The thing about Rhysha:

I’m kinda super bummed to go through the tags right now because there is so much hate for all the Rhys and Sasha moments we got in episode three. I want to take four seconds to talk about why I don’t ship them but I freaking loved their relationship this episode. Beware, spoilers and character development below! Also, beware, this is long. I have a lot of thoughts.

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Awwwww yeeeaaaa Rescuers Down Under fans unite

Sorry about the bad coloring, but i just don’t care. My Pokemon team, Bullfrag the Greninja, Twigleg the Talonflame, Bianca the Pikachu, Merryweather the Floette, Aaron the Lucario, and Sandy the Flygon.

Lately I’ve been breeding out the whazoo to get a shiny. First it was Bulbasaurs, then I gave up on that and started Charmanders. Twigleg has been my little helper the whole time. >:D

Tiny Cartoon Basketball Team: New Member Try Outs

It’s the start of a new year and we are looking for some talented first years for our team! Can you shoot 3-pointers well? Are you good at blocking shots and rebounding? Got dribbling skills up the whazoo?? Just looking to have some fun and shoot hoops with wonderful people? Or perhaps you’re interested in our world-class band? Or our vibrant, award-winning cheer squad? Whatever it is, you can find it on our team!

You may be wondering what the Tiny Cartoon Basketball Team (or TCBT) is and that is a perfectly good question! The larger story can be found on our [about page], but, in essence, we’re really just a group of people who like Kuroko no Basket, actual (real life!) basketball, and anime in general. We have a group chat that has been active almost every day this year with lovely, positive, and talented people; it’s a great place to meet new friends and unwind during the day. We also arrange events like training camps, olympic competitions, formals, and so much more. You can contribute art, writing, music, graphics, scenarios, or whatever it is you like to do!

Starting Saturday, January 21st at GMT 0:00 you can submit an application to our submission box. Keep in mind that this is the afternoon/evening of the 20th for people in the Americas and the morning of the 21st for people in Oceania and Eastern parts of Asia! In your submission, please be sure to include a drawing of yourself, your name, and desired position/section. Height, skills, and other fun info is also great to include!! Examples of submissions can be found on the TCBT blog starting [here].
Positions/Sections: Center, Shooting Guard, Point Guard, Power Forward, Short Forward, Pep Band, and Cheer Squad.

We look forward to all our lovely new members and we will make a post at GMT 0:00 on the 21st so it is clear when submissions are open!! Note that despite the title “Try Outs” we will be accepting all applicants with open arms!!

If you have any questions whatsoever, please just send us an ask and we will do our best to assist you!

sarabibliomania  asked:

I've had no drive to write recently. My depression has been worse this summer so it may be in part because of that but I tried organizing which story I work on and at first it worked but now I'm not sure if it is. How do I get that drive and love for writing back?

Unfortunately, there’s no magic cure. I get bouts of this from time to time and there’s nothing for me that’s worked every since time it happens, I can give you some ideas that helped me, however.

Force yourself to write: For me, the longer the gap is between writing the harder it is to get back into writing. Write anything. Short stories, prompts, a diary, etc, anything to get yourself started again. Small stuff seems better, don’t start a novel or anything, just get some words on the page. Once you see something substantial it‘ll get easier.

Take a break: Okay, yeah, sounds counterproductive, doesn’t it? But really, sometimes you stare at a blank page for so long you just need a break. Do something fun, try and find inspiration somewhere else for a little while. Read a new book, go out and get something to eat, watch a movie, meet with friends, etc. Literally anything. Just take a break from the writing for a while.

Try something new: Always write short stories? Try flash fiction. Always write horror/action/romance/YA/etc? Try a different genre. Always plan out your novel/story? Sit down and write by the seat of your pants, and vice versa. Force your brain to work on something you don’t normally do, and let it be creative.

Write little things: If you just can’t write a novel, try writing something easier to comprehend. Novels are daunting and take forever to plan and write, and sometimes we talk ourselves out of doing long products before we even start. Research things like short stories and flash fiction and microfiction, find out the word count for those, pick one you’re comfortable with, and try it out! I do this often, sometimes Ideas come plentifully, but the format doesn’t fit traditional novels or novelettes. Plus these shorter stories force you to be very creative in a short amount of words.

