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BTS Reaction | you burning yourself with hot oil while cooking for them

request: “hi can u make a bts reaction on like how would they react if u got splashed by really hot oil whil cooking dinner for them? lol. whatta dumb thing but im just really curious as to how they would act. luv ur blog 😝”

Kim Seokjin

He opened the door to the kitchen after he heard something in there and saw that you burned yourself. “What happened?” He would come over to you and push the pan off the stove to stop any further hot oil spilling out. He would look into your eyes and ask if you’re ok and if it’s hurting badly. “I don’t want you to get hurt. Ask me for help next time, ok?”

Min Yoongi

He was working while you stood in the kitchen, preparing food for dinner. He heard something falling to the ground and left his work to go see after you. “Everything ok?” He sneaked into the kitchen to find you pressing ice onto your wrist, where the hot oil burned you. “Did you burn yourself?” He would push you hand gently away and press the cold ice onto your wrist while cheeking on it. “We should go see a doctor, dinner can wait.”

Kim Namjoon

He wanted to help you in the first place, but you wanted to surprise him and sent him out of the kitchen. As he heard your scream, he ran over to you. “What happened?” Namjoon saw the burn of the hot oil on your wrist and immediately took your hand and held it under the cold water. “What are you doing baby. I don’t want to you to get hurt. Let me cook the meat next time.”

Jung Hoseok

“Oh my god” would be the fist thing coming out of his mouth after he saw the burn that left the hot oil on your arm. “Is it very painful? We should go let this check” He wouldn’t even let you time to discuss. He would just grab you and the keys and drive to the hospital with you. “I’m sorry that I wasn’t there to help you in the first place.”

Park Jimin

He would be so worried about you, even if you tell him that it isn’t bad and just a little burn he would constantly asking if it still hurts. “Does the ice help? Are you sure you don’t want to see a doctor?” He would feel sorry for you and blame himself because that incident happened, when you were cooking for him. “Next time, let me cook for you.”

Jeon Jungkook

He was terrified that after he saw that you burned yourself, while cooking dinner for him. “Is it bad? Should we go see a doctor? Are you in pain?” He would be pretty hectic and get some ice to cool the spot before heading to a doctor. He would definitely blame himself for not helping you and be really caring about your injury the next days. “Does it still hurt?”

Kim Taehyung

He saw the incident from the corner of his eyes and immediately turned to you to push you away from the hot pan. “Are you hurt?” He turned your wrist around to see that you burned yourself and went to the fridge to get ice. He pressed the ice to the burned area and would ask you if it’s hurting badly or if you want to see a doctor. “You’re really ok? No doctor needed?”

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Who is the most stacked of your oc's?

Haha well I wouldn’t say any of them are super ripped or anything, but I guess between captain and lieutenant, (considering my other ocs are robots and a child,) I’d have to say Lieutenant. Captain’s definitely fit, but not muscley fit. Lieutenant’s more stout, so that helps.