The Gorramn Shiniest Language Guide & Dictionary in the 'Verse

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I am pleased to announce that, this Spring, a new addition to the Firefly ‘Verse will be hitting store shelves. It’s called The Gorramn Shiniest Language Guide and Dictionary in the 'Verse, and pre-orders are now available.

The process and the approvals for this project was much different than what I’ve done previously for Firefly. All of my effort was strongly focused on writing the text, which is different from being a developer on a multi-book project where I get to see the text, layout, and most of the art ahead of time. Here, I spent a lot of time analyzing the show scripts, reviewing the language, and focusing on the individual words–some of which had alternate spellings! Plus, there’s a special interview in here with Jenny Lynn, the show’s translator as well, and I got the chance to hear some great stories.

I’m hoping that fans like you will be amazed to get a new, inside look at what it’s like to be involved with Firefly from a language perspective, and fall in love with the 'Verse all over again. Thanks to my editors at Titan–I had a blast on this project!

Nathan Fillion (The ultimate Whedon meme - actor 2/7) Serenity is the first thing I’ve watched with Nathan Fillion in it, and I fell in love with him right away. Not too long after that, I saw him as Caleb in Buffy and this is the moment I knew I was in for a long ride… Because anyone able to rock the Han Solo kind and the sexy evil psychopath as perfectly is the kind I just can’t stop loving. I am really happy that Nathan Fillion has a good career. I have seen him in a lot of things, and he always is perfect. I don’t care how little his part is, he will steal the show (did you see Super ?). He knows how to do comedy, and he knows how to do drama, and action, and sci-fi, and horror… and about everything. And as a person, he seems just so perfect. He is funny, he is kind, he is charming, he is talented, he is clever, he is passionate… And so geeky I just can’t stop loving him so much. He just is that kind of people you want to see succeed and being happy.
Joss Whedon: The definitive EW interview | EW.com

And I look back at my work and see a rage-filled hormonal autobiography that spans over four different series—five now—and several films. There’s lots of fear, lots of love and confusion and sex, and deep-seated anger at the bullies of the world, be they corporations or demons. I don’t have a ton of enemies.I get along with people pretty well when I’m not annoying them to death. But there’s a lot of inarticulate emotion that I articulate pretty well when I’m in the guise of a teenage girl.


Joss Whedon Is A.... (Part Two)
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Hello again fellow Whedon lovers.

So sorry for the delay in getting the next segments completed, but sometimes life gets in the way!

However, my love for Joss still grows more each day, so I still have plenty left to say if you’re still willing to continue on the journey with me. So grab your stake, saddle up with some of your besties, and let’s get going!


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Spike & Angel (The ultimate Whedon meme - brotp 1/5) Spike and Angel(us) always had great scenes together, but it wasn’t before season 5 of ATS that they became one of my favorite brotp ever. They annoy each other so much, and have a so complicated history, that every scene is just golden. And in this season, they also are the only one that understands what the other lives through, being the only two vampires with souls and being both Buffy’s exes…. I love them so much because they just don’t want to be friends, and still end up being more or less family. (and they are great in the comics too !)

The bus team (The ultimate Whedon meme - family 1/5)

(Do they have a team name ? Coulson’s team maybe ?)

One of the things I love the most about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is how they built the team. It was not too fast, little by little they became family and it was very nice to watch. In one season, they became so close you just can’t imagine them apart. I actually even have issues with the idea of Ward not being with them, even after everything, because some part of me want them to see him as their responsibility and being the ones trying to redeem him. (I can’t wait to see what they will do about Ward in season 2).

I really love how all those characters that are so different can actually live together and love each other, even through a lot of difficult times. It has been a while since I haven’t had a feel of real family on a show, funny how it is a Whedon show again that gives me that.

30 days of BTVS, Day 26 : Favorite minor character.

Harmony ! I loved her as a human, I loved her even more as a vampire. She probably is the only vampire ever to have not changed at all when she got bitten. Seeing her with Spike was maybe the funniest thing in BTVS… Or maybe it was her fight with Xander ? Or the Unicorn obsession ? Or when she kidnapped Dawn ? I mean, yeah every scene with vampire Harmony is just perfect.

