wheaton castle


‘We walked through the night and made it back to Castle Rock
a little past five o'clock on Sunday morning, the day before Labor Day.
We’d only been gone two days but somehow the town seemed different. Smaller.’

Stand by me | 1986 | dir: Rob Reiner | dop: Thomas Del Ruth


Stand by Me (1986)

Based on the Stephen King short story The Body, Rob Reiner’s easygoing nostalgia piece is set in Castle Rock, OR, over Labor Day weekend, 1959. A quartet of boys, inseparable friends all, set out in search of a dead body that one of the boys overhears his brother talking about.

Compilation of Butfartman Lore

It has taken a bit of time but I have now compiled a lot (possibly all but most likely I missed something) of the Butfartman lore that has been given to us during the 2014 and 2015 Project for Awesome Livestreams.  If any lore was discussed during Part 6 which is still unavailable, it is not listed here.

The Beginning:

Destin looked at an Australian 10 dollar note because an Australian donor gave the money he was requesting.  It was noted that there were words (later to be revealed as the poem “The Man from Snowy River” by Banjo Peterson). While scanning the words the screen showed “BUT FAR T” and enjoyment ensued.

 The Butfartman outfit of the same shirt on the top and the bottom is a modification of a suggestion by twitter user @tweetlikeatwit to raise money by wearing a shirt on your legs and pants on your arms/torso.  

Hank instead put the identical shirts he was given by Destin on the top and bottom and began waddling and saying “Beep bop bwoop boop,” the beginnings of Butfartman’s language (in 2014 it is decided that this is mostly saying “butfart” over and over, in 2015 this language was declared Butfartese and becomes much more eloquent). It was commented that Hank looked like “the awful sidekick of a banana” or a baby.  Hank insisted that he was obviously a space alien.  Soon after it was declared: neither baby nor alien, I am Butfartman!

As the night progressed, the following was revealed:

1. Butfartman is a superhero

2. Bartfutman lives in Ohio and is totally different

3. “We are all Butfartman” and “In Butfartman We Trust”

4. A children’s song was written: “Every time you fart, you fart on yourself!”

5. The first Fartmas miracle occurred at Castle Wheaton when a cloud of farts surrounded it after Anne made soup (although it is claimed that this was a fart mist and not Fartmas)

6. Fartmas celebrates the birth of Butfartman on December 14 (even though Wil claims Butfartman was actually born in Spring but we celebrate in December to co-opt the pagan fart rituals)

7. Pat Rothfuss decided we need scratch a sniff Fartmas cards 

8. A Fartmas tree is a pile of cans of beans topped with sour cream (some were immediately made by Twitter users; on camera one was made of green beans, black beans, chickpeas, and cottage cheese)

9. Fartmas Carols were written and sung (full list of carols below):

10. In our fart of farts, we are Butfartman

11. We are all but farts in the butt of Butfartman

12. Canada has Fartmas but it is in October

13. Butfartman crop dusts the entire world in one night

14. No fires are allowed on Fartmas Eve (it is too dangerous for Butfartman)

15. Fartmas is bad for global warming

16. The grinch’s fart grew three sizes that day

17. There will be a “top-notch” Fartmas perk in 2015 (did not happen)

18. Fartmas will be on the 2016 calendar (did happen)

19. “Fartmas isn’t about the carols, it’s about spending time with your loved ones.  And farting on them.” - Matthew Gaydos

During the 2014 Livestream Fartmas, butfart, and Butfartman all trended.


