The Foxhole Court: A Summary - The Exposition Court

Exposition! Legit so many fucking character introductions! ‘!!!!!!!!’ moments! Foreshadowing! Show, Don’t Tell! Opinions! Predictions that will no doubt end up being Absolutely Fucking Ridiculous! Yay!

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to sum up the Foxhole Court.

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derptastic-penguin  asked:

Okay, so I’m wondering. What would the Libra boys and why not add White, would they think about a S/O who folds origami. And folded them little lucky stars, like they have a jar filled with them and just handed them some to make their day better or just cause?



  • he’s just in awe with how s/o managed to making something out of a singular sheet of paper! One piece of paper! Holy crap!
  • he asks s/o to try to teach him how to do origami
  • he’s so into it, holy crap
  • he’s pleased with the results of his first piece of origami, even though it doesn’t look quite as good as his s/o’s
  • he’s so hecking into the ‘lucky stars’ s/o gives him as well
  • he has a growing collection on his desk
  • they’re in a little place of honor :)


  • he’s… impressed?? and strangely fascinated by it?
  • he studies the way that they do it and begins to think it’s really freaking cool
  • and whenever he’s stressed, and s/o gives him a little lucky star? He is so in love
  • he doesn’t want to admit it, but it really truly does make him happier
  • Steven takes each lucky star home and keeps them in a drawer
  • when he’s having a rough day, he looks at the lucky stars and just…. smiles and remembers that there is good in the world


  • Leo probably does origami himself, honestly
  • so he’s overjoyed that he and s/o have that in common
  • sometimes he and s/o do origami and make stuff for each other
  • except Leo doesn’t make lucky stars
  • that’s his s/o’s thing, okay??
  • it feels extra special when s/o makes him lucky stars 
  • psssh, he totally doesn’t keep one in his pocket that he’ll take out and/or run a finger over it to calm him down


  • he finds s/o’s origami ability a little endearing
  • he doesn’t quite understand how one piece of paper can be turned into those things, but it’s like paper airplanes, right? right?
  • that makes a little more sense to him, but he’s still so freaking amazed by s/o’s ability
  • *s/o casually hands him lil lucky star*
  • Zapp: hwat the fuck
  • Confused but Amused
  • all he knows is that s/o gives him the lucky stars when he’s having a bad day and somehow?? it helps :)


  • ‘this is strange. and confusing. and there’s not really a point… how does this work?’
  • he doesn’t understand it, but he’s surprisingly into it
  • if s/o offers to teach him, Zed’s uncertain because hells, how could he even begin to understand that??
  • but he picks up on origami really quickly
  • and the lucky stars he gets always pulls a smile on his face (smile??? can he smile?? idk)
  • he still thinks that there’s no point to it, but he still likes it because it’s something s/o likes


  • immediately asks s/o to teach her how to learn how to do origami
  • she’s so excited to learn how to do it!!
  • she gets so frustrated when her origami piece doesn’t turn out looking as good as her s/o’s
  • s/o just laughs and offers to help her once more - practicing is a surefire way to get better, after all!
  • White is so touched when, after a bad episode with her heart, s/o gives her a ton of lucky stars
  • it feels like she won the lottery, honestly
  • she loves origami and how beautiful and delicate it is (esp since it came from her s/o’s hands :))

Do you think Jungkook’s jeans breathe a sigh of relief when he takes them off at the end of a long performance? Like, “Oh Praise Be To God! Those thighs are finally gone. I can breathe! My nerves have been stretched and frayed like the very fibres of my being. When will he read my memo about going a size up?”

And his white shirts must have meetings like, “Whose turn is it today? Gary? Is it you? Or is it me? Who is on for White Shirt Duty? Does anyone here remember who is meant to be doing the Wednesday White Shirt Shift?”

Taehyung’s clothes would eye-roll at them like, “Oh, you guys think you’ve got problems? Look how……OH MY GOD CAROL! RUN! He’s coming at us with scissors again!!!!”

Meanwhile, the rest of Tae’s wardrobe would be like, “Francesco and I are from the Milano Gucci store, we’re OG. I heard there are some sandals here from the New York branch. No offence but they can’t sit with us if they’re from the 2014 S/S collection. They’re not vintage, darling. They’re just tragic.”

