wheek wheek!


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highlight of my favorite things namjoon said on the vlive:

  • i love mexico i love taco
  • im staying healthy so don’t worry
  • it’s purple but it’s pink doe
  • itz your grape grape mon
  • huulololol
  • pizza sucks without you ♪ ~
  • “don’t drink too much coffee” OHH I’ll take a decaf
  • i tried taco and burrito 
  • i love you
  • “you’re the love of my life” thanksss you are 😏
  • im just on the bed
  • eat a lot of vegetables and omega 3
  • i love you guys and yeah, have a good day
  • always stay healthy, and drink a lot of water, yanno what i mean right?

This is what Fergus does all the time. He just follows Mortimer around and watches him sleep or eat, and makes the other guinea pigs leave Mortimer alone if they are bothering him. I like to pretend Fergus is Mortimer’s secret service body guard. “Are you ok Mr. President?” asks Fergus. “Wheek Wheek Wheeeeeeek,” says Mortimer.

Anyway, Fergus, Castiel, Rupert, and Alastor are all going to the vet today. Fergus, Rupert, and Alastor are gettinf neutered and Castiel is having his misaligned incisors removed. Wish them all luck! #guineapigs #guineapig #secretservice #peeg #weeklyfluff

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Fuzzbois is a blog about the life of my fuzzy beans, Potato and Roscoe. 

Potato is an albino lump the hooman inherited from her brother when he decided a danger noodle was better (beeg peeg mistake). Roscoe was adopted soon after to give Potate a friend. Too bad they hate each other and must be separated! The bois love a good monch of lettuce mom grows for them and cuddles. They eat their own poops sometimes and ARE NOT ASHAME. They love their hooman moms and their doggo sibling Stella (who thinks these piggos are her long lost puppies) BOIS SAY WHEEK WHEEK FOLLOW US