And I was so happy when she got on season 5 of Angel. She was really really funny in it, and she had great outfits and she really brought a lot of fun and unexpected to the last season of the show. I really wish Mercedes McNab was in more stuff because she is a great funny actress.

30 days of BTVS, Day 3 : Favorite first scene of a character.

There are a lot of very strong first scenes in Buffy. I mean, even the first scene of the show is one of the best scenes ever and introduces Darla the best way possible. But my favorite is Spike’s entrance. When I first saw it, I was catching up on the show and had already seen Spike in a lot of other episodes, but I knew I would have fallen in love with him in these first seconds if I hadn’t already known him. Hell, I fell in love with him again because of that scene. It is just the perfect depiction of who Spike is. I mean, you can pitch Spike by just showing that scene. And I also love how they toyed with it over and over, when he came back in season 3, or in the end when he destroyed Sunnydale and the sign fell off again. I mean, I surely would love it if they had given the sign to James Marsters, because he had a very intimate relationship to it during all the season.

Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (The ultimate Whedon meme - episode/movie 1/10) I remember watching Dr Horrible when it first aired online. I was an au pair in England, and it is basically the only good memory I have about this experience. Well… Good memory… I don’t really know, because I really hated Whedon because of it. I mean, I thought I was safe. It was a silly musical about a supervillain that was kinda nice and a superhero that was a douche, and Neil Patrick Harris was the lead, so, for once, I thought I was safe watching something made by Whedon. So I watched it thinking I was going to have fun, and waiting for a happy ending. Well, I was crushed. I remember crying over and over while watching the last part over and over. When I finally got Dr Horrible in dvd, I cried a lot too. Damn you Whedon ! But also, damn you, where is the sequel ??

Clint & Natasha (The ultimate Whedon meme - otp 2/10)

I know Hawkeye and Black Widow are not Whedon characters per se, but the scenes he wrote for them in The Avengers were really great. Great enough to make me ship them when they were never my focus in any Avengers comics I’ve read.

I am really happy with the absence of romance in the first Avengers movie, I really hope it still won’t be the focus in Age of Ultron… But I also hope there will be a lot of great Natasha and Clint moments to continue to build that relationship that already seems so complex and intense.

I love how they always fall in love, whatever their imprints are, and whatever the situation is. I think Whedon may have created the most romantic couple ever. I think they are the true thing, the True Love, the one that nothing can stop, not even the fact that they don’t remember, not even the fact that they’re not even the same persons every time they see each other.

30 days of BTVS, Day 12 : Favorite canon ship. Xander and Anya. Not because they are perfect, they really aren’t, but because they try, and try again. They love each other so much that they put up with the annoying things the other does. Well, up until season 6 anyway, because this is actually their issue in that season, the fact that they are so different and they think the other will get bored with it and stop trying. Anywyay, I loved them together. They had great chemistry, and their lovestory is epic and tragic and so compelling. And it is maybe the sanest relationship post-graduation in the show (and it has a cancelled wedding in it so I guess it says a lot about BTVS).
30 days of BTVS, Day 4 : Favorite and least favorite season. Oh. My. Gob. Look at thoses promo pics. I am just… I feel like I’m in the 90’s again, buying all the magazines to read about the show while waiting to be able to watch the episodes. “OMG Willow is going to have a girlfriend ? This is sooo coool !” (I am French, we had to wait a lot, so we had spoilers in magazines…). Anyway. I will begin by saying I love every seasons. They all are very different, and are all great. It is really difficult for me to make a choice… The favorite would be season 2. I mean, it’s more or less a tie with season 6 (yeah I like my seasons dark and depressing it seems). But season 2 has everything : romance, fun episodes, silly episodes, heartbreaking episodes, Spike, Drusilla, ANGEL-FREAKING-US… And yeah, I love the other seasons, but season 2 was like that perfect definition of the show. I could really relate to the characters, and I still can, even if I am far from my teenage years now. Plus, this is the first season I’ve watched, and there is the very 90’s feel to it that makes me feel nostalgic. Season 4 is my least favorite. There were some great episode in  it, and the end of season is just amazing (Restless is in my top10 of best episodes ever). But… I don’t know. I mean, it was a pretty frustrating season, which was what they were going for, all the characters were in a very confusing and frustrating state of mind. But everytime I watch season 4 again, I just feel like I’m waiting for season 5, 6 and 7, like it was a transition and I had to suffer through it. (But there are some great great episodes in it).