Down the corridor, Yoongi’s clothes would have their own meeting like, “Look, I know it’s summer but we’re all just going to have to deal with the heat and fade okay? He’s bought us the special fabric softener for black clothes so it’ll be okay you guys. We can do this! Courage for our human!”

All of Jin’s clothes are like, “Wheeeeeeeeeee! We love Jin! We look so pretty! Oh dammit, Steve! Everybody stop! Red Steve just jumped into the laundry and now we’re all pink……..oh well. Wheeeeeeee!”

I know for sure that somewhere in the back of Namjoon’s closet all his shirts are sitting in a circle like, “I clothe him. Yes. We all clothe him. We are nothing but a social construct. But he gives us purpose! This symbiotic relationship is the true essence of being. Hey, where’s Cornelius? Did he get lost again? He’s not still in Japan is he? Because Namjoon lost his passport in Germany.”

Jimin’s sweaters are probably the sweetest kids at the laundromat. “Guys, remember what our human said. It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. If you run into one of Jungkook’s punk ass t-shirts, bite the shit out of it and don’t leave any evidence behind.”

Hobi’s clothes have the best life for sure. “Our human is better than your human. That punk ass kid Jungkook got soy sauce all over me but our human gave me a nice pre-wash-soak. Then I got the gentle spin cycle, Huggy Bear fabric softener and full sunlight so I’m looking and feeling fresh again. Our human should run for president.”

anonymous asked:

If you dropped off libra in the woods who would survive?

hhh all

Alright, alright, I’ll be serious.

I genuinely believe that if they were dropped off into the woods, they’d all work together to somehow get out – that is, if they were dropped off together. However, there’d be a lot of fighting between Zapp and Chain, so… ah, Zapp would probably end up dying in that situation ;)

If they were all separated, well… I’d hate to say it, but I don’t think that Leo would survive. I’m not saying that he’s not knowledgeable about how to survive in the woods, but he’s also small and… yikes..

Zapp would honestly probably do pretty well in the woods by himself. I mean, he has his lighter, which means he can easily set up a campfire and stuff, so he’s got that going for him.

Klaus is just a big, muscled man that I presume has enough knowledge in the woods to get out alive. Same goes for Steven and K.K. (except K.K. isn’t a big, muscled man, but whatever)

Chain, ah.. She and Leo sorta fall into the same category. I don’t precisely feel like she wouldn’t survive there, but she also doesn’t seem to have a ton of knowledge regarding how to survive in the woods?? Oh, but she could probably use her ability to get out…

So probably (if they were separated) everyone but Leo would survive I feel so guilty for saying that aaaaghh

But they’re a big family, so they probably end up finding each other anyways and they all get out together because no deaths are happening today, got it?

quietly headcanons that dremora bash horns pretty frequently

but not just for fighting. not at ALL just for fighting. 

adolescent dremoras bonking heads like baby mountain goats

casual affectionate horn bumping

two dremoras with ram-esque horns charging at eachother and getting their horns tangled up

dremoras filing the ends of their horns to a point

dremoras hanging sparkly shit on their horns if they get long enough

vain dremoras getting flustered and distressed over pieces of horn that get chipped off

dremoras with actual personality instead of just a bunch of testosterone huffing nerds from oblivion

I’m sorry I keep on making fun of these guys but here’s a personality swap to add fuel to the fire

The Man in Business Suit Levitating (?!?) emojis, ranked

(yes that’s a real emoji) (Your guess is as good as mine)


He’s so happy! Look at him! I imagine there is a stern-faced agent behind him being all like “Agent Smith get back here” and he’s all ”Screw you Agent Johnson I can fly wheeeeeeee” 10/10 I hope he does well in life.


I don’t think he knows he’s flying. I think in a minute he’s going to look down to get his pen and freak out. FBI never trained him for flying. That’s not even a federal crime. 9/10 for giving my the mental image of shenanigans. I’m a simple man.


