Kaylee (The ultimate Whedon meme - female character 2/12) It is very unusual to have a sweet kind girl in a crew of outlaws I guess, and Kaylee is really unusual about everything (I totally understand how Simon can be so lost sometimes). She is kind and nice, but totally is into doing illegal and dangerous stuff. She is a romantic but she is also a very sensual character (her positive sexuality is really awesome to watch, she basically meets Mal while screwing his mechanic and she basically steals the job). Kaylee is the heart of the crew, no wonder why she also is the one that almost dies in the pilot (thank you whedon for not really killing her !). Kaylee’s got great interactions with everybody and she is very funny, clever and sweet. She also is not afraid to tell the hard truth (she is the one who calls Mal on his Inara-related bullshit). She is always very supportive of her friends (“have good sex !” to Inara when she goes to work), and like Mal said, nobody can make her stop cheering. And the fact that this character exists, doesn’t seem ridiculous in that harsh world, and still is her own kind of badass is really awesome.
Mind you, there is no such thing as a perfect feminist character or story. This is a good thing. Without critical analysis, without thoughtful dissent, you don’t get interesting and compelling conversations about anything.
—  Maria Huehner, Imperfectly Perfect: Why I Really Love Buffy for Being a Pill Sometimes (From the book Whedonistas!: A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whedon by the Women who Love Them)
Dana (The ultimate Whedon meme - female character 1/12) The Cabin In The Woods is a very weird horror movie, yet I had no issue getting really attached to the characters. Joss Whedon is a genius when it comes to use tropes to his advantage, to use tropes to make the audience think they are safe and then destroy everything they thought they knew. Dana is one of those things. In the beginning more or less depicted like the nice girl that wouldn’t do anything wild, she actually is a real bamf and shows it in the last part of the movie with no restrain whatsoever. She may not be a slayer or a telepathic genius, she still is one the the strongest female leads you can find in a horror movie.

Alyson Hannigan (The ultimate Whedon meme - actress 1/12)

As a kid, one of my favorite movies was My stepmother is an Alien. I wish I could say I recognized the actors that played Willow and Oz right away but I was twelve and they were ten years older so basically I didn’t. But I was crazy the day I made the connection.

Alyson Hannigan is funny, pretty, can be either sexy or cute (or neither). She is not afraid to go very far (either in comedy or in drama) and she is basically very talented. I am not a big shiper of real persons but have you seen a better family than the one she’s got with Alexis Denisof and their kids ? Look for their halloween costumes pictures, you’ll die because of the cuteness.