Be the Voice.

Inside Out Installation 2015.

Haight @ Stanyon Street in San Francisco, Ca

This event took place on June 15th in the Haight. This was the 4th year of an Inside Out Installation in San Francisco, Ca

See photos from prior visits and watch JR speak about the project.


-Prince’s story-

This is my 3 year old baby, Prince. This past February he started having issues breathing and eating. The vet thought he had a respiratory infection so he decided to put him on multiple different kinds of antibiotics. Nothing worked. Then they thought he might have a polyp in his nose which required surgery. So of course, the desperate pet owner that I am, decided to go through with it. What they ended up finding was not in fact a polyp but a large tumor in his right nostril. The tumor was removed but the results of the testing was high grade lymphoma. The vet told me he either had a couple weeks to 2 months to live without treatment or 6 months on chemotherapy. The vet guaranteed that the tumor was going to grow back in a few weeks due to how aggressive the cancer is.

This began my journey to find a cure for Prince’s cancer. After lots and lots of research I put him on a raw food diet mixed with goat milk. I was also giving him one capsule of essiac tea for pets a day. Within a week I could tell a difference in his attitude and how active he was becoming. Of course, my vet was totally against this theory of healing him naturally… So I stopped seeing him ha.

I found a holistic vet nearby which has been the best decision I have made yet. He has gone through one ozone therapy treatment. He is now currently on wheat germ and canna-pet (cannabis haha) mixed in his raw food and c-naltrexone ointment that I rub on his ear every night. It has been five months since he was diagnosed and the tumor has not grown back and he is the most active he has been in his life.

I am not posting this for sympathy or a pity party but for people to become aware of other alternatives to modern medicine. I’m not saying prince’s tumor will never grow back. But all I know is he is not in pain anymore and I have been given more time with him than I was expecting. I know I probably sound like a crazy animal lover but I am. Animals have always been a huge part of my life and they deserve the same love that humans need. I strongly encourage pet owners to look into the benefits of raw food and goat milk for pets. And I hope this was helpful for anyone who is going through a similar situation.

D Young V in Istanbul

The Middle East is in Turmoil but that did not stop San Francisco based D Young V from traveling to Istanbul, Turkey to soak up the culture and do some street art paste ups. Read about his recent experience and see his art along with some Turkish collaborators.

Top 10 Favorite Characters Meme

Thanks acre-of-wheat for tagging me! In no particular order (because lol, no) here goes:

Luna Lovegood, Harry Potter

Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter

April Ludgate, Parks and Recreation

LEXA!!!, The 100


Skye, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (she’s tied with Simmons and Fitz though, so…)

Satan, Paradise Lost (such a lame answer, but honestly, you kinda root for him)

Veronica Mars, Veronica Mars 

Marian Halcombe, The Woman in White

Atticus Finch, To Kill A Mockingbird (the sequel will be out in July!)

I tag screamingcollegestudent, dictatorblaze, and stay-off-my-lawn