I’m sorry I keep on making fun of these guys but here’s a personality swap to add fuel to the fire

survived another weekend of performances and now I get the sweet relief of a few days off where I don’t have to think about this show at all 💜🙌💜

quietly headcanons that dremora bash horns pretty frequently

but not just for fighting. not at ALL just for fighting. 

adolescent dremoras bonking heads like baby mountain goats

casual affectionate horn bumping

two dremoras with ram-esque horns charging at eachother and getting their horns tangled up

dremoras filing the ends of their horns to a point

dremoras hanging sparkly shit on their horns if they get long enough

vain dremoras getting flustered and distressed over pieces of horn that get chipped off

dremoras with actual personality instead of just a bunch of testosterone huffing nerds from oblivion

Hahahaha just spent like three hours hanging out with the girl I like and am deliriously happy!

She is straight. And doesn’t know I’m bisexual.

OH THE HELL WELL *does a frenzied dance*

I love the spectrum of human emotions. There are those crushes where everything is wildness and misery and you wake up in the night being unnecessarily melancholic and feeling like oh shit, I’m a disgusting human being, why am I so desperate and pathetic WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME. And then there are those crushes where the tiniest bit of proximity buzzes up through your ribs and lights you on fire and when you’re close enough to see the color of their eyes your palms get tingly with sweat and your feet itch and everything is physical. And then there are those crushes where just looking at their smile makes your heart twitch like its own animal and your emotions turn to butter and caramel, and where you are so happy they are alive and on this planet that you don’t even care if they return your feelings. You just want them to be happy. And if they’re nearby, safe and themselves and happy, you are happy too.

this is the third kind

and it is fun.

and nice.

((Some crushes are all three. Those are the ones that scar.))


Well, I was going to upload an audio file but google-fu failed me for an m4a to mp3 converter. So this.

It’s a piece from near the end of one of my favorite games. It’s beautifully peaceful, with a bit of haunting thrown in for good measure, and quite honestly, although it is not my usual cup of tea as far as music goes, I absolutely love it to bits. It’s one of those few songs that, if it comes up on shuffle, I will never skip. I wish I could quantify exactly why.

And now, to be productive, where being productive translates as falling into the fanfic pit until 3am.

I regret nothing.

Anon's prompt: "Cora and Rumple run away together, and Rumple deals for Belle to be the nanny of their child."

AN:  For the life of me, I cannot find the prompt for this, but I really, really wanted to write it, so here you are, anon.

“Belle,” Regina sniffled. “I want Papa.”  

Belle smiled tenderly at the little dark-haired girl, cuddling her closely.  "He’ll be back soon, I promise,“ She picked up a brush and began to comb it through Regina’s dark locks. "And if I know your father, he’ll have a treat for you!”  

Regina beamed happily, her mood already improving.  But before the little girl could be completely contented, Cora entered the nursery.  

“What on earth is she wearing?” She snapped at Belle who stiffened in response. “Breeches? She’s a girl, not a farmhand.”  

“We went riding today, milady,” Belle said evenly. “I was never taught sidesaddle.”

“Well, that doesn’t surprise me,” Cora said coolly. “See that she’s changed properly so she can at least feign the appearance of a lady before her father returns.”  

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In honor of the fact that I have hit 2.5k followers, and that, transitively, changed my url back to ‘wankerbatch,’ I’ve decided to host(?)/have blog awards so I can bring attention to some fantastic blogs/followers who have helped me get this far.

I will be adding and creating an updates tab on my blog for the sole purpose of this

♕ rules:

  • must be following me
  • reblog this post
  • likes do not count
  • one winner and at least one runner-up per category–the number of runner-ups will depend on how many blogs enter
  • must reach at least 30 reblogs (else I’ll probably delete this and die of embarrassment if it doesn’t)
  • ends 7 May 2014–winners will be announced within the next 48-72 hours

♕ categories:

  • Best URL
  • Best Posts
  • Best Original Work (edits & gifs & graphics & fanart & fanfics & headcanons, etc.)
  • Best Theme
  • Best Sherlock
  • Best Hannibal
  • Best Fargo
  • Best Multi-fandom
  • Nicest Blogger
  • Best Overall

♕ winners will receive:

  • a follow back, if not already, as well as love and friendship
  • a spot on the updates tab until 12 July 2014
  • 2 group promos comprised of the winners & the runner-ups (includes the final masterpost of winners & runner-ups)
  • solo announcement of winners and runner-ups for each category
  • 3 group promos comprised of only the winners
  • 4 solo promos whenever you like
  • a url graphic and/or an icon, if requested; i’ll also be proffering my writing skills and take requests for a ficlet

♕ runner-ups will receive:

  • a follow back, if not already, as well as love and friendship
  • a spot on the updates tab until 12 June 2014
  • 2 group promos comprised of the winners & the runner-ups (includes the final masterpost of winners & runner-ups)
  • solo announcement of winners and runner-ups for each category
  • 1 solo promo whenever you like
  • 1 group promo comprised of solely the runner-ups

Once again, thank you <3

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