I know what it’s like. You think you matter, you think you’re a part of something, and you get dumped. It’s like the world’s still moving, but you’re stuck. You’re sinking a little deeper every day, and nobody even sees.
—  Faith Lehane
Buffy the vampire slayer

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How you interpret the scene in AtS 3x19 where Angel says "Snow. Doesn't ever snow in South California" and Cordelia reminds him it did once. Obviously snow is related to a pivotal moment of his life and his relationship with Buffy. A way of saying he's lost the mission?

Nah, that’s just part of the PtB/Jasmine storyline (note that only 3 of the PtB miracles are provably not the work of Jasmine: Darla being sent to stop Connor, Cordy’s ghostly visit and the last vision of the Black Thorn).

The magic snow was a miracle that gave Angel hope that something out there cared about him and wanted him to live. The snow represented hope and his elusive light at the end of the tunnel, which is why Cordy reminded Angel that he was given such a miracle once. This miracle literally saved his life from sunrise. And of course, if ever there was a thing it doesn’t do in Southern California (unless you’re in the mountains–I live here), it’s snow.

From a writing perspective, Amends was all about setting up AtS (which was well underway), which is why that even if the First Evil did bring Angel back (it even states it doesn’t care if Angel kills himself after failing to kill Buffy), there was clearly some other force out there who wanted him alive. The Mayor also hints at this in Choices when he comments on whether or not Angel’s higher purpose and the reason he was brought back was really to just ruin Buffy’s life and future. Amends is when he thought he had no way of ever reaching redemption or being forgiven at a time when he was suicidal.

Angel, much like Liam (considered his father a religious hypocrite) and Angelus (note Angelus’ preoccupation with nuns, virginity, corrupting/targeting innocence and mocking God), was very much informed by being Catholic. Angel’s past influenced his belief in a Higher Power (God) and him being clearly bothered by damnation (which he tells Darla) and the inevitability of him going to hell. Angel even tells Marcus the pedo vampire that what he wants most is “forgiveness”. Angel is one of the most overtly religious characters in the ‘verse because of his human background, despite the mythology being inconclusive, but seemingly polytheistic despite so much Christian symbology traditional to vampire mythology. He manages to still hang onto this. An interesting scene is one in I’ve Got You Under My Skin where he is looking up at the cross in the church.

A lot of his story is him being prophecy’s bitch and manipulated by Higher Powers. So much of his story is being at the mercy of events out of his control, such as becoming a vampire, being ensouled, Whistler pulling him out of his self-imposed flagellation, having no idea of the loophole in his curse, Doyle being sent as his link to the PtBs, Darla’s resurrection, Connor’s impossible conception and birth, Holtz’s return, Jasmine, etc… At times, he loses his faith that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for him and that there’s anything out there that cares. Jasmine, in particular, removes his belief that the PtBs are in any way benevolent, which means he may never be forgiven. Jasmine even tells him that the other PtBs don’t like to get involved and she was the only one who likes getting her hands dirty. Likewise, Sahjhan’s ability to fake a prophecy (despite it ironically coming true in a way) also broke Angel’s trust in such things.

One thing Buffy did teach him was that prophecy can be thwarted, starting with her death at the hands of the Master. Like Angel, Buffy is the victim of a higher purpose she didn’t choose or want, but still wanted to do the right thing and help because she could. Given that his teacher and sire was Darla, the Master’s favorite pet and a member of the Order of Aurelius, he parroted words about fearing Slayers even as Angelus that sound an awful lot like her and the Master’s over-reliance on tradition and the inevitability of prophecy, then he very nearly gave up on coming after Buffy because he believed that there was no way out until Xander still wanted to try. This is an important part of his development.

This is the importance of his epiphany that, rather than do something for a reward or even just to beat the other guy, he should help people because he wants them to not suffer so much and it’s the right thing to do. And even if they make the wrong choices, such as Wolfram & Hart nudging flawed humanity towards its own downfall, they still have the right to do it instead of becoming Jasmine’s happy, brainwashed meatpuppets with no free will, even if more would indeed be saved at the cost of only a few instead of millions with “world peace”. World peace is indeed a concept that can only exist if everyone thinks the same way and there are no dissenters, which must always be eliminated (check out the bloody history of Communism with that very philosophy).

And despite being at the mercy of the meddling of Higher Powers, gypsies and prophecy, his story is all about the things he chooses with his human free will, such as falling in love with Buffy (which wasn’t foreseen), choosing to leave her because he wants her to have the future he can never give her and never have for himself (note how many of his list of items he tells her are things he wants more than her–his preoccupation with wanting a family is evident as early as Bad Eggs, The Prom and War Zone), turning himself into a superhero in her image and putting being a champion of humanity before his own chance at forgiveness, redemption or humanity (something he gives up twice). He’s giving up his chance at no longer being damned as a demon destined to go to hell.