Use prompts to spark your fancy: Often I get stuck on an idea I want to make happen, but the idea and muse say no and nothing every comes of it. Try using prompts to start a brand new story. Browse around unblockingwritersblock.tumblr.com (hey, that’s me!) I’ve got prompts coming out the whazoo. Heck, use another prompt blog. Use anything that speaks to you, and anything that makes you want to write is a good thing.

Try those to get started, and give me a holler if it doesn’t work! Good luck!

I think it's too hard to come up with a title for this post...

I came up with a title but I liked yours so I couldn’t pick. I reject definitive choices sometimes. 


More Lou you guys and trust me it’s just as priceless and hilarious as the last time! It’s also filled with EXTREMELY good shipping advice. Read and enjoy fandom! We’ve got ourselves a gem here!

louiseblue1 submitted: Okay, well colour me the little fan girl running around madly because you reposted my post, Jen! I always love knowing I made people smile, and it’s even better when it’s intentional, rather than me face planting in front of co-workers or realizing I’ve been wearing my shirt inside out all day.

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One of the things I noticed early on when I joined the Mass Effect fandom after the, ahm, “endings” and was looking for people to commiserate with, was how very new most of the other fans were to the fen. Not to Mass Effect itself, but to a lot of them, Mass Effect was the first Fandom capital F they were a part of.

That was a really new thing to see for me.

Most of my old fandoms have been so old that the dinosaurs still walked the planet, like Star Trek or Wheel of Time, that fans often were fans from childhood and had side-by-side fandoms at the same time while those fandoms were in fallow, but came back when there was an Exciting New Thing going on.

Other fandoms were part of a conglomerate of joined-by-theme-n-genre fandoms with a lot of overlap, where it occasionally was hard to see where one fandom ended and another began because most fans had two or three, sometimes more, similar-ish interests simultaneously and would go knocking on each others’ doors in the middle of the night to try out other fans’ other-favourites.

And some fandoms were dragonfly fandoms that lived very extatic and interesting lives, but for a very, very short time, and people drifted away from them within weeks of the thing ending.

And some mutated. They were about the base media for a little while while the media was fresh, but once that ended, fandom went a little nuts and took it in a lot of other places than where it started, to the point where if you joined a few years down the road everything that was left was ginormous piles of fanon and AUs up the whazoo and canon was treated as a smörgåsbord ready for cherrypicking the pieces you wanted. (Gundam Wing I’m looking at you here)

And some other of my old fandoms still are dark buried secrets that I participated in on my lonesome, never connecting to another fan until far, far after the last light was turned off.

So with all my varied different experiences of the rise and falls of fandom:

Natural decline leads to mutation. The further you go from fresh new material, the further the material is from being fresh in your mind, the bigger leaps you’ll see in fan material. This is where the AUs happen, and the random OT3+ taking over from the designated canon OTPs, and throwing canon overboard and indulging in the impossible. And yes also the crack. It’s like the calm after a party, a quiet little glory age enjoyed just by the folks who stayed behind to help clean up.

- But only in transformative sections of the fandom. Curative-heavy sections settle and become stagnant at this point; they’ve already indexed everything and future changes aren’t welcome. The drop-off here is massive. You’ll have a few die-hard archivists remaining like dinosaur fossils.

…humm I think I had a better way to put this but I lost it.

If you’re still in Mass Effect in this fallow season, after The Trilogy we loved, maybe you’re sticking around until Andromeda, you’re in very good company right now.

But maybe you’re just going to drift away onto your next adventure:

This is the lifecycle of fandoms. There’s nothing wrong or different with Mass Effect at this point in its age. It’s natural that interest wanes and the engine doesn’t purr quite so loudly anymore. And that’s okay.

