wheatland music festival


Tom Hiddleston & Rodney Crowell at Wheatland Music Festival 2014

PETRA PRODUCTIONS Presents Actor Tom Hiddleston’s surprise performance at Wheatland Music Festival with Rodney Crowell. It was the last show of the festival and the crowd went wild! Nice job Tom!


September 7, 2014: Tom Hiddleston made his second surprise appearance at the Wheatland Music Festival as preparation for his role as Hank Williams in I Saw the Light. 

idk what song Tommy is singing here- but he is SANGING it! 


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#BeardyTomOfTheDay  = Tom with a beard or a three day stubble or any visible facial hair posted on any day

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#WheatlandWednesday  = Tom performing at the Wheatland Music Festival, Michigan 7.9.2014, when he was prepping to play Hank Williams in “I Saw The Light” (2015), posted on a Wednesday

#WaistCoatWednesday  = Tom wearing a waistcoat posted on a Wednesday

#WizardWorldWednesday = Any photo or gif of Tom at Wizard World Philadelphia 2016 

#WetHiddlesWednesday = Any photo or gif of Tom when he’s wet posted on a Wednesday 

#Thorsday  =  Tom dressed as Loki (or not) with #ChrisHemsworth dressed as Thor (or not) posted on a Thursday. Usually “Happy #Thorsday!”

#Thorki  = Thor + Loki

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#SuitSunday = Same as #SuitPornSunday

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#HiddleSisters  = Us, the Tom fans (including men)

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#ÜberFloof = When the #Floof is bigger than usual

#AllTheFloof  =  A description of his curly hair (see #BabyHiddles and #Floof)

#FloofFriday = Photos of Tom with floofy hair posted on a Friday

#RavenTom  =  Tom with black hair (usually from the time he was filming the first “Thor”)

#HenryHybrid = Any photo or gif of Tom with the Henry V (”Hollow Crown”) beard and hair as himself

#MoscowTom  = Tom in Moscow on the Avengers promotion tour

#DisneyPrinceLoki  = This gif or any from that deleted scene in “Thor”

#BlackAndWhiteAppreciation  =  Any black and white of photo / gif of Tom

#EyePorn  =  When he gives you the “come to bed” eyes

#HairPorn  =  When his hair looks good

#LipBorn  =  When he touches his lips unnecessarily or licks his lips

#HandPorn  =  Any photo / gif where his hands are prominent

#FingerPorn  = Any photo / gif where he is doing something totally unnecessary with his fingers

#TonguePorn =  When his tongue sticks out

#NeckPorn  =  When Tom’s neck looks particularly yummy

#VeinPorn = When the veins in his neck or arms are prominently visible

#AllThePorns  =  When there is #HairPorn #LipPorn #TonguePorn etc. in one photo. Basically multiple porns

# … OfDoom = This can be anything about Tom or what he is wearing. For example #TheEyeLashesOfDoom or #ThePlaidShirtOfDoom or #TheEyeBrowOfDoom

#FreckleTriangleOfDoom = Any photo where the freckle triangle of Tom’s neck (right hand side) is visible 

#LifeRuiner  =  What he’s done to us

#BrotherFromAnotherMother  =  Chris Hemsworth

#Hiddlesworth  =  A nickname for Tom and Chris Hemsworth

#FanGirlDown  =  When we see a picture / gif that just slays us

#SendHelp  = See #FanGirlDown

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#ProfessorTom = When he wears his glasses and looks like a professor

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#EnglishCountrySide  =  Tom’s bottom

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#HiddlesRabbitHole  =  Where you inevitably end up

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#HiddleThings = Can be anything about Tom in a photo or a gif 

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#WilliamWednesday  = Photo /gif of Tom on a Wednesday (he is Thomas William Hiddleston) AND as William Buxton in “Return To Cranford”

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#UnnecessaryTouchingIsNecessary = See #UnnecessaryTouching

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I venture off this weekend to the first festi and favorite music festival! WHEATLAND!
THis picture is the best picture to demonstrate the greatness here, children with dreads, free arts and crafts all day, bluegrass and blues all day and night and a REAL community formed over three days of peace, love and respect for everyone! Bass heads will never accomplish what wheatland has formed in 40 yrs! HAPPY FUCKING WHEATLAND! ill see you there with hugs and love!