He loves humanity more than himself, which is something often seen from him, such as when he wanted to sacrifice himself, someone who could save so many, to save even a 400-year-old syphilitic, ex-vampire prostitute who could barely save herself. Angel has a huge problem with his own self-worth.

you know, something i just noticed about Buffy the Vampire Slayer is how the role of men and women is flipped

men are almost exclusively the jealous or needlessly bitchy ones. most of the men have some sort of rivalry with the others

angel hates xander, xander hates angel, xander hates spike, spike hates xander, giles hates angel and spike, xander and giles never really get along, xander is jealous of spike and angel when they’re with buffy, angel’s jealous of riley, the list goes on

and women don’t act like men; it’s only proving that women are not inherently enemies

not to mention that women make up the vast majority of the cast

i just fucking love joss whedon

I’ve been watching the Sherlock fandom tweeting #norbury for quite a while now, I live Sherlock and I might not actively (have a fan account etc) be part of the fandom but honestly I think we do deserve an explanation.
Anyway it’s reminded me about what I heard about the fuffy situation, where joss said there was no lesbian subtext until he was directed to an analysis of the script etc and he APOLOGISED and ADMITTED HE WAS WRONG, to be honest I think that’s what the Sherlock fandom wants, they want acknowledgment of the issues in s4 instead of being insulted. Who you really are does matter

Spike takes up his pen for the first time in a while by Quinara

Gearing up for MystiCon VA this morning. My first panel this afternoon is Welcome to the Hellmouth, so I was thinking about Buffy. Just for kicks and grins, I googled “poetry about Buffy” and found this awesome page: Five Poems Spike Wrote for Buffy (and One that she Wrote About Him):  https://archiveofourown.org/works/10887

I picked the first one.

Fans of the show will remember that Spike, when he was a human named William, was called William the Bloody, not because he was vicious or violent, but because he wrote such bloody awful verses. I love that backstory. It’s part of why Spike, hundreds of years and a serious makeover later still has the heart of a poet.

Whether the lines are bloody awful or not, they definitely have heart.

And you know Spike would be a fan of Lord Byron, with that mixture of badassery and heartfelt sloppy sentiment. So I love his version of “walks in beauty like the night.”

The most spot-on lines:
“But dark, I sometimes see that in her eyes;
    It calls to me like a forgotten song.”


Why Serenity (2005) is an amazing film.  Through Mal, it gives us an unfettered, crazy, glimpse into who Han Solo probably was.

Whedon let the tiger out of his cage. George Lucas never did.

Mal to The Operative at the end: “I’ll kill you, if I ever see you again, you know.” 

And I never doubted Mal meant every word of it.

Buffy the Vampire slayer is so important. It’s showed countless girls (and boys) that everyone has potential, that anyone can be a hero, and that being a hero is not just about being strong - it’s about being vulnerable, and flawed, and human. It showed us that you’re never really done growing up. and that’s ok, because life is messy and complicated and the future rarely happens the way you think it will. It taught us that friendship is important, but so is self reliance, because when everything else gets stripped away you have to be ok with the person that’s left. It’s taught us that all forms of love are valid, it’s taught us that people can change, and (perhaps most importantly), it’s taught us the value of a well-timed pun. So let’s just all take a moment, 18 years after the day Buffy first premiered, to just be thankful for what this show has done for us.

Reactions to Quicksilver’s Death #4

*Watching Age of Ultron, remembering that Whedon said someone will die*

Me: Please, not Hawkeye. 

*subtle symbolism that Hawkeye could die*

Me: Whedon no.

*Sees Hawkeye is married to Laura who is pregnant and they have two kids already*

Me: Whedon no!

Hawkeye: *talking about remodeling the house* It’s my last project.


Tony: There’s no way we all get through this. *camera is on Hawkeye* 


*Ultron is firing bullets and Hawkeye sees it and is about to embrace death*


*Quicksilver saves Hawkeye at the last moment*

Me: *breathes a sigh of relief* Oh Whedon. You had me going there for-

*sees Quicksilver riddled with bullet holes*

Quicksilver: You didn’t see that coming.

Me: *gets flashbacks of Quicksilver and Hawkeye saying “You didn’t see that coming”* 

Me: *see Whedon and hears him chanting mockingly “You didn’t see that coming” over and over*

Me: *goes into emotional shock and curls into fetal position*

Me: *repeats “I didn’t see that coming” over and over for all eternity*