On the first night of the Livestream, Destin relocated “BUT FAR T” on the Australian money, Hank dressed as Butfartman using the sweatshirts YouTube sent him, a Fartmas tree was built, and people hummed “Oh Fartmas Tree”

On the second night of the Livestream, as we transitioned into Fartmas Eve the following was revealed:

1. Butfartman is much more communicative and eloquent in Butfartese this year.

2. Saying “Butfartman” three times makes Butfartman appear (but possibly not)

3. Butfartman is never nude! (aka wear Butfartman outfits over your clothing!)

4. Butfartman has a crotch hole (later named “Fartmakah”) for the following reasons: person reasons, Butfartman centipede, to hide a Butfartman’s head when scared (ButfarTim attempted this), to store things like a marsupial pouch (there are no pockets), fart storage, directing farts when traveling through the air, “Swiss Army Hole”, laying eggs

5. If you are good Butfartman brings you beans and sour cream to create future farts

6. If you are bad Butfartman brings you poop

7. Butfartman’s home planet (Butfartopia) has a higher gravity which is why the farts propel Butfartman through the air

8. Butfartman farted the first fart in space

9. There are no genders on Butfartopia

10. Butfartman does not mess with the Star Wars universe because it is too weird for Butfartman (although he is curious about the anatomy of other species like Yoda)

11. Butfartman greets others by spitting on them

12. Butfartdog was seen on Twitter but Butfartkitty is unlikely

13. Butfartman sneezes out of his butt, no one understands Butfartman

14. Butfartman crash landed in Boston

15. No one should kidnap Butfartman or the children of Butfartman to demand the P4A money as ransom

16. Wearing all white does not designate ghost Butfartman (bwop bWEEEEEp bwop bwoop!)

17. On Fartmas Eve, leave egg salad sandwiches (cut into quarters with the crusts cut off) and a large cup of pickle juice for Butfartman

18. We are all Butfartpeople and Butfartman is just a rich guy with an affinity for (but)farts

19. Butfartman is really good at math (sometimes storing a calculator in the fartmakah)

20. Butfartman does not necessarily know much about Doctor Who

21. Butfartman is a real, human-sized, person

22. None of us exist without Butfartman because we are all but farts in the butt of Butfartman

23. The Katherine does NOT find Butfartman attractive

24. Butfartman’s dating ritual involves dancing and is similar to Butfartyoga:

25. Butfartman shows approval by saying “AHHHHHHHHH” happily

We also learned more of the history of Butfartman’s kind:

Mouthfartman is a different species than Butfartman and the two species are in a civil war.  This is because the Mouthfartmen and Mouthfartwomen are confused by the Butfartman’s lack of gender and this has made the Mouthfartpeople angry.  Occasionally a Butfartman is born tending toward a gender despite not knowing the concept of gender because one has had sex with Commander Riker.

Fartmas Carols:

(Tune of Happy Birthday) Happy Fartmas to you, happy Fartmas to you, happy Fartmas dear Hank, happy Fartmas to you … and many faaaarrrrttttsssss!

(Tune of Silent Night) Faaartmas, Faaartmas, Fartfartmas, Fartfartmas, Fartfartfartfartfart Faaartmas

(Tune of Everything is Awesome) Everybody Fartmas! Everybody’s cool when you’re part of the fart!

(Tune of Silver Bells) Silver Farts! (This then caused a discussion of creating silver farts)

(Tune of Hark the Harold Angels Sing) Hark how the farts Butfartman farts all seen to say beans everyday! f-a-a-a-art, f-a-a-a-art, f-a-a-a-art, f-a-a-a-art, fartfartfartfartfartfartFartmas, fartfartfartfartfartfartFartmas, merry merry merry merry Fartmas (traditional)

(Tune of 12 Days of Christmas) On the first day of Fartmas Butfartman gave to me…

(Tune of Up on the Rooftop) Up on the rooftop fart fart fart

(Tune of O Christmas Tree) Oh Fartmas tree, oh Fartmas tree, oh how your smell repels us, you are dressed in all the beans, surrounded by clouds of green, oh Fartmas tree oh Fartmas tree, you really are delightful

(Tune of All I Want for Christmas is You) All I want for Fartmas is POO!  Baby!

