i think my favorite thing about sun is that she’s somehow this incredible badass but also like twelve years old, but not…in an infantilizing way where it’s like ~oh shes so Fragile but Deadly~, just, both things happen to be true? she’s spent like 90 percent of her screen time in a bra for no reason but somehow i’m not put off by it? all these writing choices should be questionable in kind of a whedonesque vulnerable-waif-with-fists kind of way, but then they aren’t and she’s just a person. i dunno what the differentiating factor is but I’m here for it.

Dear Tumblr followers,

Whedonesque has been around in one shape or fashion for over 14 years now. We’ve seen a lot of things happen in the fandom. Now in the last few years we’ve diversified into social media  and there’s three distinct followings that we have - Tumblr, Facebook, & Twitter (we don’t talk about our MySpace page, ever). The fan passion is primarily here in Tumblr. The stuff you come up with is great. And we know sometimes you don’t see eye to eye with what Joss says or does but that’s critical thought for you. That has to be respected despite not agreeing with it from time to time.

The other important thing to remember is that the fandom here on Tumblr is diverse. And that’s a good thing. Diversity brings new insights and points of view to the table. But since Tuesday, things have changed. And a lot of you are now scared and upset and that concerns us. It shouldn’t have to be this way. But we’re here for you.  Use the fandom as a safe space. We’ll be here with our witty dialogue quotes, gifs, and screencaps to cheer you up when you need it.

Be stubborn, be passionate, be wonderful. But be heard.

Lexa’s Legacy

Right now the collective fan-base of the 100 is in a state of shock/mourning (albeit not everyone). Killing off an iconic character such as Lexa will have a very lasting effect on pop-culture history. Her character and Alycia Debnam-Carey will forever be remembered and in many ways immortalized by what has transpired. 

It’s just unfortunate that her death was handled so poorly. Lexa Deserved a better end that this. And so did Clarke. 

The unfortunate thing is that her demise is tainted by the way in which her death was written into the show. They could have produced the same story-arc of the ALIE 2.0. being attached to her spinal cord, but have her death mean something more than being a TARA 2.0. Whedonesque rip-off, mere moments after she and Clarke finally found happiness. The public outcry and anger from fans, including those from the LGBTQIA community, is heartfelt, saddening but justified. For months prior to this episode the showrunners kept fueling the hope for fans about  Clarke and Lexa - consistently trying to get us to watch the show by saying “you will be happy” with the outcome. Maybe the Finale might change how we all feel right now… or maybe it will be another bittersweet goodbye.

What others need to realize - we are not angry about her death. We are angry about HOW her death came about (ricochet bullet to the stomach) and the timing of it (literally 1-3 minutes after her and Clarke finally came together). The LGBTQIA community has seen this happen time and time again and it needs to stop. The damage that this has done can be felt collectively across the web. 

I’m going to continue to watch this show. I will watch it to simply see the legacy of Lexa carry on and how Clarke will deal with this latest blow. I want to watch Clarke hopefully become a stronger person because of her love for Lexa and find inspiration from her legacy. Maybe she will eventually receive the ALIE 2.0. chip. Who knows. I am still invested in the show’s story despite this blow. I have other characters I love - Raven, Clarke, Kane, Murphy, Abby etc. 

But Lexa will forever be one of those amazingly well written and portrayed characters that will live on forever in pop-culture history. Alycia Debnam Carey has done an amazing job with her character and created an iconic image that we will never forget. And we need to celebrate / be thankful for that. The dynamic between her and Eliza Taylor has been some of the best chemistry I’ve seen in a very long time - it will be missed, but not forgotten. 

Maybe we will see her again. It’s sci-fi and it’s happened before. But right now Ste yuj everyone. Your love, your lives and your identity whatever that may be MATTERS. You matter. What’s happened hurts, it sucks, it’s shitty and lazy writing - but let’s not get so angry that we forget how amazing Lexa was either. 

PM me if you need any support or to talk. 

  • SPIKE: Yeah. Okay. The key. Here's the thing... it's that guy... on TV ... what's his name?
  • GLORY: On the television?
  • SPIKE: That show ... the prize show ... where they guess what stuff costs?
  • MURK: 'The Price Is Right'?
  • JINX: Oh, Bob Barker!
  • MURK: We will bring you Bob Barker! We will bring you the limp and beaten body of Bob Bark-