Guys exactly how much botulism is in honey

If there is one hard and fast rule about having a baby – literally this is the ONLY rule I’ve seen enforced by every kind of person, dr, mom, nurse, etc. – it’s that your baby can’t have honey bc of botulism.

OBVIOUSLY I don’t want my kid to get botulism, bc that’s terrible– once I read that you can get botulism from putting an open can in the fridge and now I judge people every time I see that, even though I don’t even know if it’s true!– but also there is honey hidden in a surprising amount of stuff.

So like, what are really the odds of getting botulism from honey

when did it happen last

did the baby die

was it in like, a tablespoon of honey, or a piece of wheat bread where honey was the 25th ingredient

Science tumblr, please weigh in.

I got my new glasses, took all my meds for the first time in weeks, made baked chicken breast and veggies for lunch, and had vanilla almond milk and wheat toast for breakfast. I’m no longer a swamp alligator, I am now a capable adult, ready to give unsolicited advice and buy wine that costs more than $3.

On Sunday we rode our motorbike to a beautiful village 50 minutes away from where we live, via gorgeous country roads through sunny, golden fields of harvested wheat and barley.

This was what we ate in the vintage cafe which was part of the antiques and vintage fair we visited. The Lively Husband had a homemade burger and a homemade chocolate cupcake. I had (in fairness, the slightly odd choice of a) toasted tea cake with marmalade, which was absolutely delicious 👍

The fair had lots of great stalls full of jewellery, books, crockery, tools, cutlery, documents and clothes, and we spent a long time looking around at all the interesting things. We bought a little silver spoon (I love spoons!), some old coins for The Lovely Husband and a pretty silver bracelet for me. Having these little things in our home will remind us of a really lovely day spent together 😊💕