ain’t happenin’ any time soon I went back to take some screens of the Good Samaritan’s bike (top left under the car in the 1st screen, pretty plain view in the other 3 with the front wheel being the highlight in the 4th)

and then I went and compared them to Johnny’s and Danny’s bikes (row of 3 are Johnny’s bike, row of 2 are Danny’s, bottom is a comparison between them both)

now, I don’t know my fancy motorbike terminology or none, but I DO know that these two bikes are constructed with very different bodies.  Dan’s bike rides closer to the ground, with a thick casing bringing the body closer to the front wheel – there’s almost no gap between, and certainly no long steering whatever-you-call-that-thing-connected-to-the-handlebars.  Meanwhile, Johnny’s… is very close to the style you see in the screens from AoS.  Big gap between the body and the front wheel, similar overall build where you can see most of the bike’s interior…

I know he’s dressed in an outfit closer to Dan’s, but we saw a leather jacket very similar to the one this Rider is wearing in that mysterious basement (hinted to be Johnny’s).

My money’s on ol’ John Blaze for this one, guys.

The Seven When They Were Little

Piper: She was always riding her bike, climbing trees, and overall getting messy, though it usually wasn’t very appreciated by her dad. When he wasn’t busy, he still played with her, like when he taught her to ride her bike and when he would tell her stories he learned from his father. Piper liked to tell them back to him sometimes. She also liked cutting the hair off the dolls her dad bought her, or dying it different colours with markers (such a messy, artistic child).

Leo: Leo was the kid who always had Legos in his pockets and didn’t like to share them with anyone but his closest friends. He was always building stuff with Legos, and loved the kind that came with pieces like gears or wheels so he build moving things. When he wasn’t playing or building, he liked to spend time with his mom, and he loved to watch Disney movies with her. 

Jason: Though he didn’t grow up with Thalia or his mom, he considered other campers from Camp Jupiter to be his family, or as close to family as you could be. Jason didn’t play with toys much, but he liked games like Simon Says (still played at current Camp Jupiter, but it’s known as Reyna Says. The perfect game for learning to follow rules.) He mainly trained throughout his life, but when he was young, some of the training was game related, like tag with foam swords that you use to tag and defend yourself with.

Hazel: Hazel didn’t have the greatest childhood, but that didn’t stop her from being the cutest kid ever. She has the most adorable smile, especially when she had lost her two front teeth. Her mom was always braiding her hair, and she liked to the same for her mom. Her mom also liked to teach her a few songs to sing, and at night they would murmur some songs before they went to sleep. Hazel, of course, admired horses, and would always admire little glass horses they had in shops.

Annabeth:  Of course we know Annabeth didn’t have a great child hood, but when she was young she was very similar to the person she is now. In her Kindergarten classes, she was always taking building blocks and would get upset when she had to share. She was also jealous when her best friend played with anyone else, because she felt ignored like she did when she was at home. Annabeth wasn’t a fan of her baby brothers, but any time they almost picked up something that they could choke on, she was the one who made sure they didn’t swallow it.

Frank: Frank liked to pretend he was animals when he was a kid, and usually was one for Halloween, but animals like dinosaurs were his favourite costumes. Frank had the greatest relationship with his mom, always making her cards that always said “I love you! - Frank”. He also draw with her, messy doodles, trying to copy his mothers skillful hand. You can bet that these drawings ended up on her fridge. In school, Frank always played with every kid he could, making sure no kid played alone, and he always shared his toys, even if they broke them.

Percy: This kid was always holding his Sally’s hand, when they walked through the supermarkets, when was going to sleep, trips to the local aquarium, literally every opportunity he had. He also liked to cook with her, and she let him put in some ingredients sometimes. Before Sally married Gabe, they owned a piano that used to belong to Sally’s uncle, and Sally loved to try to teach Percy notes and simple tunes. Percy didn’t forget the notes and even remembered songs, but when Gabe moved in he got rid of the piano. Percy still likes to play piano if he gets the opportunity, as long as no one is listening. Small Percy was also blue half of the time from paint or food dye.

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To be honest, I don't really agree with your 'guys writing girls' statement - I mean, what about Annabeth, Renya, Thalia, Rachel, Hazel, and Clarisse who were written by the same guy? Not to mention Sadie, Zia, and Samirah!

Well, first of all, it’s totally fine that you don’t agree with me. You’re a human with your own opinions, as am I. 

Second of all, I didn’t say Rick can’t write women, in fact I think he does a fairly good job, but in those 3 instances I think he fell into some classic tropes that male writers often fall in to because they aren’t expected to understand women as people. Piper is a character who is seen as tough and who rejects femininity as something vapid and as a corrupting force, and we never really get to see her explicitly develop past that mind set. Aphrodite is extremely shallow and almost dumb in a way that I don’t understand considering she is a primordial goddess for one of the broadest concepts to ever exist. Then you have Drew, who is not even a real character. She is 2d as fuck and he literally could not have put less effort into a traditionally feminine character who is petty and mean for apparently no reason, feeds off jealousy and drama and being in control and has those around her in fear like fucking spare me I might as well watch a sitcom from the 90s. 

Third of all, Sadie, Zia, Annabeth as well as Clarisse and Reyna, respectively, are essentially the same characters with minor changes to their details. It’s not like he’s writing vastly different personality types in vastly different life situations here. He’s essentially been finding slightly different materials to build a wheel with. 

But again, that’s all just my opinion. You are totally welcome to yours. I will remain unimpressed.