wheatley quote

A new Free Fire still and some quotes in a feature story on the making of the film, in the April issue of Total Film:

Cillian (covered in dust, smiling): “You realise why action stars are paid so much. You have to come out of your trailer after having your lasagne and go, ‘Right, I have to go 100 per cent now.’ You’re straight into gunfire, bleeding and life or death.”

About the guns: The guys laugh at how they bonded on the first day by undergoing weapons training together, trying to out-cool each other as they fired their guns and took videos on their phones while they did it. They were, in fact, encouraged to take pride in their weapons, for each speaks of the man who wields it. “I have a revolver, Smith & Wesson,” states Murphy. “You only get six shots but they’re more reliable.”

Brie Larson (the only female cast member): “The one thing I’ve really learned from all the men here is that every surface is a canvas to draw a penis on. Women don’t do that. We’re not obsessed with drawing boobs everywhere. We’re made to feel embarrassed that we have appendages to begin with. But men are just like, ‘This is my junk.’ And each man has a different line he won’t cross. Some are like, ‘Penis and balls, cool – but don’t draw hair on the balls, that’s taking it too far.’ Some won’t have stuff coming out of the penis. They’re all obsessed with it but they all have a line where they’re like, ‘No, I won’t do that, because I’m a gentleman.’”

Okay, listen, we should get our stories straight, all right? If anyone asks - and no one’s gonna ask, don’t worry - but if anyone asks, tell them as far as you know, the last time you checked, everyone looked pretty much alive, all right? Not dead.
—  Donatello, after any crazy experiment, probably