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[ENG SUB] 160430 Mamamoo on Immortal Song 2 (Yoon Soo Il Special)

Eyolf and Vinca are my and Erli’s newest Guild Wars 2 characters, they’re a huge Norn Guardian and a tiny Sylvari Necromancer and I’m pretty sure Vinca would use Eyolf as his personal mount whenever possible. To Eyolf Vinca probably doesn’t weigh much more than a leaf so why walk?

You can see more of these two and our other GW2 characters over at our shared GW2 blog.

#yoonjin #SO CUTE #guess who is going to be coming down with a minor ailment (something not too horrible and embarrassing vereeeeery soon) #maybe some minor allergies #trouble sleeping #maybe he needs some vitamins #i don’t know i’d think of something anything and i know yoongi will too #adorable adorable adorable #bts fanfic rec #bangtan ruins lives

(this is what happens when @fuckmybiaslist’s tags are so funny, they inspire me to write something. sequel to Caramel Macchiato)

Sure enough, Yoongi has to ask Jimin to cover for one of his night shifts again, not because Jimin teased Yoongi again over his little crush, but because Yoongi actually caught a cold. In Yoongi’s defense, he had to juggle senior year of college with a part-time job and a music hobby, so he doesn’t get to sleep much. (He won’t ever admit that the few hours of sleep he does try to get are somehow occupied by ridiculously sappy thoughts of a particular cute pharmacist.)

So, with an enormous grey scarf wrapped around half of his face as a makeshift mask, a thick black coat (“you look like a walking garbage bag”, Hoseok, his roommate, said through a laughing fit, and Yoongi didn’t hesitate to throw a pillow right at his face) and a matching grey beanie, Yoongi makes a walk of shame to the nearest pharmacy for some cold medicine. And, yes, as fate would have it, it’s the very same pharmacy where the very cute Kim Seokjin happens to work.

“Hi, how may I- oh. Um. Hi there.” Seokjin says upon seeing Yoongi in his disheveled, black-and-grey-cocoon state. “You’re from the coffee shop nearby, right? Everything okay?”

Yoongi pulls his beanie further over his ears to hide the fact that they’re probably turning red, and not just because of the cold. “Uh, yeah. Caught a cold, s’all.”

Seokjin tsks as he shuffles over to a shelf. “Well, I warned you, didn’t I. Finals?”

Yoongi nods, then remembers Seokjin has his back facing him, so he adds, “Yeah. And, you know, the job. At, uh, the coffee shop.“

"Oh, right. Here you go,” Seokjin says as he turns around, setting a small box of medicine down on the counter. “Remember to take these twice a day: one in the morning and one at night. And by the way-” is that Yoongi’s cold getting affecting his eyesight, or is Seokjin blushing - “that caramel macchiato you made last time? One of the best coffees I’ve ever had.”

At those words, Yoongi feels warm all over. “Oh, um, thanks.  Well, speaking of coffee-” Yoongi coughs, and his hands are balled into fists as he forces the words out, “Do you wanna grab one sometime?”

Seokjin’s mouth forms a small “o”, and it takes all of Yoongi’s willpower not to scream at the adorable sight. “What, you mean for me to drop by at the café again? I mean, yeah, sure, since I was planning to go back there later today anyways.”

Yoongi really wants to bang his head against the counter, but he spares himself from any further physical pain. He opts for squeezing his eyes shut instead. “No, uh, I mean, onadate?”

“What? Your scarf-”

Yoongi yanks his scarf down and yells (but his throat’s sore, so it really comes out as a croak), “Will you go out with me?!”

There’s a stunned silence, and Yoongi’s starting to regret leaving the house, or maybe being born. Then, the silence breaks as the store fills with laughter. Yoongi thinks he’s never heard anything more splendid in his life. “Goodness, you’re so cute. Sure! But shouldn’t I know the name of the person asking me out first?”

“Uh, Y-Yoongi. Min Yoongi,” he says, taking the opportunity while he’s sniffling to cover the stupid smile on his face with his scarf. “I’ll meet you here then? When I’m better, I mean.”

Seokjin continues to giggle. “Of course, when you’re better. See you then, Yoongi-sshi?” Yoongi gives a curt nod and promptly darts out the door.

“Wait! Yoongi-sshi, your medicine!”

Needless to say, when Yoongi arrives home (with his medicine, luckily) and shares the story with his roommate, Hoseok doubles over in laughter.

“Oh my god… what did you say his laughter sounded like again?”

“Dude, I’m serious. It was like… auditory rainbows.”

“Good God, Yoongi, I think you’re delirious from that cold of yours. Since when were you this cheesy?!”

Yoongi simply shrugs, smiling to himself as he looks at his bag of cold medicine.