• John: Sherlock, why is it that you always seem to know the new fashion trends?
  • Sherlock: *Turning up his collar* I've been in the closet for 130 years, I know good clothing when I see it.
I want Maggie to witness a supercorp interaction

Like she’d make *that* face because she *knows* and Kara is still fucking oblivious and then Maggie, Alex and Lena are all sharing knowing looks

Until Maggie finally is like “honey, the pretty lady is trying to flirt with you.”

And Kara will be like “whattttt nooooo were friends!!!”

And then they’re all just like. Kara. No. No.

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the eonline poll is open again and Evak is behind www[.]eonline[.]com/news/830050/tv-s-top-couple-2017-round-3-begins-vote-in-the-sweet-sixteen

Whattttt?? No no no! I’m not at home and i’m from mobile, can please someone add a link to vote? 🙏🏻

  • FRIEND: hey..... what u doin??
  • ME: preparing my grave for tomorrow
  • ME: /sigh/