Women Are Not Seeking Your Validation, wheat paste installation, 2015
by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh
Papillion Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

I installed this piece in LA a couple of weeks ago. It will be up through the summer. Today I talked with the gallery owner about the reactions the piece as has been causing in the community and… a lot of men are not happy. 
Of course. 


Amsterdam-based collage artist Handiedan recently visited Berlin to add her contribution to Urban Nation’s Project M, arguably one of the coolest buildings in the German capital. The arts organization has been inviting artists to create window installations and large-scale murals (see our coverage of Eine’s recent piece there) and Handiedan recently made her mark on the multi-story facade with an enormous, wheat-pasted mural. While her typical work consists of smaller-scale, textured collages of vintage pin-up girls with baroque flourishes, she seamlessly adapted this style to a larger format. Check out her piece and stay tuned for more coverage of her upcoming solo show “Vesica Pisces,” opening at Seattle’s Roq La Rue this Thursday.

Photos by Henrik Haven and Handiedan. See more on Hi-Fructose.


Swoon’s “The Road By Walking.”

Opening on Thursday, May 14th, 2015 at 287 Gallery in New York City is artist Swoon’sThe Road By Walking,” a gallery show of Swoon’s prints, drawings and scale models based on her community projects in Haiti, New Orleans and Braddock, Pennsylvania.  “The Road By Walking” traces the evolution of these projects, and features never-before shown architectural models and Swoon’s intimate figure-studies and larger-than-life portrait prints.

All proceeds go to The Heliotrope Foundation, a new non-profit organization founded by Swoon.  The show is only open for 2 days, so absolutely stop by if you’re in New York.