(Tune of Santa Clause is Coming to Town) Lighting u farts, running away, burning down your house on Fartmas Day, Butfartman is coming to town! He sees you when you’re farting, he knows when you’re asleep, he knows if farts are good or bad

(Tune of Last Christmas) Last Fartmas I gave you my fart.  The very next day you gave it away.

(Tune of Deck the Halls) Deck the Fartmas with Butfartman, fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart

(Tune of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen) God rest ye merry Butfartmen, may nothing you dismay, remember Banjo’s words were first seen on Fartmas Day

(Tune of Jingle Bells) Eating beans galore, away from open flame, stuffing our faces, if only (inaudible) bingle farts bingle farts bingle all the way! oh what fun it is to fart away from open flame OH  bingle farts bingle farts bingle all the way! oh what fun it is to fart away from open flame

(Tune of Santa Clause is Coming to Town) Open the cans, don’t ask me why, we’re gonna eat beans and bring tears to your eyes, Butfartman is coming to town!

(Tune of Silent Night) Silent fart, deadly fart, all was calm, until I farted. Destroyed all (inaudible) of peace, all of my family are hiding from me. Sleep in heavenly beans, sleep in heavenly beans.

(Tune of White Christmas) I’m dreaming of a nice Fartmas, just like the ones I used to blow.

(Tune of Particle Man) Butfartman, Butfartman, doing the things a butt fart can. What’s he like? It’s not important. Butfartman. Is he a butt? Or is he a fart? If he farts in outer space will the fart push him forward? Nobody knows, Butfartman.

(Tune of Jingle Bells) Dashing through the Fartmas with a big ole can of beans. O’er the fart field we go (the fart field of Butfartopia are well known) farting all the way HA HA HA Farts from the (inaudible) making spirits smelly, how fun it is to laugh and fart a Fartmas song tonight. Oh Fartmas bells, Fartmas bells, farting all the way! Oh what fun it is to fart with a big ole can of beans OH! Fartmas bells, Fartmas bells, farting all the way! Oh what fun it is to fart with a big ole can of beans. Now the room is reeking, go farting while you’re young. Take no poops tonight, and sing this farting song! Just take a can of beans and a really big ole spoon, shove them in your open mouth and PFFFT you’ll take the lead! (there are more verses that involve a farting contest)

Here is a Fartmas poem written by @hanklerfishcomic

Links to the sections of the Livestreams with Butfartman: x x x x

This post is dedicated to the nerdfighters of bindle who are amazing.

In addition to the Sparks McGee Lounge (complete with Hottie Hot Tub -No Baldies. Suck it, Picard!) we have the newly named Isaac Parrish Irrigation Farm. 

Soon to come… Fawkes’ Armory of Anarchy, Chaos Kitchen, LaChance Lane (to find the prestigious Wheaton Castle. Working on that. Wanted it to go from the Easttown Spawn point to the Castle but I worked backwards and that’s never smart.) 

Aubree and I extended the castle some (and I was listening to Memories of the Futurecast: Episode Datalore in the process. “I’m Wesley Crusher and I’m in Starfleet! WEEEEEEE!!!!1!”) - but I’m afraid all our hardwork is gonna be for naught as the server is rebooting tomorrow, if I’m reading that Broadcast correctly.

And I picked up a bunch of Mushrooms, Glowstone, and Netherrack for the Sparks McGee Lounge. I hope that stays in my chest for safe keeping for later.

Not to mention… our awesome plan for the exterior of Wheaton Castle… But no spoilers… Because it’s probably gonna take a while to do.

I am excited, though. This is gonna be AWESOME.

~ Leia_Elhromane (Minecraft name!)