You came for a reason, there was something that drew you in, and whether you take it with you when you go, or let it stay here until maybe you want to revisit it at some point in the future and enjoy the time that was,

That an experience ends doesn’t mean it wasn’t important to you. It’s NEVER meant something wasn’t important to you. And it doesn’t mean that everything you did and enjoyed while you were here was wasted time.

fuck I’m so bad with words

If you’re leaving,

Don’t be sad, and don’t be guilty. We had a great time.

anonymous asked:

Just curious why you think delirious is top?

Alright, so this is kind of the second part to the ask I just answered, but now I’ll focus on Del.
I’ve mentioned this before, but Del does not come across as self-conscious (which is 95% of the reason why so many people consider him a bottom in this fandom). I actually remember getting flack from someone for pairing him up with happiness rather than self-doubting in an association game with feelings that I did months back.

So why do I think that he’s actually a pretty confident guy? Well, it’s really easy to tell actually. Just watch literally /any/ of his solo gameplay. That’s it. That will tell you everything you need to know on Del’s opinion of himself. I think he uses the adjective “beautiful” when describing himself at least hundreds of times before. Boy has confidence up the whazoo, it’s remarkable.

And just because he’s remained a faceless entity this whole time doesn’t mean he’s self-conscious. Those are not one in the same by any means. Look at Cryaotic. He’s another faceless YouTuber who is really comfortable in his own skin and only remains faceless because of bad experiences him and his family have had with identity fraud. I’m not saying that’s necessarily the reason why Del chooses to remain faceless, but it’s evidence that you can do that while still loving a lot about yourself. I think Del has continued to remain masked because it’s become his sort of persona on the Internet, with a slightly horror-seque and delirious spin to it. He enjoys the freedom it gives him to go and build up this image (which is really just an exaggerated form of his everyday self).

This self-assurance plays a lot into my image of him being really comfortable in situations that involve making yourself vulnerable to another person. Plus, he’s feisty as crap, and if that doesn’t scream that he’s interesting in bed (whether he tops or bottoms), then idk what does. :P


I want more Clint Barton.  Enough of marketing and advertising shitting and practically making him invisible in the promos and trailers as if he isn’t worth it because all he does is shoot arrows.  He is a human of vast potential, he is deaf and beautiful, and he is worth as much as any Avenger.

I want more Natasha Ramanov.  She is more than just a token female character. She is a character who can hold her own against the boys, a character that has gone through hell and is now making amends.  She is one of the deepest characters, and all she is the female who because she’s in other movies doesn’t need one of her own.  BULLSHIT!

And give me more of my babe Bruce Banner.  He is not ‘boring’ compared to everyone and has a traumatic past that can match theirs.  He is more than just the Hulk and has intelligence up the whazoo.  He actually has a human name which people ignore.  He might not be as normatively beautiful by society and fandom standards, but he IS gorgeous and damaged and holding it together.  Stop acting like he doesn’t exist fandom.

Honestly, the BIG THREE in Avengers don’t get me going like these three do.


I’m sorry again jeancrocker but once again I’d like to claim anonymous status because the waters are still fresh with those searching for more people to ‘drag.’ Also I apologize for the long post but man did they get me peeved.

For those of you complaining about the ‘totes yellow-face’ on my eariler Pearl and Dewey /Down with Hate\ doodle did it EVER occur to your petty little minds that not everyone can afford those Prisma or Copica markers or did you just assume that everyone on this site has the means to buy marker sets that can cost anywhere between $60-150 US dollars or $6-8 US dollars a pop just to make an accurate FICTIONAL CHARACTER?

Unlike *some* people I have to physically leave the comforts of my small apartment to afford to make a living and my flowchart of where my money goes is as follows:
Rent, bills, college classes, gas, birth control, school supplies, my medications, food, and if I have ANYTHING left I might get clothes/movie tickets to take out my younger brothers or frivolous things like art supplies.

Do you see where I might not be too invested in spending all that time and money for the sake of accuracy?
Shoot, I see a lot of oddly colored gems, disproportionate gems, race bending and shaped changed gems flying around the internet all the time with little to no hate.

With that in mind I decided that the lightest shade of yellow I own in my hand-me-down box of mix-matched markers would be the best fit for Pearl that would add color to page without leaving it white but operated under the fact that Pearls (the actual mineral/gemstone) come in various shades, sizes and colors ranging from white, pink, yellow, black, and blue in nature.

