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Okay time for another Burr-and-Hamilton’s-tragic-friendship meta analysis because apparently I cannot stop seeing these things.

Someone pointed out in a post a little while ago (that unfortunately I can’t find, or else I would link to it) the genius of the musical themes of Hamilton, and specifically how it applied to Alexander and Eliza’s relationship. It focused on how Alexander was never quite singing the same tune or matching Eliza’s style until “It’s Quiet Uptown.” Another meta-post along the same vein mentioned how Angelica was instantly on Hamilton’s level in the underlying musical sense when they first met: you see it in Satisfied, when he says “Alexander Hamilton,” she replies in the exact same tune, “Where’s your family from?” and then he shoots back also in the same tune, “Unimportant, there’s a million things I haven’t done.” They’re matching each other musically for the entire conversation, just as Angelica describes, even though throughout the show they both have their own distinct styles and themes.

The one other person who has a very different singing style than Hamilton, but specifically matches Hamilton when he wants to, and the only other person that Hamilton as well makes a specific effort to match in various songs, is Burr. The first one that I noticed was one of my favorite exchanges in the whole show, the Levi Weeks case in Non-Stop:

Gentlemen of the jury, I’m curious, bear with me.
Are you aware that we’re making history?
This is the first murder trial of our brand new nation,
The liberty behind deliberation!
I intend to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt with my assistant counsel—

Co counsel! Hamilton, sit down!
Our client Levi Weeks is innocent, call your first witness.
That’s all you had to say!

Hamilton is shooting off at the mouth, and Burr matches him word for word, the same speed, the same style, which absolutely no one else is able to do, at least not when Hamilton is on a long angry rant. This moment highlights the underlying fact that Burr isn’t just some jealous villain, he’s a true foil to Hamilton. He was a genius, he applied to Princeton at eleven, applied again and got in when he was thirteen. That “graduated in two”? Yeah. That happened when he was thirteen to sixteen, let that sink in.

Burr can match Hamilton completely when he chooses to, he just rarely chooses to. In fact, the irony of the exchange in Non-Stop is that Burr gets frustrated enough with Hamilton and Hamilton’s inability to shut up inadvertently insulting him (assistant counsel? assistant? seriously Hamilton?) that he is pushed to act more like Hamilton, and in acting more like Hamilton, succeeds in shutting Hamilton up. Which is pretty much exactly how and why the duel happens.

But no, in my opinion, the more tragic are the times when Hamilton matches Burr. Allow me to direct you to “Story of Tonight (Reprise)”:

Congrats again, Alexander.
Smile more.
I’ll see you on the other side of the war.

I will never understand you.

Hamilton emulates Burr’s tone and tune exactly to tell him, “I will never understand you.” Because that’s Hamilton trying to understand Burr, that’s Hamilton on the underlying musical level making the effort to sing as Burr sings, to speak as Burr speaks, he’s asking Burr to let him in. *Let me* understand you. Burr being Burr keeps his cards close to his chest, and walks away. The effort was there, the invitation was there, that is the first time in the show, arguably, that Hamilton actively changes his style to match someone else’s. And Burr walks away, because Burr is terrified about people caring about him. In “Wait For It,” he’s perfectly fine admitting that he has feelings about Theodosia, but he devotes an entire verse to “what in the world is the reason that I am at her side and that she cares about me when there are a whole bunch of other people who have tried too.” Burr isn’t scared about loving people, he’s scared of them loving him, he doesn’t understand why or how it happens. The line isn’t “everyone I love has died”, it’s “everyone who loves me has died.”

Burr walks away because the possibility of Hamilton caring about him is more than he wants to deal with. Goodbye I have disintegrated into a puddle of tears. 

But no, that’s not even the worst part! The worst part is how Hamilton argues with people. The precedent is set in “Farmer Refuted.” Hamilton takes a very specific tone and rhythm as a counterpoint to someone singing.

Allow me to direct you to “Your Obedient Servant.” Burr begins the song by singing his letters, and Hamilton practically speaks his letters back. He takes a different tone, he employs a different rhythm, because that’s how he confronts people. He only matches Burr back when it’s utterly dripping in sarcasm: I have the honor to be your obedient servant, A. Ham. Burr keeps singing back (“Careful how you proceed, good man—“) as he keeps just trying to ask for an apology, and Hamilton keeps his own infuriated style at least musically in replying (“Burr, your grievance is legitimate, I stand by what I said, every bit of it”) and it’s Burr that has to match Hamilton—when Burr finally challenges Hamilton to the duel, Burr is speaking, not singing:

Then stand, Alexander,
Weehawken. Dawn.
Guns drawn.

(Although even then, it’s not ~perfectly~ matching Hamilton: the words are slow, they all have weight, they’re carefully pronounced, they’re well thought-out and well chosen. Succinct, persuasive indeed. But Burr is speaking, he’s not singing anymore, he’s taking this down to Hamilton’s level, which is the “fight me” level.)

And then, one last time, Alexander matches Burr perfectly:

You’re on.

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  • Peggy calls Lee “Charlie”, which he finds kind of embarrassing at first. He eventually starts to call her “Pegs”.
  • They’d have a daughter named Isabella, after Lee’s mother (because that’s what I named their kid in Tomodachi Life). 
  • Peggy doesn’t judge Lee for being a “coward”, because she didn’t want there to be a war either. Besides, she’s the badass in the relationship and will protect him if need be.

  • Lee’s crush was RIDICULOUSLY obvious when he first met Peggy. Like ‘Helpless’ levels.

  • After the Lee vs. Laurens duel, Peggy is very conflicted because her friends shot the guy she loves.

  • Lee basically sees Peggy as the sunshine in his life, even when everything else sucks.

