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Totally worked! Cheers! :)

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Love it! :-)

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So refreshing, Liz…. Love that shots

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Absolutely works! Wonderful set, I love it!

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Love it

Thank you all so much! It sounds like a lot of people were craving color as much as I’ve been lately. In all fairness, I have to thank the Dalyellup Beach Surf Lifesaving Club for recently repainting their storage containers. Without their work, this set wouldn’t have been nearly as vibrant or fun to shoot.

“Circa 2012”

Just off Kerr St, I spent as many as 12 weeks interning with the Global Poverty Project. And next to Cafe Nova, I fell in love with printed works all over again and almost walked home with coffee table books I could barely afford. Ah 2010, you were the year!

Since then, I’ve driven past, taken trams past and occasionally wander in my mind down this street. But there’s taking a route and then there’s taking it in, en route. Last Saturday I decided I’d do some of the latter.

Camera in hand, mind comfortably down memory lane.

Content at heart, legs happily taking me down the streets.

2012, you’re quite the year yourself!

Say, do you remember,

Your first sight, your first cry,

Your first sunrise, your first hour,

Your first word, your first step

Your first love,

I was there.

The 2nd time your belly ached from laughing too much,

The 365th time the sun set and they celebrated your birthday,

The 45th time the night didn’t see any sleep because you’d left it too late,

The 21st time candles  were lit and your heart glowed,

The 37th time a flight took you through timezones, films and too many hours of reflection,

The 10,000th time tears formed in your eyes for your heart was overwhelmed,

I was there.

Yet still,

I will walk with you today, tomorrow and forever.

“Conversations with The Gardener”

12th November 2013

Does it hurt,

When no one remembers last season’s bloom?

Does it hurt,

When the last leaf falls away?

Does it hurt,

When the gardener prunes?


‘My love, my love,

Your patience is due.

For I have commanded the sun to shine,

The rain to fall,

Feel the blessings of rich soil upon which I lay your foundation,

So that your branches may reach far beyond,

Your leaves will whisper in the wind,

Your flowers to produce fruit that will last.

Tell me,

Why you are hurting?“

"Conversations with The Gardener”

8th November 2013

“Hail Bacon”

As mentioned in my previous post, I discovered Snow Pony today. For those who do not reside in Melbourne, I bet you’re much warmer than I am it’s a cafe home to some wonderful brunch delights as well as my favourite Single Origins coffee. Mmm. Call me a snob all you like, I maintain that there is no substitute for quality. Word.

As hungry as I was, I decided to indulge in the fact that I had my camera with me. Snap, snap went the camera. Followed by the clinking of silverware and pure bliss.

Brunch was served with good company, aplenty. Gosh I love the weekends.

One of the many incredible works of Minnie Pwerle.

At 80 years of age, she began painting on canvas and produced some of the most beautiful pieces Australia is proud to call its own. That in itself is enough inspiration to knock me into wonder. Eighty Years. That’s a decent amount of life to call a good run. And yet, to the world Minnie kept giving.

Good on ya Minnie. 

In all seriousness, I have so much respect and appreciation for this woman’s art. So so much. It reminds me of Emily Kngwarreye’s style in some sense, but then, I dislike to compare art. Particularly when the art you produce at eighty odd years of age must mean an incredible deal on a personal level. 

First pit stop for my Saturday in Design (SiD) journey began at a gallery showcasing a few dozen of Pwerle’s works that had been printed onto furniture canvases. After lusting immediately after a grey lounge chair with a classic Pwerle pattern, I quickly snapped a few photos here and there before noticing a subtle (it was so subtle I only noticed it as I was leaving) “No Photography Permitted” sign. Mega oops. Not sorry.

As you can imagine, there are some few dozen photos to sort through from the big day that was SiD. Not bothered by this at all, I regularly re-live moments as I’m editing. Sweet times and happy reminiscing. What’s that, darling? 

Watch this space.