I thought considering that there are so many Pearl supporters, the gemsonas and fans of the series that some of you guys would bave at least have kindle *some* interest in geology or gems would get that.

Apparently I was being too generous which brings me to my next point-why Dewey is wuth Pearl in my /Down with Hate\ doodle.

Mayor Dewey is represents both the Allys and LGBT+ strive to do, LOVE EVERYONE.

If you’re an actual fan of Steven Universe you know which episode I’m talking about and before you anti-Pewey shippers completely go off on your “Mayor Dewey is such a fuckboi lamo and harasses Pearl like the thirsty gross man that he is UwU #sorry its cannon” if you can read a 20k craptastic love triangle story between Pearl/Jasper/Garnet then you can at least make it to the end of the post.

Let’s consider Mayor Dewey’s position: he has historical documentation that these humanoid looking female presenting creatures have been here long before his ancestors made Beach City their home.

These “females” have shown plenty of evidence that they are stronger than the average Joe, they seem to cause 99.5% of all the werid things that happen in Beach City [Ronaldo and Steven spilt the remaining .5% because while its inherently linked to the Crystal Gems’ business both are human and cause plenty of odd happenings on their own], shape shift, and turn into massive monster like creatures at will.

They cause property damage out the whazoo and make tourism a nightmare with the stuff that goes on and I’m pretty sure some lawsuits were filed for all those injuries caused by some of their on site battles.
I mean, can you imagine how the Crystal Gems screw up the town’s budget?
How in the hell is Dewey supposed to explain that to the state without them sending the Feds down his back?

If this were anyone else you’d assume that as the guy in charge you’d have a close vigil on them.

Be suspicious,  have them tailed, ACCUSE THEM of everything thing that goes wrong in the city, paint them as devils and drive them out but Dewey doesn’t do that does he?


He accepts the gems as he would any citizen in his town.
He treats them with respect.
He doesn’t accuse them of anything  (when really he should because its usually Gem related.)
He doesn’t do anything purposely or knowingly to upset them and doesn’t exclude them.

He actively asks for their help when he’s out of his depth ( anyone recall Poltical Power?) and when they can’t be tries to help even if it seems a bit silly like trying refill the ocean with a garden hose.

Yes, Mayor Dewey has a crush on Pearl but is NEVER the constant gross stalker, he never goes out of his way to harass [yelling rude things, unwelcomed touching, stalking, purposely inventing new ways to force them to interact, taking unsolicitated pictures, sending unsolicitated gifts, calls, notes, or disrespects her boundaries] of Pearl.
All that noise about him being some creepy dudebro is crap much like any anti-shippers’ attitude.

Mayor Dewey loves EVERYONE from Onion to Lars, to Steven to the Gems- Dewey cares for them all without prejudice and TRIES his best to help them or meet them halfway.
He isn’t prefect but he TRIES which is more than what we can say for most of us on the Internet.

I’m even willing to bet that if the Home World does send Yellow Diamond down to apprehend the Gems that Dewey will rally the town to come help.

Mayor Dewey is something everyone on both sides of the battlefield needs to emulate.

Then there’s Pearl.
Oh sweet Pearl; its funny how nearly everyone on Tumblr hated your guts until it was shown you had feelings for Rose suddenly turning you into everyone’s favorite gay bird mom.

Pearl is next to Dewey because she shows us what it means to grow as a person and learn.

She’s exactly what both sides of the spectrum need to do in order to achieve peace and mutual respect.

Pearl started out as most of us do; we log on thinking we know what’s what.
We operate under this facade that we know what’s best or who is false when really we weren’t made for that.

We are beings that act like dummies in a line, we look the same, we sound the same, are told to think the same-anything that contests the popular thought is /wrong\ and MUST BE ELIMINATED or attacked.

Think I’m wrong?
Look at all the hate that’s sent when someone goes against the popular opinion.

But its when we grow and start to learn that not everything is black and white, that we start becoming like Pearl.
See things from the other side of the argument and what effects our actions will have on our loved ones.

