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No rice?! No cheese? You poor deprived thing you. (Obviously kidding but that does seriously suck hard core) I love rice man. I'll eat just straight up rice sometimes.

I actually react more violently to it than wheat, which is saying something. It’s not so bad, honestly. I mean it’s a pain in the ass and I can never eat out ever again, but I’m alive and I’ve got caramel coated oatcakes right now so I’m fucking dandy.

[RusAme] Unknown Spirit- Part 3

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The moon was high in the sky, a halo of pearly white slung wide across the world, by the time Russia limped back to the house, listing to the side, and nearly collapsed against the doorframe. He breathed heavily, trying to stunt the pain in his shoulder and head, and blinked against the light suddenly turned on bearing harshly into his eyes. The door ripped open and Russia stared for one breathtaking moment at Alfred’s concerned face, relief fluttering though his chest like sparrow wings until the illusion was shot down.

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Modern “industrial” hemp, a relative to the cannabis people smoke, is quite frankly a miracle plant. Hemp produces more edible protein per acre of cultivated land than any other plant including soy which comes in second. Ten times more than wheat.   It produces a considerable amount of highly nutritious oil from its seeds, Moreover, in addition to its food value it also produces fiber for cordage and textiles which is superior in strength and durability to cotton. It can be processed into plastics, paper and lightweight, strong insulating bricks for building. It can be processed into diesel fuel. It grows all over the world in many different climates and will grow with practically no cultivation when planted in favorable conditions.

        ❛ well , i wouldn’t have tripped if you weren’t stepping all over me ! ❜ 

        words spat simply out of pained anger as they sat there on the ground , crouched &. hunched over with bleeding knees &. hands . to be fair , he actually wasn’t in the way , for the most part ; though overshadowing he may have been , for he did catch them on the heel once or twice . but it definitely wasn’t “ stepping all over them “ , there were better chances that they may have just tripped on their shoes laces .  — / @wheatsphere .

The Etruscan frescoes in the  “Tomb of the Roaring Lions”, located in the archaeological site of the ancient city of Veii, Italy. 

This one is the oldest Etruscan tomb found and oldest burial chamber with frescoes in Europe. The site dates at least to the late 7th century BC and was discovered in May 2006 when police authorities were led to the site by an Italian man on trial for trafficking in illegally excavated artifacts. He revealed the location of the tomb in hopes of gaining leniency from the court. 

The tomb is on a hilly wheat field  less than 13 miles north of Rome and belonged to a warrior prince from the nearby Etruscan town of Veii. It was named the “Tomb of the Roaring Lions” after the four-legged animal figures on the frescoes of the tomb’s walls. The figures have also been hypothesized to be deer or horses or wild boars.  

Looters who plundered the tomb before its “official” discovery, overlooked several funerary objects that were hidden from sight by the collapse of part of the chamber’s red-painted ceiling. In fact, besides the frescoes, archeologists uncovered decorated vases imported from Greece, a sword and metal spits used to roast meat for the prince’s table, elegant broaches, a wool spindle and other objects used by females (that suggest that at least one woman, possibly the prince’s wife, was buried in the tomb) and a two-wheeled bronze chariot, that was found standing in front of the rounded archway that leads into the burial chamber.

The urns containing the cremated remains of the tomb’s owners are believed to have been taken by looters.

Although decorated prehistoric caves pre-date by millennia the “Tomb of the roaring lions”, specialists say this Etruscan tomb is the oldest example in the Western world of a specially built funerary chamber decorated with mural paintings.

Veii (also Veius, Italian: Veio) was, in ancient times, an important Etruscan city. It was indeed the richest city of the Etruscan League in the southern border of Etruria. It was alternately at war and in alliance with the Roman Republic for over 300 years. It eventually fell in the Battle of Veii to Roman general  Marcus Furius Camillus’s army in 396 BC and since then until the fall of the empire more than 800 years later it stayed under Roman dominance.

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I send my consolations about your snacks. My sister likes to eat all the good food in the fridge before I can have any so I know your pain.

Thank you for your concern, and I’m sorry you’re suffering from the same problem. Perhaps a lesson is in order?

For example, the Scout Trooper whose brakes I removed, like any good soldier, inspected his equipment before going out on a ride. He figured out pretty quickly what had happened, and came to me with an apology and reparations. Now I have a new tub of cream cheese and more Wheat Thins than I can carry and he has a bike that won’t plow into a tree.

Sometimes fear can be a tool just as effective as respect.


Ancient grains like Spelt, Emmer, and Einkorn are making a comeback, but are they better for you than modern wheats? The answer is, as usual, not a simple ‘yes’ or 'no’.