It’s stern-faced Agent Johnson! He can fly but isn’t very happy about it. He remembers when gravity was a thing. He misses those days. 8/10 I hope you find gravity again soon friend


He’s really creepy. That smile is not an “I’m happy” smile. It’s not even a “I’m going to kill you” smile. It’s a “hello fellow car-bon based life” smile. It’s very odd. Also he’s levitating and that’s not normal either. 7/10 if I give you a high score will you go away please?


Here we see the worst effects of capitalism. Look at this poor guy. “Look! You are granted one of mankind’s oldest and greatest dreams! You can fly!” “Yeah, but I still need to get up early for my meeting. Sigh” 6/10 he just makes me very sad tbh


How the mighty have fallen. In 2012 the slenderman was the toast of the internet! Everyone was talking about him!. Look at him now, appearing on LG emojis. He sits at home every night, re-watching Marble Hornets and pouring himself another glass of wine. “I’m still relevant, dammit!” 4/10 of course you are slendy. Of course you are

Emoji one

He is not so much levitating as “being lifted by the air caught on his hat”. Look at that thing. No-one needs that much hat. It’s literally as big as his torso. What are you using that for? 3/10 can’t trust someone with that much hat.


Now, see, one of the three integral parts of “man in buisness suit, levitating” is the man. Take hime away, like you did, and all you have is a business suit levitating.That’s not the same thing and I resent that you think I would be fooled by it. 1/10 WHEN WILL THE LIES END?!

Sadistic Anniversaries

Author’s note: Misaki x Usagi with 18. “I’m not sadistic, I just like making you suffer!” Thank you so much for the prompt, anon! I’ve never written these two before and had a lot of fun writing this! <3 

Summary: Misaki’s worked very hard on their four year anniversary dinner and Usami, the so-called sadist, thanks him in his own way. 

Word count: 2,2k whoop whoop!


Today had been so stressful. Four years ago on this very day they had officially become a couple and every time the thought came to mind, Misaki would go bright red and had to cover his face to calm down. He couldn’t believe he’d been in this relationship for four years and that they were still going strong. They still kissed every day, cuddled before bed, watched movies and series together, held hands and just basically everything a couple in their honeymoon phase would do.

After coming home from a long day at work, Misaki was already beyond exhausted, but he really wanted to put every ounce of energy he had into making this dinner. Fortunately for him, Usami had several meetings planned, which meant that he still had a good three or so hours to prepare the biggest dinner ever.

He couldn’t get a head start this morning because Usami was right there on the couch, sipping his coffee like any other day. Misaki was somewhat scared that he’d forgotten all about their special day, but he did get five goodbye kisses instead of the usual three, so…?

Eh. Usami had definitely been in a good mood, so that was good enough. And if he’d forgotten about their fucking four year anniversary, Misaki would hit him with the frying pan he had just dropped.

Crazy. That was the label Misaki was looking for. It was nuts that he was making dinner for his boyfriend, wearing a pink apron and hairclips and that he had dropped one of their best pans because his head was still up in the clouds, wishfully thinking that Usami would do that cute thing where he pressed their foreheads together and looked him in the eye, mumbling, “I love you,” over and over again after he got home.

The tips of his ears burned. So did his neck and stomach. He didn’t need a mirror to know that he looked like the tomato he was about to cut in half.

Maybe ridiculous would be a better word to use because Misaki dropped the pan again right after he had picked it up and let out another yelp.

It took way longer than he had anticipated. Partly because he’d managed to cut himself twice and partly because overcooked the rice and had to start all over again. The trashcan was filled with a huge amount of wasted food, bloody paper towels and his pride, but at least he got everything done on time.

The table was set with a nice, red table cloth, two chique plates and bowls for the soup and sake. Misaki had strategically left the food in the oven to keep it warm, since he wasn’t sure when Usami was going to come back home. 

As if on cue, his phone rang. 

“Hello?” Misaki was trying really hard not to pant and make it sound too obvious that he was in the middle of changing his shirt.  

“Misaki, I’m almost home and was wondering if you need anything from the convenience store.”

Wham. Misaki’s leg hit the bed as he did a little hop to pull his pants up. “Ow! Damn it!”

“… Misaki?”

“No, I don’t need anything!” he quickly replied and held his knee while shutting his eyes. “Sorry, my leg hit the bed.”

“Klutz. Are you five years old, or something?”


