San Francisco, Ca. 

Looks like it has been on wall a while with some deterioration due to weathering. New York based Swoon has come to San Francisco over the years with her visits punctuated by art suddenly appearing on the streets of the Bay Area. There are several still up. One is in the Mission off 24th St a block on Hampshire. She had a show with Monica Canilao @__moreferalthan__ (whose art we showed yesterday on The Stud) in February 2016 at Chandran Gallery that was widely attended. This could have been pasted up at that time.
This is her father who died a year prior to the opening of the Chandron Gallery show. She shows a bit of the process of creating this paste up on her page. .
Learn more about Swoon on Instagram at @swoonhq .


February 18 2017

About a year ago I started noticing people’s lists lying about in stores and outside.
I started hoarding them, because it’s cool seeing different grocery lists and getting new dinner ideas. Hah

My zip-lock bag was getting pretty full, so I decided to wheat-paste them to the wall. It’ll look pretty badass once I fill it all up. :)



Photography by West by Midwest & Steetartsf Team

Jose del Sagrado Corazonde Jesus

24th St @ Valencia St in San Francisco

Wheat paste on the DeAppropriation Project Wall and 24th St in San Francisco,ca. Several are by Jose del Sagrado Corazonde Jesus @piojosinc . While he does not have the man with chained mouth on his page, it is similar to the woman and style of the others to think he did it as well. .


Women Are Not Seeking Your Validation, wheat paste installation, 2015
by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh
Papillion Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

I installed this piece in LA a couple of weeks ago. It will be up through the summer. Today I talked with the gallery owner about the reactions the piece as has been causing in the community and… a lot of men are not happy. 
Of course.