So remember that short clip of Chell’s experiences after Portal 2 that was released last week?

Well, the finished version – 4 minutes of pure AWESOME – is already out! And boy it is GOOD.


Ever wonder what happened to Space Core, Fact Sphere, and Rick before they were corrupt? Well here’s a taste…


“Midwife to Science”

So THAT’S where baby turrets come from…

Just started playing Half-Life 2...

This probably isn’t right at ALL, but…

Alyx Vance is a character in HL2, and in Portal 2 when you walk past the Bring Your Daughter to Work Day booths, you see a project signed “by Alix”. I know the spellings are different, but still… That would make Eli an Aperture Science employee, so was he cheating on Black Mesa with Aperture Science!?

But no, really, I barely know what I’m talking about xD


Possibly the best Portal themed dance remix/music video I’ve ever seen :3

LEFT: Painting of Caroline 

RIGHT: Painting of Chell

BOTH PAINTED BY DOUG RATTMAN. Rattman painted them as he knew them, and seeing as they’re so similar… 

My question is: What did Doug Rattman know…? 

Has anyone ever noticed this before? I’m not cool enough to discover something new.

Of course I’ve heard the “Caroline is Chell’s mother” theory and I believe it too. Could this be more evidence? 


The Turret Anthem