I’d like to think I could be cool enough to just say “Nice day captain.” if I ever saw Nathan Fillion on the street, because it would be amazing to be like a cool memory to him. I am pretty sure I would just cry and have an asthma attack, more my style.

Dana (The ultimate Whedon meme - female character 1/12) The Cabin In The Woods is a very weird horror movie, yet I had no issue getting really attached to the characters. Joss Whedon is a genius when it comes to use tropes to his advantage, to use tropes to make the audience think they are safe and then destroy everything they thought they knew. Dana is one of those things. In the beginning more or less depicted like the nice girl that wouldn’t do anything wild, she actually is a real bamf and shows it in the last part of the movie with no restrain whatsoever. She may not be a slayer or a telepathic genius, she still is one the the strongest female leads you can find in a horror movie.

30 days of BTVS, Day 27 : Favorite non-canon ship.

I’ve already said it, I am not a huge out of the canon shipper. Basically, I a not a huge shipper at all, I like some ships, but I never did fan art or wrote fanfictions (well I did, but they weren’t ship-centered, and it is actually something that made me stop reading fanfictions, I have huge issues finding fanfics that aren’t just about two characters fucking each other…). Anyway, I still have my ships, but in btvs they almost all became canon…

Except maybe for Giles and Joyce ? I really felt like they had great chemistry and I thought/hoped for a long time that they would end up together. Part of me still regrets the fact that they didn’t, but part of me also think it would probably have been kind of a  cheesy/lousy writing. They were great (most of the time) at being Buffy’s parents, and I actually like that they were it without being together, I have a soft spot for not traditional families… But, yeah, Band Candy was awesome.

30 days of BTVS, Day 18 : A character everyone loves that you don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Buffy. I don’t even not like her. I like her. I think she is a great female character. She is strong, funny, clever, she knows how to have fun and she is way more intelligent than she credits herself to be. And she can be a good friend. And she can be a good sister.

But she also can be very bad at those things. Yeah, she is the chosen one and she’s got a lot of responsibilities. And this is too much for a teen/young adult. And it is unfair. But it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have times when she is not a good friend, or a good sister/daughter. She makes mistakes. She has tendencies to wall herself from people when she is not okay, and it hurts people. She also can be kinda judgmental…

Well, she has flaws. Like all the other characters. But fans seem to forget her flaws. On of the reasons I left the fandom at some point, during the great forums era, is because everyone was saying how great Buffy was, how perfect she was, and every time I just wanted to point out something interesting about her but something that wasn’t so perfect about her, I got shout at and everything.

30 days of BTVS, Day 11 : Favorite weird episode. One of the many many things I love with Joss Whedon is how he uses weird episodes to make the story go forward. He does it again and again and it is always so great. Everytime the episode could be only another weird and silly episode just for the sake of it but it actually helps the storyline take a jump forward. And it is always so clever… Once More With Feeling is the best of those episodes. It could be only the musical episode and be great anyway, because all the actors are so talented, and Joss Whedon is great at doing those things. But it is actually a lot more than that. The more I rewatch the episode, the more I see. And everything is great too. The songs. The choreographies. The costumes. The colors. The foretelling. That episode could be watched as a synopsis of season 6, all the issues, all the storylines are showed in it. And it also is a very sad episode, tragic even, because the characters could deal with it all at the end. Sweet showed them all what they were fighting against but they decided to basically ignore it instead of facing it. So they keep on digging their own graves, and all of this was for nothing. This episode is the moment when you know that season will be the darkest, that it will never end well.