“I’ll be there in a few minutes. Try not to break your arm, okay?”


“Love you. Bye.”

Well, that instantly shut him up. Misaki clamped a hand over his mouth to keep himself from making any unnecessary noises to embarrass himself even more than he already had, but Usami hung up right after he had said that. Probably to make a statement.

That ass.

Misaki finished dressing up, clumsily went back downstairs, his knee still throbbing a little, and sat at the table, trying to keep a straight face and failing miserably. There was a permanent red hue on his cheeks and nose, his lips were tightly pressed together and his hands were clammy, as if he was going on a first date, or something, but he just really, really hoped his boyfriend would like his dinner.

Right when he was about to grab his phone to call Usami, said person entered the apartment and his eyes instantly fell on the fancy looking table.

“…” his lips parted but no sound came out and Misaki prayed that that was a good thing since the Usami Akihiko was never speechless. He awkwardly smiled up at him and held out his arms in a silent, “Tadaa!”

“Happy um, happy anniversary!” he added when Usami continued to gape at the table like it was some kind of alien that had barged its way into his home. “I made us dinner!”

Their eyes met and Misaki felt his stomach drop. Usami dropped his bag and jacket and marched over to the table like a soldier before he pulled him into a bone-crushing hug. Poor Misaki screeched in response and tried to breathe and not to fall off the chair at the same time because good ol’ Usami wasn’t thinking straight and threw in his entire body weight.

“Usagi-san-can’t-breathe…!” Misaki managed to choke out and sighed in relief when Usami finally let go and held his jaw with both hands. “W-what?”

“I love you.”

“You already said that,” Misaki retorted in a small voice.

You made us dinner.”

Misaki shut his eyes, unable to maintain eye-contact for a second and tried his best to flail around, but Usami grabbed his wrist to keep him in place. Usami was doing that thing with his voice that made him want to melt into a puddle on the floor so he would cease to exist. The universe was always so cruel to him, even though he was a good person and hadn’t done anything to deserve this.

However, the universe wasn’t done yet. Usami, still holding his wrists, leaned down and started kissing him all over his face, not missing one single spot and playfully nibbled on his ear as well. Misaki was having trouble breathing at this point, unable to respond like a human to the huge amount of affection he was receiving, and just continued to sit there. Their fingers were intertwined, making him even more immobile than he already was, and Misaki was pulled to the couch, which was when he found his voice again.

“Usagi-san, dinner’s still in the oven, you know!”


The kissing continued and was taken to the next level when Usami hugged him like a body pillow, burying his face in Misaki’s neck while kissing his pulse point. Misaki was this close to losing his shit.

“You’re suffocating me!” he blurted out and tried to curl up, but Usami was having none of that and simply held him even tighter, to which Misaki replied with a quiet, “I swear, you’re sadistic.”

“I’m not sadistic, I just like making you suffer,” Usami said and Misaki could fucking hear the smirk in his voice. But if we’re talking sadistic, then…”

Two very sneaky hands made their way down to his sides and started drawing small and slow circles there. Misaki’s eyes nearly popped out of his head and any bystander probably would’ve thought a cat was being thrown off the balcony. 

“No, no, no! Usagi-san, I fucking swear, don’t tickle meeeeeeeeee!”

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Hahahaha just spent like three hours hanging out with the girl I like and am deliriously happy!

She is straight. And doesn’t know I’m bisexual.

OH THE HELL WELL *does a frenzied dance*

I love the spectrum of human emotions. There are those crushes where everything is wildness and misery and you wake up in the night being unnecessarily melancholic and feeling like oh shit, I’m a disgusting human being, why am I so desperate and pathetic WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME. And then there are those crushes where the tiniest bit of proximity buzzes up through your ribs and lights you on fire and when you’re close enough to see the color of their eyes your palms get tingly with sweat and your feet itch and everything is physical. And then there are those crushes where just looking at their smile makes your heart twitch like its own animal and your emotions turn to butter and caramel, and where you are so happy they are alive and on this planet that you don’t even care if they return your feelings. You just want them to be happy. And if they’re nearby, safe and themselves and happy, you are happy too.

this is the third kind

and it is fun.

and nice.

((Some crushes are all three. Those are the ones that scar.))