Things like “ALL X ARE EVIL, UNQUESTIONABLY THE CAUSE OF ALL THINGS BAD IN THE WORLD AND SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR Y AND Z” can and WILL effect your loved ones related or otherwise, current and future ties as well.

Remember she was more than a dick to Greg at their first tete la’ tete but now Pearl is generally on good terms with Mr. Universe.
Recall how Pearl had an unhealthy perception of self-worth?
Through love and understanding on Steven and Connie’s part Pearl has learned to not only to be kind to others (humans) but to herself.
She respects herself more and the limitations of others (like Steven’s needs or wants.)
She’s no longer some stuck up Gem that operates under the assumption that 'Gem is better than human’ but welcomes new ideas and silliness.

Pearl is constantly going through character development with how she is formed as a member of the Crystal Gems and never stops improving which is something EVERYONE needs to do.

Pearl wasn’t built to be smart, strong, or cunning-she was created to be a status symbol that just existed to be pretty before she was gifted to Rose.
But now, now Pearl has evolved well beyond her means to be a gem that everyone on earth can be proud of.

Pearl is someone that everyone needs to emulate, hence her stance next to Mayor Dewey.

These two are definitely down with hate of all kinds transcending race, gender, sexuality or ideals.
So remember that it’s DOWN WITH HATE AND UP WITH LOVE with Mayor Dewey who loves everyone and Pearl who learns to love and grow with everyone!

anonymous asked:

Reading your blog got me back into Dishonored, and I was wondering: if/when Dishonored 2 comes out, what is something you'd like to see in the game? I'm hoping for mermaids. :)

Oh man oh man oh man.

There is a lot of stuff I want to see in Dishonored 2, but it all boils down to three points (well, four. Well, three and a half):

  • Get us out of Gristol. Get us out of Dunwall, at the very least, but preferably get us out of Gristol. I want to see the rest of the world! By that token, I’d add don’t have us play as Corvo again to this list, but I don’t feel like I need to. Corvo’s story is absolutely over. If we play Corvo in Dishonored 2, I’ll eat my socks. Give us somewhere and someone new.
  • Show us the Oracular Order, because the Abbey needs fleshing out and they seem really cool - and because I’m a big, big fan of the more numerous and diverse roles for women that the DLCs introduced, and integrating the Oracular Order into the plot will absolutely continue that. Dishonored cast the Abbey in a very one-dimensional villainous witchburning light; show us more sides and shades of grey of the Abbey. Dishonored has, in-world, some very shady treatment of women; show us some powerful religious awesome women.
  • Show us weird and variant and regional and contradicting Outsider myths. I don’t want to know more about the Outsider. I want to know more about what the world thinks about the Outsider. Give me myths about pearl-throated sirens and black-eyed wolves that eat little girls and how lining your window-panes and thresholds and fireplace flues with salt will keep the Morlish spirits out, or how a cracked mirror can suck you into the Void, or how if you see the corpse of a whale there’s a particular charm you must whisper so that the death doesn’t infect you too - we have a lot of this already and I just want more of it. Give us weird and heretical and ambiguous whacked-out lore.

Pipe dream time:

If I were to be magically hired as lead writer for Dishonored 2, tomorrow, I’d set the game in Morley a year or two after the first game. We’d play as a young sister of the Oracular Order, on route from Serkonos perhaps, sent to investigate a vision of Outsider activity in the country. We are shipwrecked, astray, and we stumble across conspirators who are planning a second Morley Rebellion (to take advantage of Gristol’s plague-weakened state, natch), and in the process of investigating and thwarting this we end up doing the very work of the Outsider we sought to avert. Because we need guilt and the guilt this time is religious; and because need to keep the “he who fights monsters” theme, of course. :D

Realistically, though? New setting. New protagonist. Oracular Order. Lore and history and worldbuilding out the whazoo.

And yeah, mermaids. Mermaids would be awesome.


im legitimately disgusted like who the fuck are you mr andrew carnegie of pixel dragon land go fuck urself and ur basic gene nocturne that ppl will be breeding out the whazoo in like 2 weeks fuCK OFFFF