Wheeeewww okay this took me like forever and it doesn’t look like Chat AT ALL but I hope you like it anyway :’3c


Miraculous March 2016

  • Day 1: Ladybug [x]
  • Day 2: Chat Noir [x]
  • Day 3: Tikki [x] & Plagg [x]
  • Day 4: Alya [x]
  • Day 5: Nino [x]

You can see all of my pictures from ML March right here [LINK]

The gentle patter of Chalcedony’s bare toes echoed throughout the cavern. She found Bloodstone hunched over her candlelit altar.
“Hey… Bloody.” Chal smiled as the dark gem turned to regard her, then went back to her work.
“Hey. What do you need? I’m busy.” As she talked, Bloodstone captured several gem shards and levitated them in orbs of smoke, beginning to piece them together in mid-air.
Fiddling with the hem of her skirt, Chal said softly, “you remember how you told me… to tell you… If I ever sense a gravitational disturbance?”
Bloodstone nearly dropped the shards. “Where? Where did you sense it? Is it another gem?” The pyramid gem on her back instinctively began to glow, ready to summon a weapon.
“I think it’s a gem. Uh… A little north of here. Maybe an Earth mile or two.”
“We’re going. Bird form, now. We don’t want them to know there’s more than one of us. Hide your gem, and let’s fly there, now!”
Chal held up her hands in defense. “Okay, okay!”
She followed Bloodstone to the fort’s central warp pad, and once they were outside she transformed into a hawk. Perching on Bloodstone’s shoulder, she began to release the gravity field around them. The two gems began to rise through the air. Seconds later they were soaring above the treetops, searching for the cause of the disturbance.