  • Burr is the best man at their wedding. They even get Hamilton to calm down for a bit to attend as well.


( @sinnamon-smols and @omegasmileyface also wanted to see these :D )

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Y'know, Sakuya seemed really unimpressed when you cosplayed him, but I bet he'd get flustered as hell if Mahiru cosplayed as him! (And I bet you'd snap a few pics for blackmai- I mean, memories) ;D

No need to blackmail. ^^ Mahiru is way more cooperative than a certain green nerd. 

When it comes to Sakuya. I will always be defeated by Mahiru lmao. 

(my cosplay ver lol) 


PART THREE of three! Part one here / Part two here.

Woo! I did it! Hope you enjoyed this silly thing I had a great time doing it, and a big thanks to the offical WOY people who actually make one of the greatest cartoons that has ever been made. Now to get back to the ten thousand things I am meant to be doing.

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Can we ask you for more leegy hcs?


Here are some cute Leegy things for you to consider.

  • Lee giving Peggy sunflowers, because they’re her favourite.

  • Lee falling asleep with his head in Peggy’s lap, despite being sure that he’d be unable to sleep that night.

  • Peggy defending Lee from people calling him a “coward”.

  • Peggy caring for Lee after his duel with Laurens, and trying to seem optimistic for Lee’s sake despite being terrified of losing him.

  • Peggy writing cute, encouraging letters to Lee while he’s away.

  • Lee being all nervous when he meets Peggy’s parents for the first time.

  • (Modern AU) Peggy making a cute picture of a sleeping Lee her phone background.

  • Peggy giggling when she sees Lee asleep with baby Isabella sleeping on his chest.

You know what would be really awesome to see? More Muslim Otabek. 

At least just like a mention of it here and there. Because he is Kazakh, and therefore probably IS Muslim. But I’ve never seen any mention of that in fic about him. 

We all want more Muslim representation and this could be a good way to bring that into the YOI fandom. 

Okay, go carry on. :)

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What do you think about this? J Steinberg: I think there was an awareness that when watched in a certain way there was so much tragedy already in the ending. Of all the people who were lost and weren't there anymore, and how close they were to something historically meaningfully that got bargained away, that to then pile that on with even more misery just felt unpleasant

I think it sounds like an acknowledgment that in fact, if looked at from literally any other perspective than “no more people died in the last episode, wheee!” the end of the show is a tragedy. Flint and Madi were betrayed by the one closest to them, and all their work was essentially thrown out the window as if it meant nothing when in fact it could have meant everything to generations of people. Flint is enslaved, Madi’s left with her authority undermined among her own people, her lover become foreign to her, standing there telling her that he’s sold her friend.

When you get right down to it, the list just goes on and on. The Walrus crew is dead, the ship itself is blown up, Silver throws away an entire life he could have lived with people who would have cared about him, loved him even, and all for a scant few years of peace in that area before the British Empire decided it wanted its islands back. All of that - for what? When they could have had so, so much more. Yes, Flint is alive. He’s also being locked away from the world, condemned to be nothing more than a monster in a children’s story, exactly the way he feared, what he stood for forgotten, his reasons disregarded, no progress made, all those people he lost dead for nothing. Vane is dead, and nothing came of his death, not the revolution he wanted to spark, not the abolition of slavery, not even safety for Eleanor if he still wanted that. Eleanor died, and Nassau burned again, and the slaves on those plantations suffered horribly, and for fucking what? For one man to say, this fight isn’t worth fighting, it doesn’t matter to me, I’m ending it. For he and Max and Madame Guthrie to decide to strangle the cat rather than dealing with the root cause of the problem to begin with, as if there were only one solution to the riddle?

HUZZAH! Productive Day! Also I’m gonna be Kotaro in another fandub scene of Kyuranger! ♥

I’m fCkn StOKEd right now! Yall don’t even KNOW. Kotaro is mY BABY. I’m so glad I can play him! And SpecialForm12 will be playing Stinger! Dude, this is gonna be fantaaastic 8D! Thank you to Protodubs for casting me eheh.♥

Man, I been on a roll today!  Also I was in a Marcosatsu livestream again today, where I was XD….PERSUADED to make a snapchat. I am gonna have to watcha TON of tutorials to fully understand that app CUZ I DUNNO KnOW hOw TO WORK IT *YELLS INTO THE SUNSET*. Tomorrow I shall finish my Innocent Sorrow Vocals to give to Ceonn to spruce up, he finally came back online today and is gonna edit more EXCITE this week ;w; wheee. Afterwards, Imma finilize my Ginga Anime Idol outfit for 2017 QwQ/ and style my new wig!

((and make some gifts for the voice actors…gah I BETTER GET EVERYTHING DONE OR ELSE. IMMA YELL AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!))


19.03.16 || yesterday was the first time ever i went to muji and i have to say it was better than what i expected. i absolutely love the paper and the pens!!! kinda regretted buying two pens only but it’s ok 😿 i also went to paperchase to buy a book for my travel journal wheee + book world by kinokuniya was dabomb.com!!!!!!! could’ve bought more but we didn’t have the time :[

hope y'all have a good day!

WHEEE I finished the faq and about the admins post p l u s the new masterlist. aah~ I’ve wanted to work on them for weeks but I always had more important things to do… Getting them off my back is a relief~ 

I feel like I can work on my other stuff now… -stares at other important work-

…i slep now.

Yo, okay so another unrequested gif hunt but I have a hell of a lot of Chrissy Costanza gifs and I just want to see her used more. There are #200 #300 #370 gifs here, all small and most of them are HQ. Many of them are mine, but for the ones that aren't, all credit to the makers. Like the post if this helped you, please! UPDATED: 6-22-14 8-2-14

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