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someone said the AIMH tweet is getting deleted?!??? whattttt

I think it’s just people fucking with us, yesterday a shady anon turned out to be right and someone saw that and decided it would be funny to fuck with everyone, although if this anon is right then it would just point the attention more to Larry, raise more suspicions and such.

I Just hit 2K followers?????!!!!

GUYS WHAT? Okay, first off, Huge thank you to you guys for sticking with me and talking to me with all these headcanons. Oh my freaking gosh, how????

I’m gonna have something special to celebrate somehow soon. Keep an eye out for it. Gosh, guys…thanks so much <3 I love you all!!!

Sometimes I stay up and write stuff like this:

He’s smart.

He knew as soon as I walked in the room, he could tell he found another one. Another, young girl who was tired and “bored” of the guys her own age, and so so “done” with trying chicks cause every girls a bitch. I could almost read his mind as his eyes made contact with mine. Already saying “are you from around here?”…. well, no, I’m not from around here I decided to skip school and pretend I was on break, from a non-existent job in this post-apocalyptic coffee shop. The walls were dark, stained with fumes from the thick smoke filled air. Everyone wore black and were decrepit in their appearance. I ordered tea with honey and sat across from him, In a booth to myself. he got up and walked towards me “you’re in the wrong place if you just want tea”…. so I bought my drugs and left as he suspected.

He followed beside me in his car as I walked on the sidewalk. “get in” he yelled from the drivers seat. “I’m not interested” No matter how tempting it was to get into his car and get high now, rather than walking to the train station and riding home 45 minutes sober. I couldn’t take the risk, I couldn’t….

In his car we drove to a secluded alley where he fucked me.

I love it when this happens.

(I couldn’t come up with anything after the car ride.)

“Fenix, who is this dog?”



“Hello, yes, earth to you. Why is this dog having a pool party?”

“Why does the kitchen in where we eat look like a fucking barn?”

“Ummmmmm.. she wandered over this morning. Can you call Cas please? I’m busy and he’s probably worried.”

“Thank youuuu, love youuu.”

I had to call my moma! Seriously, Im on the phone with her now and she said she aint know he was married.....

I do have to appologize for my first reaction though but it was the right reaction. I have nothing againist his wife, I do respect and wish the both of them the best of luck during this difficult time. Now lets watch how this all goes out, hopefully it wont get nasty but I did see the word prenup so who knows. God bless the both of them and their families though. Much love….

ps. I knew it was coming, just had one of those feelings….

Dead ass all I do is go to class, go to work, go home, get food, get on tumblr, search for new music, watch music videos, Netflix, take naps, and repeat. Lmfao like what is interacting with humans? Social life? Hang out? Whattttt? No. Shaquille’s back in Oshkosh for school so this is my whole ass schedule till damn near March.

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I accidentally followed you and I thought you were a porn blog and I got really worried but now that I realize you are not a porn blog I must admit that I do not regret following you. Keep up the good work ;)

WHATTTTT this is the second time someone has said they thought this was a porn blog!!! How is this happening!! Though awwwh, Im so glad, thank you so much!