whattt's going on here

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Exo as dads

Here you go anon ♥

Tao: “Whattt??? noooo” *has a full conversation with the baby*

Sehun: “Eat your food, child”

Kai: *Imagines his child being a dancer when he grows up* *Melts*

Kyungsoo: *Sings a bunch of songs to it*

Luhan: omg BaBY ARE u OKAY *has a heart attack*

Xiumin: *is the coolest dad*

Kris: *baby don’t cry plays in the distance*

Lay: Ilovesomuchyouaremybabyiloveyou

Suho: “Save me”

Chen: “My baby…is super baby”

Chanyeol: *proceeds to be the cutest dad ever*

Baekhyun: “lol whoops”