Similarities Between Adjacent Signs

Aries and Taurus – The 1st and 2nd signs are both headstrong and self-assured. They don’t much rely on the help of others and they prefer to do things in their own way. Something that is common for these two is their unwillingness to take the advice of others. Taurus tends to already have their own ideas and a plan in mind, whereas Aries is more likely to prefer navigating situations based on their instinct.

Taurus and Gemini – The 2nd and 3rd signs of the Zodiac are united in their perceptive abilities. Both are carefully observant of their environment and they are constantly engaged with it. Taurus is sensually engaged, absorbing things like tactile and olfactory information with ease. Gemini tends toward mental engagement through sight and sound, they prefer to manipulate and experiment with their surroundings.

Gemini and Cancer – The 3rd and 4th signs tend toward moodiness. They’re both extremely volatile in their emotional nature and can run the gamut from extreme happiness to extreme depression. For Gemini this volatility can be generated internally from the constant inner monologue that they are subject to, and dark thought cycles can take hold rapidly because of that. Cancers are susceptible to atmospheric influences, and can easily take on the varying energies of their environment.

Cancer and Leo – The 4th and 5th signs are similar in that they’re both generous and giving of their time and energy despite also being needy of attention. The luminary signs take in a lot from others, and in turn are devoted and sincere to the people that they love. Cancer requires a lot of emotional care and nurturing, while doling it out in spades for those that they consider to be their family. Leo requires attention and positive regard while giving creativity and warm-heartedness.

Leo and Virgo – The 5th and 6th signs of the Zodiac possess a heightened level of self-criticism. They are much harder on themselves than any other pair in the Zodiac and constantly belittle and berate themselves internally. Virgo compares themselves to an imaginary ideal and so can never seem to measure up to their own expectations. Leo is extremely prideful and lives in constant fear of being unloved and unappreciated. They constantly wonder about their place in others’ lives and whether or not they’re welcome.

Virgo and Libra – The 6th and 7th signs are prone to idealism, and may at times have trouble seeing the world for what it actually is, rather than what it could be. Though they go about pursuing this idealism in different ways, it has an affect on all of their relationships. Virgo is prone to seeing the ways in which others can improve personally, and they are interested in the practical elevation of ideas. Libra is prone to seeing the ways in which society can improve, and they are interested in the theoretical elevation of ideas.

Libra and Scorpio – The 7th and 8th signs are united in their love of the study of psychology and human interaction. Both are observant and careful in their interactions with others in order to build their knowledge. Libra encourages others to open up and reveal themselves through their subtle mimicry of body language and friendly demeanor. Scorpio probes and questions in order to reveal others’ internal motivations and desires.

Scorpio and Sagittarius – The 8th and 9th signs are blunt and matter-of-fact. They have a tendency towards harsher language and not sugar-coating things when asked about their opinions. Scorpio knows that words can be twisted and misconstrued, and so seeks to avoid the hassle of clarification. Sagittarius often speaks without thinking of consequences or the feelings of others.

Sagittarius and Capricorn – The 9th and 10th signs are visionary and possess a good sense of humor. They both have grand goals in life. Sagittarius tends to be far-sighted and inherently believes in possibilities, they also have a joyful disposition that allows them to laugh in the face of adversity. Capricorn is similarly far-sighted, but with a more practical focus that is grounded in their own abilities. They possess a sardonic sense of humor that comes from a typically pessimistic worldview.

Capricorn and Aquarius – The 10th and 11th signs are subject to isolation and detachment. These signs are marginalized and often feel like outsiders. Aquarius is ostracized because of their contrary personality and their tendency toward eccentricity. Capricorn is ostracized because of their independent and solitary nature, and occasionally their elitist attitudes.

Aquarius and Pisces – The 11th and 12th signs are united in their devotion to humanitarianism. Both signs have a love for humanity and end up playing a special role in the rising tide of global culture. Pisces is a sign of spiritual service and emotional healing, they believe in using their compassionate nature to elevate the lives of the downtrodden. Aquarius is a sign of social service and societal healing, they believe in using their intellectual nature to elevate the lives of humanity as a whole.

Pisces and Aries – The 12th and 1st signs are both creative and hopeful. Both signs can free themselves from bondage and have an innate spirit that allows them to transcend adversity. Pisces uses its prismatic emotional quality as a constant tap for their creative potential. Their connection to greater spirituality allows them to perceive possibilities outside the realm of the physical world. Aries uses its experimental nature to boost its creative potential, and their connection to inner passion and drive allows them to retain buoyancy and maintain belief in themselves.



Decide on a word that resembles what you want to accomplish, such as LOVE, HEALTH, or PROTECTION. Then, starting from the first letter trace the letters of your word in a straight line from one to another, ending with the last letter of your word. If you want, you can connect the last line back to the first to create a closed shape, or leave it as an open one.

When you’re finished, you have a simple sigil then can be etched into a candle and burnt down, or you can write it down on paper and add it to a small bottle or pouch with herbs.