[ Malpractice ] - Bluewheatfields

Whatever hum of life that carried throughout his day-to-day office space -however forgotten as white noise underneath more important work - seemed here to be gravely lacking. Back at home the facility had a suppressed heart beat and the artificially frozen air was kept bearable by the breaths and frantic pacing of busy scientists. Here, the stillness caught him by surprise. 

Behind him, a portal was aglow with an unnatural shade of yellow, cold flames licking the outline. Through it was a room in their Physics department that wouldn’t be too far off from where he stood now if the facility hadn’t been re-arranged so much over the years. The scientists watching him from the safety of their home universe sighed in relief; no huge monsters, no sentient cloud, no cannibalistic Mr. Johnson zombies shambling about. Not immediately, at least. It looked like Doug - against all odds - was going to survive his trip through the multiverse. 

Doug’s hand slackened around the device he was carrying. Some little remote-like thing the size of a keychain with a coordinate-chooser constructed from a briefcase combination lock; a tiny antenna; and two buttons, one larger than the other. His universe’s version of the multiverse machine. 

The moment that he stood staring ahead in shock at the darkened, lifeless nothing around him was interrupted by a static fizzle. He snapped out of his awestruck state and swung around, watching his gateway home show static between he and his coworkers and then pop out of existence like a turned-off television, cutting off a yell from one of them. 

Only a gasp made it out of the now trapped engineer. 

Just to be sure, he put his hand up against the wall and felt cold steel. A light tremble ran through his scrawny frame; it really had disappeared. Taking a small step away from the wall, he did what his coworkers had told him to in an emergency: stand back, enter coordinates, press the button. 

It didn’t work. Yellow fire encircled the tip of the antenna and then died. He bit his lip, leaned away as if the thing might explode, and tried again. 

This time it hardly even sparked. His quiet breathing already starting to shake and echoing off of otherwise dead silence, he turned the remote over and ran his fingers along screws leading to where the batteries were kept. As if, with Aperture technology, the answer could ever be something that simple. 

Just his luck. No time to curse himself for agreeing to be a guinea pig, though. Doug took a moment to settle his nerves, fight the urge to run in a random direction (at the risk of getting lost in a lab he hardly knew), and check the device for obvious signs of damage. Seeing none, it was safely pocketed alongside his medicine. 

Now to just…wander, he supposed. Look for tools and equipment. Wonder why the place had taken such an unsettlingly decrepit turn. 


Hanni had overhauled her father’s vegan lasagna recipe. She snubbed the fake cheese it called for and used olive oil for the fat. Instead of the tofu or seitan it recommended to take the place of the ground beef, she used pearl barley and bulgur wheat. Rather than keeping it purely vegan, she chose a few animal products that would give the most flavor with the least nutritional impact: the eggplant was fried with a sprinkle of real parmesan, and the grains were boiled in a strong beef broth. And she would not use sprouted grain pasta. Her noodles were smooth, silky sheets that contrasted the firmness of the diced vegetables.

She still hesitated to call it lasagna, but it was a good casserole, and it made the house smell of fragrant herbs.

She was just putting it in the oven when she heard Daddy come home.


I saw this movie Tomorrowland, it was pretty good utopian propaganda, great anti dystopian points, had a boring pew pew moments but I expected much worse. They mentioned corporations, windmills, doing something to stop the megacide.. My only complaints are The architecture of a whole city shouldn’t look like the same architect did the whole thing, “Tomorrowland” would be eclectic with real art around. These views are too sterile, like a giant hospital, and rather than wheat fields which are bad for our health, gardens and fruit trees, I don’t even think it’s been done. Railguns they show are better than purely chemical rocket spacecraft.

darrenperplex said: As I was watching this movie last night, I was thinking about you and wondering what your opinion on it would be.

rollershiip said: haha thanks, I basically want to encourage this kind of thing. If it were perfect for me it would be a little more 60′s 70′s than 50′s -60′s and more  hhgttg and archigram, like a sci fi movie with a story based around archigrams fantasies coming true.  But I am not complaining. I want a pin now.

Outlander Eps “The Search”

Books Chaps 33 pg. 489 - 34

   “Plant potatoes” I said

Jenny’s mouth dropped slightly op[en, then she firmed her jaw and nodded briskly. “Potatoes. Aye. There’s none closer than Edinburgh, but I’ll send for them. How many?”

   “As many as you can. They’ve not planted in the Highlands now, but they will be. They’re a root crop that will keep for a long time, and the yield is better than wheat. Put as much ground as you can into crops that can be stored. There’s going to be a famin, a bad one, in two years. If there’s land or property that’s not productive now, sell it, for gold. There’s going to be war and slaughter. Men will be hunted, here and everywhere through the Highlands” I thought for a moment. “Is there a priest-hole in the house?”

   “No, it was built well after the Protector’s time”