NO DONT DO IT FEF i dont trust evverythin that gamz does especially those pies

Aw, YoU dEfInItElY wAnT tO tRy OnE! tHaT sHiT’lL hElP yOu SeE tHe WoRlD iN a WhOlE nEw MoThErFuCkInG lIgHt, If YoU cAtCh My DrIfT… ;o)

Awww come on -Eridan! Gamsea is just reely silly, and t)(is sounds pretty glubbing T—-EMPTING! T)(oug)( I don’t catc)( your drift but, like I said it couldn’t )(urt! 

So, I guess I’ll try one… glub glub. 380