where hearts collide: part iii

thank you all for the sweet comments on the first two parts! i didn’t know if i was going to write more of this or not, but i got super inspired and couldn’t help myself. unfortunately, this is not the reason why claire leaves, but it is the first time they meet each other. (it’s rather long, also, so i’m going to cut it right after the title. #yourewelcome) i hope you guys like it; let me know what you think!

as always, huge thank-you’s to @internallydeceased​ and @marlosbooknook​ for listening to me complain about anything and everything.

title inspiration here (x)

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***** !! disclaimer: I am not trying to make light of a horrific situation or use other people’s suffering for entertainment purposes. I know that many people were affected by the tragedy used in this work and that a lot of the wounds are still fresh. Please know that I am sorry if I hurt you in any way, for that is not my goal. If you wish to talk to me more about this or voice your concerns, please feel free to message me! I’d be happy to explain to you the reason why I chose this event. !! *****



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Here’s a few panels I’ve been a little late on. Got some new pens! :D The last one is sketched but not quite finished. I’ll post the official one in a bit.

(Sorry for the delay guys. I became an aunt yesterday! And @vermillionprose left today. We were celebrating our first anniversary together. And of course my birthday. ^^;; It’s been a crazy week…)

anonymous asked:

Can you write little drabbles about the mothers for Mother's Day? It can be Jamie/Ellen or Claire/Julia or Brianna/Claire... Whatever you decide! :)

happy mother’s day to all the lovely mothers out there! 🌸

if you read my tags, you’ll know which universe this is from. *insert really exaggerated winky face here*

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