Why It's Dangerous My Food Allergy Is Perceived As A Fad
"I’ve had people deliberately serve me gluten in order to see if I was really allergic or simply subscribing to a fad diet. In these instances, someone’s opinion about my dietary choices have left me sick on the couch for days. When things like that happen, it makes you feel out of control and unsafe. It feels dangerous. The fad perception is making my food allergy into a joke, and I’m tired of being the punchline."
Ancient DNA dispute raises questions about wheat trade in prehistoric Britain

An argument over the authenticity of ancient DNA is leading researchers to question a headline-making study which changed views on the dawn of farming in Western Europe.

The study, published in Science in February 2015, reported finding of fragments of 8,000-year-old wheat DNA from soil in a prehistoric settlement submerged off the coast of England — thousands of years before the archaeological record suggests Neolithic farmers began cultivating cereal grains in Britain.

The discovery suggested that ancient Britons imported wheat, raising the possibility of trading networks that linked hunter–gatherers to farmers living as far away as the Balkans. “If the claim is right, they’re overturning the whole story of the colonization of Britain in the Middle Holocene. It’s a giant claim,” says Keith Bennett, a palaeoecologist at Queen’s University Belfast, UK. Read more.