I’m sorry I keep on making fun of these guys but here’s a personality swap to add fuel to the fire

J2 in SFX magazine 2006 Part 2

 Meet the men responsible  – Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, alias estrogen-tickling demon slayers Sam and Dean Winchester in TV frightfest Supernatural. They bundle into the room like overgrown puppies, their sparring and mutual support echoing the sibling relationship of the Winchester boys. Seems scary just got tardy, too – they’re 20 minutes late and they apologize profusely…

JA “We’re late because he [indicated Padalecki] partied hard last night and apparently fell asleep in the shower.”
JP “I couldn’t attend an interview without having a shower.”
JA “Sure… but you’re always in there for hours. What do you do in there?”
JP “There’s a lot of me to wash, okay?”


W  I  N  D     A  N  D     W  O  R  D  S   (  S P N  x  A S O I A F  )   ;
    ↪ inspiration:

WHILE struggling to make a living as vagrant sellswords in the Stormlands, the Winchester brothers find themselves in the service of one Castiel Caelestra. And then, as quickly as it had all started, a war is won, a throne is claimed, and Sam and Dean join the ranks of Castiel’s most trusted advisors.
NOT long after they settle down in their new King’s Landing quarters, however, things start to stir up again. Rumors about Castiel and his new queen make their way ‘round the nobles of his court — rumors that threaten to uproot the very foundations of Castiel’s hard-earned peace. Meanwhile, envoys from Asshai arrive in the Capitol, bringing tidings of a new god rising in the East.
WORDS ARE WIND, they say — but wind feeds fire, and a small spark can quickly become a blaze. And just like that, the world is set aflame.


quietly headcanons that dremora bash horns pretty frequently

but not just for fighting. not at ALL just for fighting. 

adolescent dremoras bonking heads like baby mountain goats

casual affectionate horn bumping

two dremoras with ram-esque horns charging at eachother and getting their horns tangled up

dremoras filing the ends of their horns to a point

dremoras hanging sparkly shit on their horns if they get long enough

vain dremoras getting flustered and distressed over pieces of horn that get chipped off

dremoras with actual personality instead of just a bunch of testosterone huffing nerds from oblivion

Anon's prompt: "Cora and Rumple run away together, and Rumple deals for Belle to be the nanny of their child."

AN:  For the life of me, I cannot find the prompt for this, but I really, really wanted to write it, so here you are, anon.

“Belle,” Regina sniffled. “I want Papa.”  

Belle smiled tenderly at the little dark-haired girl, cuddling her closely.  "He’ll be back soon, I promise,“ She picked up a brush and began to comb it through Regina’s dark locks. "And if I know your father, he’ll have a treat for you!”  

Regina beamed happily, her mood already improving.  But before the little girl could be completely contented, Cora entered the nursery.  

“What on earth is she wearing?” She snapped at Belle who stiffened in response. “Breeches? She’s a girl, not a farmhand.”  

“We went riding today, milady,” Belle said evenly. “I was never taught sidesaddle.”

“Well, that doesn’t surprise me,” Cora said coolly. “See that she’s changed properly so she can at least feign the appearance of a lady before her father returns.”  

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So, this artbook I purchased some time ago finally got to me. :D

The first artbook has really crappy scans online, so I’m glad I found it. IT HAS SUCH BEAUTIFUL ILLUSTRATIONS OMG! It’s in fairly good condition as well, so that’s a plus. Not mint (inside of cover has stains), but then again, this was printed back in ‘94. It cost me 4,490 yen, so I won’t freak out if Kodansha randomly decides to reprint them sometime (you never know). xD