What the Signs Give and Receive on Valentine’s Day

Aries: Gives a “use one time only for some lovin’ (;” card, receives two tickets to their favorite concert

Taurus: Gives a handwritten letter explaining every reason why they love their s/o, receives a million red roses

Gemini: Gives a jar containing “a million reason why I love you” inside, receives a surprise trip to an amusement park

Cancer: Gives everything in the Valentine’s Day section of Target, receives a romantic dinner in the city

Leo: Gives a homemade present, receives a song written about them

Virgo: Gives a powerpoint presentation on why they’re amazing followed by sexy times, receives 10 boxes of their favorite chocolate

Libra: Gives two plane tickets to Venice, Italy, receives a star named after them

Scorpio: Gives a blanket with their face on it, receives literally the world

Sagittarius: Gives their time and effort (endless talking, many kisses, lots of cuddles), receives a mixtape of songs that remind their lover of them

Capricorn: Gives a journal full of things that remind them of their lover, receives a mural of them

Aquarius: Gives a camping trip to see the stars, receives a hot air balloon ride in the country side

Pisces: Gives a homemade cake, receives a date to a private beach (swimming, dinner, etc.)

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