wheat not chaff


Seize your sanity by the tail,
fling him around, toss him off your ship,
feel his fragility go sailing
from between your tining teeth;
then mount your muse as figurehead instead:
her terrible fingers clawing at calling winds,
tasting them.

The mind is nothing
but rolling, crashing waves and

the man
keeps watch atop his prow and
marks each waving tongue of remarkable thought
that grinds Earth’s exoskeleton
to fine oblivion; and measures
each breath of wind fought.

He laughs
as milling-wheels of time
turn weak-willed wheat to strong chaff.
Then adds yeast and the heart’s heat,
and eats of his head’s risen bread,
and plays in his sea.

The artist an insane child,
splitting curling oceans of thought
with glory and an
inner peace much-sought


mars signs
  • Mars in Aries: is quick to leap, easily roused to anger or passion, an initiator, a warrior, combative, irrepressible, a catalyst, hot-headed, lusty, competitive.
  • Mars in Taurus: is instinctive, deeply anchored, stubborn, persistent, shrewd, resourceful, disciplined, patient.
  • Mars in Gemini: is a disperser, stimulated, searching, playful, agile, many pots on the stove, collector, swift mover, changes tack often, multi-directional focus.
  • Mars in Cancer: sidesteps toward goals, feels out a situation before acting, intuitive, caring, gentle, moody responses, intense temper.
  • Mars in Leo: proud, impulsively creative, bold, geared toward making a name, generous, enthusiastic, expressive.
  • Mars in Virgo: efficient, helpful, process-oriented, devoted, likes to get in the zone of a rhythm, methodical, purifying, busy separating wheat from chaff.
  • Mars in Libra: a righter of wrongs, balanced acts, fluctuating vitality, beautifier, harmonizer, catalyst for others, sexual igniter, one-half of a power duo.
  • Mars in Scorpio: covert operator, wields palpable personal power, incisive, knows when to act, can be vengeful and devious, a shadow warrior, great endurance and strength.
  • Mars in Sagittarius: far reacher, world traveller, uncomplicated motives, sporty, energetic, sexually experimental, happy-go-lucky.
  • Mars in Capricorn: controlled, unyielding, a leader, competitive, goal oriented, responsible, loyal, patient, good sense of timing, concretizer of ideas.
  • Mars in Aquarius: taboo-buster, blazing own trail, rebellious, change-agent, freedom seeker, innovative, genius moves, breaking through.
  • Mars in Pisces: imaginative, merging, flowing, longing to transcend, creative, fusing all experiences, compassionate.
  • gbbo technical in 2012: we want you to make this well-known pudding which is a little difficult to get right but that'll sort the wheat from the chaff!
  • gbbo technical in 2015: we want you to make an unheard-of recipe from over a century ago and we're going to give instructions that are so unhelpful we might as well just give you the ingredients and have you just guess
Again, the reason science works so well is partly that built-in error-correcting machinery. There are no forbidden questions in science, no matters too sensitive or delicate to be probed, no sacred truths. That openness to new ideas, combined with the most rigorous, skeptical scrutiny of all ideas, sifts the wheat from the chaff. It makes no difference how smart, august, or beloved you are. You must prove your case in the face of determined, expert criticism. Diversity and debate are valued. Opinions are encouraged to contend - substantively and in depth.

Carl Sagan, “The Demon-Haunted World”