Brace yourselves, Easttown is coming.
As you guys know, I build a castle in the remote depths of the last unsettled part of Nerdcrafteria. I have been running it as a donation center giving out food, tools, and such.
Wheaton Castle has served all of Nerdfighter kind well over the past few days, but I just can’t be sure what will happen to it. May the world watch over you as best as possible. You were a good home… You were a great friend…

ectolinguistics  asked:

Have to say, I was kinda hoping you would be a Hufflepuff

My wife is Hufflepuff! In fact, all four houses are represented in Castle Wheaton. I am Ravenclaw, Anne is Hufflepuff, Nolan is Slytherin, and Ryan is Gryffindor (which is extra awesome because he and Harry Potter have the exact same birthday: 31/7/89)

Wheaton Castle now has puppies! Thanks to Crimson_Regret!

This is Marlowe (red) and Riley (green). Seamus is off somewhere. Getting into all kinds of great trouble no doubt. His collar is/will be black. 

I don’t know how to change puppy skins like people can with kitty skins. I got some raw fish to find some cats though, hopefully…

The castle rebuild is coming along. (I keep typing rebuilt. IDEK.)


/warp WheatonCastle

So this is what Wheaton Castle Looks like at the moment… But I’m thinking of redoing ALL the stone (but not the floors) with regular stone blocks instead of cobblestone for a cleaner look. Maybe we’ll do the floors in wood or something. IDK. I don’t like it looking so very straight up and down. So we’ll do something about that…

Right now I’m exploring, currently in a field of endless snow and farm animals. No, really. I’m hoping to find mobs of Endermen and zombies and especially skeletons. Because while I really hate them (long range weapons) I can collect their bones when they die. Mwahaha. And bones means wolves! So we can has wolves that look after our sheep.

I know that doesn’t sound right, but it will be fine… Everyone gets along at Wheaton Castle. Dogs and cats living together! (Well, not yet.) Without the mass hysteria. 

Anyway, I think I did have a stroke of genius with that wool placement atop our lovely Castle. So after stone over-haul… PARAPETS!!

We need to name the Sheep pasture after someone. We’ve got Fawkes’ Armory of Anarchy (which is just a chest for free armor and weapons), LaChance Lane, Weasley Crusher Craft Stations, Doctor Isaac Parrish Irrigation Farm… and last but not least: the Sparks McGee Lounge. (Full tour to come.)

I want to make ROOMS eventually. And then we’ll get Chaos Kitchen.

Maybe Aeofel gets the Mine in Sparks’ Lounge named after him?

ASK BOX me your opinions. And if you wanna help and join in on the fun, track the Wheaton Castle tag (and find the map to our place.)

~ Leia_Elhromane

We have a chicken. Please do not kill him.

I wanted him to be free range, but he kept wandering off. Or, well, I think. He kept disappearing.

I’m nearly finished with “Ready Player One” (Parzival is named after the main character) on audio book (read by Wil, what a crazy random happenstance) and I’m so not ready to let go. It’s so very good. Go read it.

Visit little Z by entering /warp WheatonCastle

Lessons in Minecraft from Wil

A few minutes ago, while I was exploring the depths of a mine near my beautiful cabin by the lake, enraptured by the lava flow I saw a few chambers away, a Creeper snuck up behind me and blew me up.

I respawned, and in my efforts to recover my stuff, got knocked off a ledge and down into the black blackness of the cave by a spider. I died down there in the darkness, alone and longing for the spruce-planked safety of my bed.

When I respawned, I grabbed a sword and some torches, and went looking for my stuff a second time… but it was gone. Gone, all of it. I couldn’t find it anywhere, and I died a third time when a slimer thing bounced into me and knocked me off a ledge again. This time, I died on impact, instead of wandering around in the darkness until a zombie killed me.

So I have my level-one health, my beautiful cabin by the lake, a mine that’s deep and beautiful and filled with equal amounts of wonder and terror, and the strangest feeling of existential loss I’ve had in a video game since my dog got murdered in Fable.

I’m going to log off for a little while and get back into the real world, and when I go back to my awesome snowy little biome, I will carry only the exact tools I need whenever I leave the safety of my house for an extended time.

Live and learn, and remember that it’s just a video game.


(From his G+, yesterday)