Dear WWE

Here are some things to work on in no particular order

1. A feud Rollins vs. Reigns vs. Ambrose

2. Rollins has had the WHC. Time for Reigns and Ambrose to have a title.  We want more of both of these guys!!!

3.  We have enough Divas! Don’t bring anymore over from NXT!

4. Time for Naomi to be the Divas Champ and I would actually watch! Tired of the Bellas and the Stupid Sorority winning every week.  If not, let Ronda Rousey join BAD, kick everyone’s asses but BAD then Naomi wins.

5. Please “future endeavor” the blond troll in October,  

6. Seth needs to win at Summerslam!!!

7. Roman vs. Sheamus for the MITB briefcase. Roman wins!!!! 

8. Get and keep Cesaro out of midcard!!!

9. Shirtless Ambrose everynight!

10. Permanent interviewer: Jojo!!!!