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nicknames: i will confirm that one of my nicknames is eees
star sign: pisces
height: 5’ smthn
time right now: 10:10 pm
last thing you googled: “valles vickey” yeah today was,,, not good
fave music artist: lin, halsey, twenty one pilots (sorry)
song stuck in my head: it’s one of those few moments when i don’t actually
last movie I watched: actually probably hidden figures 
last tv show i watched: a series of unfortunate events
what I’m wearing right now: weird rainbow plaid pants and a soft shirt
when did I create this blog: octoberish in The Hell Year
the kind of stuff I post: podcasts (penumbra, bright sessions, wolf, night vale)

do i get asks regularly: only on ada you should…. go check it out. also, send me asks through my main. 
why did I choose my url: literally just night vale and wolf 359 even though i regret not choosing “"goodnight-dr. bright-goodnight”” now
gender: tragically uncool cis female
hogwarts house: hufflepuff
pokemon teams: w hat
favorite color: any shade of blue tbh
average hours of sleep: haha what’s that (anywhere from 6-10)

lucky number: 31 and it’s got the weirdest backstory to it

favorite character: at the moment? juno steel, subject to change at just about  any moment
dream job: podcaster/writer/artist/editor idk man i’m keeping my options open
bumber of blankets I sleep with: 1 and a comforter??
followers: 208

honestly after the slightly awful day i’ve had i can only think of these four people to tag: @sounddesignerjeans @raimijenner @internsnicket @drakanekurashiki but if we’re /friends/ and my exhausted brain skipped over you I probably meant you so go ahead and assume I tagged you


I sometimes actually dress in something other than pajamas.

i honestly don’t understand why guys i know irl like to hate on male kpop idols??? they look like girls and that’s gross??? okay but aren’t you also attracted to girls?? so how is that gross???? are girls gross?????? like do you not like them because they take better care of their looks therefore making me more attracted to them than you???? you hate them because they have careers and are going somewhere with their lives whereas you’re not???