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Horoscope for August 1st, 2016
  • Aries: Separate the wheat from the chaff today. Look at your relationships and decide who your true friends are. You're loyal, which is to your credit, but why be loyal to people who don't return it? You've given these so-called friends plenty of chances to demonstrate their affection. It's time to let them fall by the wayside and free up time to spend with your real friends.
  • Taurus: Whether you acknowledge it or not, Taurus, creation is the central theme of your life. If you aren't an artist or writer, you should be. There are plenty of creative ideas in your head clamoring to be expressed. Why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose, and you may be astonished by what you're able to produce. Your brain does have two sides. It's time to use both.
  • Gemini: You seem to be filled with questions, Gemini. Some of them are big, some trivial. All you know is that they preoccupy you, and the answers aren't readily apparent. Don't fret. All that will change by day's end. The planetary configurations are such that all the confusing events of recent days will begin to make sense. Your world will once again seem calm and orderly. Enjoy it.
  • Cancer: You're an individual, Cancer, but sometimes it's hard for you to suppress your uniqueness in order to get the job done. It may not be you. The problem may be your job. If you're feeling like you don't have enough fun in your life or you aren't using the full potential of your creativity, this might be a good time to make a change - a big change. You're ready to take on new challenges.
  • Leo: Your ego may be bruised by events from a few days back. Has it occurred to you that it's within your power to right the wrong you feel was done to you? It isn't a matter of confrontation but of conversation. The person in question is probably unaware of what they did or said. An expression of your dismay might elicit an apology. You'll both feel better for having cleared the air.
  • Virgo: Today's planetary configurations are pushing you to get some perspective on your life and the lives of people closest to you, Virgo. You must admit that you've been rather selfish lately. You aren't the center of the universe, so why do you sometimes act like you are? This is a day to make amends with friends and loved ones. They'll welcome you back with open arms.
  • Libra: This is a day to be up front with your partner, Libra. It's possible that your relationship has reached some sort of stalemate. It's up to you to get that fire burning brightly once again. How? You know the drill - romantic time alone is all it takes. A nice outfit, a reservation at the best restaurant, and you and your mate are back in business.
  • Scorpio: This is a day of untold opportunity, Scorpio. If you've been concerned that you haven't been using your full creative potential, you can put that concern to rest today. Your creativity is boundless and you'll finally realize it. Be on the lookout for any unusual opportunities. Someone or something you encounter could have meaningful ripple effects on you.
  • Sagittarius: There's tension in the air today, Sagittarius. Even though it isn't your doing, you may want to keep a low profile, especially if you need to work. Try to avoid any discussions. Just because someone is confrontational doesn't mean you have to rise to the bait. It would be better if you didn't. Keep to yourself and all of this will blow over by tomorrow when it will be safe to mingle again.
  • Capricorn: You're a dreamer at heart, Capricorn. You prefer not to think about material things. That explains why you tend to forget groceries or dry cleaning. You're happiest if things get done for you. But circumstances today will force you to handle some of these mundane chores. You'll feel better by day's end just knowing you can be self-sufficient even if you don't want to be.
  • Aquarius: If you follow your instincts and dare to take some risks, Aquarius, you'll be handsomely rewarded. You have the capability to make a good project great. Do your best not to get distracted today. Keep your eye on the big picture rather than let yourself get bogged down in details. You'll find that when you take care of the big issues, the little ones take care of themselves.
  • Pisces: Finally, Pisces, you'll be able to breathe a long overdue sigh of relief. It's likely that you've been worried about your finances for some time. Well, you need worry no longer. The events of today either put you back in the black or show you a clear path to get there. You've been working hard to resolve these financial matters. You can now start working smarter.
Separating the wheat from the chaff

AKA-How does the fandom deal with Mark Guggenheim on tumblr?

MG’s nascent presence on tumblr is both blessing and curse. While its awesome to see a show runner so willing to actively engage with the fans theres a damn good reason this man is referred to lovingly (and on occasion not so lovingly) as “Trollenheim”. 

What I think Olicity fans in particular need to keep in mind is that his number one job is to SELL THIS SHOW. Period. The top skill on his resume had better not be script writer, or executive producer, or even attorney. It had better say ‘Pot stirrer’ because the man has gone pro and is no longer eligible to compete in the Trollympics.

So every single bit of 'information’ he puts out needs to be considered carefully before the freak out ensues. The good thing is he often does reveal good, solid nuggets of true honest gold. The bad thing is it’s often hard to distinguish what’s trustworthy and what’s doubletalk. 

A lot of what he releases is couched in ambiguity. The man used to be a lawyer for god’s sake and now his day job is wrangling words, you don’t think he doesn’t know how to talk around something? 

For example up until a few days ago MG and everyone else on the show was making it sound like Oliver was going to be gone for a hell of a lot more than three episodes. That we wouldn’t get a single glimpse of him in present day for many many weeks. And what do we know now? Oliver’s back fully by 3x13. 

So the question he answered tonight in regards to how the fandom is going to be upset with him for 'quite awhile’ after 3x12 I take with a grain of salt. 'Quite a while’ in Arrow-speak could literally be an episode or two. 

He’s trying to drum up attention and hype for the show. He’s trying to keep people engaged. If he told you flat out the plans for the rest of the season most people wouldn’t turn in to watch. 

I’ve got my eye on the prize which is the big picture. It’s ridiculous to think that Oliver returns and there is a HEA in 3x13. That’s not how this show works. There are ten more episodes to go after that and they are not going to resolve what is one of the major arcs of the season halfway through! And yes, olicity and Oliver’s arc of identity are so tightly entwined you can’t tell one from the other. 

Will the next thirteen episodes be potentially painful? Probably. But that’s angst and that’s Arrow. What you’ve got to keep in perspective is this show has been setting up this storyline. They are not going to abandon it. They are not going to drop the ball with it. They are not going to not see it through. They are on a very definitive trajectory and the bullseye is olicity. 

You just have to have faith and be patient. And maybe see if you can’t be more clever than the master of bullshit himself and come up with a perfectly worded question he can’t talk around. 

We’ve got this. 

Over time, an evidence-based approach should be a prerequisite for any program to get federal dollars. Shamefully, this has not been the case. When John M. Bridgeland led Mr. Bush’s Domestic Policy Council, he was amazed to find 339 federal programs for disadvantaged youth, administered by 12 departments and agencies, at a cost of $224 billion. Very few had been evaluated to determine whether they made a difference.

The evidence-based movement separates the wheat from the chaff. If this movement spreads to more federal programs, especially the big education, employment and health programs supported by formula-based grants, we can expect consternation and flailing as many program operators discover that their programs are part of the chaff.

This is why rigorous evaluation is often unpopular, for politicians in both parties. Historically, Democrats have been criticized for throwing money at intractable problems, while Republicans have been depicted as heartlessly assuming that social spending never works. The truth is, of course, more complex.