the signs at 4 in the morning
  • aries:serial killer night??? count me in YO
  • taurus:omg i want food so bad
  • gemini:*talks about gorillas banging drums on the rings of saturn*
  • cancer:*cries, cries and cries (for whatever reason..)
  • leo:4 am and i'm still looking flawless lol y'all could never
  • virgo:*bitches about something*
  • libra:i should go to sleep........ or nah
  • scorpio:*plans revenge on everyone who has ever hurt them.. then angry cries*
  • sagittarius:*stalks someone's facebook for fun*
  • capricorn:*worries*
  • aquarius:there is no difference between them at daytime and here lmao
  • pisces:*talks about some weird shit no one understands, speaks gibberish at some points*

i honestly don’t understand why guys i know irl like to hate on male kpop idols??? they look like girls and that’s gross??? okay but aren’t you also attracted to girls?? so how is that gross???? are girls gross?????? like do you not like them because they take better care of their looks therefore making me more attracted to them than you???? you hate them because they have careers and are going somewhere with their lives whereas you’re not???